Best Fat Tire Bikes Under $2000 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Fat bikes have been a popular trend amongst cyclists that love venturing out across hills and mountains. The increased width of the tire is what gave the bike its own name.

There are various fat-tire bikes in the market today with tons of features that make them stand out from others. However, they can be quite expensive due to the premium braking systems and lightweight body constructions.

Luckily for you, we have taken the time out to review 7 of the best fat tire bikes under $2000 that include both budget and high-end options. Now you can also go on your own cross-country adventures your ideal pick.

Mongoose Argus ST Kids Fat Tire Mountain Bike
Mongoose Argus Mountain bike

The Mongoose Argus Mountain bike is our top pick as it has a very lightweight yet strong frame for enhanced control. It features a hydraulic disc brake system which gives it an edge over the rest of the bikes discussed below.

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike
Mongoose Dolomite

If you want the best set of features without having to break the bank, then the Mongoose Dolomite is the way to go. Its 7-speed Twist shifters, sturdy frame and the braking system make it worth every penny.

Mongoose Juneau 26-Inch Fat Tire Bike
Mongoose Juneau

The Mongoose Juneau offers the best value for money with its solid build construction, 16-speed settings, and mechanical disc brake.

7 Best Fat Tire Bikes Under $2000 Reviews

We have put hours into our research to bring you the top 7 fat tire bikes under $2000. Let’s check them out!

1. Mongoose Juneau 26-Inch Fat Tire Bike

Mongoose Juneau 26-Inch Fat Tire Bike

Top Features:

  • 16-speed Shimano Drivetrain for precise gear shifts
  • Aluminum frame
  • 4-inch quality rubber tires
  • Mechanical disc brake

Kicking off our list we have the Mongoose 26 inch fat tire bike. Featuring a 16 speed setting with Shimano’s popular drivetrain, this is one of the best choices for entry-level cyclists.

The construction of the bike makes it well-suited for rough terrains. The frame is made of tough and durable Aluminum with a hydro-formed tubing that offers extra stability. The rigid suspensions make it all the more comfortable to ride in rough terrains.

What’s more, the Juneau packs a mechanical disc brake on both wheels for precise braking. Although it is not as strong as its hydraulic counterpart, they will provide adequate stopping power. This enables you to react quickly when you notice an obstruction.

The Juneau wouldn’t be on the list of the best fat tire bikes without its large 4-inch tires. The quality rubber tires are made to survive all riding surfaces from sand, trails, to even snow. This is the perfect bike for taking trips all year round. So, don’t let the road conditions stop you from setting out on your own adventures.


  • Tightly sealed bearings are kept clean from dirt
  • Mechanical disc brakes are easy to maintain
  • Hydro-formed tubing enhances the durability of the frame
  • 4-inch all-terrain tires aid versatility


  • Seat can be quite uncomfortable for long journeys
  • The frame is heavier than most other fat tire bikes

2. Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Top Features:

  • 7-speed Twist shifters for smooth gear shifts
  • Steel-Alloy frame
  • Easy to assemble and customizable components

Coming in second, we have another pick from Mongoose. The Dolomite is one of the best fat bikes under 1000, mainly because of the well-designed features it packs.

Even with the affordable pricing, the bike comes with 7-speed twist shifters. These are designed to give you a smooth transition from one gear to another.

Moreover, the Dolomite places a good ton of emphasis on comfort with its cushioned seat. While the Juneau was a little depressing in terms of long rides, the Dolomite’s seat is said to be super comfortable by most users. Also, the frame is also quite lightweight, making the overall ride very smooth.

Much like the Juneau, this bike also features mechanical disc brakes. For the price you pay, this is a massive bonus as the mechanical brakes are highly responsive. This ensures that you are able to brake instantly whenever you feel the need to come to a sudden stop. So, it won’t be far-fetched to say that it’s the best budget fat bike out there.

Lastly, the assembling process of the bike is something entry-level bikers will enjoy. Not only is it very easy to assemble, but it offers space for customization. As a result, bikers have the option to upgrade individual parts of the bike, such as the shifters to enhance performance.


  • Lightweight Steel-Alloy frame for a sturdy ride
  • Mechanical disc brakes are precise and reliable
  • Upgradeable features allow for performance enhancements
  • Comfortable seat padding


  • Requires frequent greasing to run smoothly
  • Weak sealing of the bottom bracket allows dirt to enter

3. Max4out Fat Tire Mountain Bike 21 Speed

ARB 804100 Simpson III Brown Rooftop Tent

Top Features:

  • 21-speed with Shimano Derailleur for a smooth riding experience
  • High carbon steel frame
  • Anti-slip tires
  • Mechanical disc brakes

For those of you looking to go on long rides to the hills, this next bike is bound to catch your attention. The sturdy construction of the Max4out fat tire mountain bike makes all the difference when going uphill.

The bike features a Shimano rear-derailleur that is paired with 21-speed gear with click shifters. This combination offers ultimate comfort when riding as you are able to make quick shifts on the move. Also, the renowned Shimano derailleur offers smooth shifts when moving uphill or on rough terrains.

What’s more, the frame is constructed from high carbon steel, which is sturdy and long-lasting. The high carbon composition enhances the durability and resistance to wear and tear. It may not be as lightweight as Aluminum, but for the price, it is definitely the best fat tire bike under $500. So, If you’re very tight on a budget, then this is a blessing because this one is the cheapest fat bike in the market.

Upon delivery, most of the bike arrives readily assembled. All you need to do is give a final check on the tightness of the screws and adjust the seat according to your height before riding. You can also install attachments such as a water bottle holder in order to make the riding experience more convenient.


  • High carbon steel frame is resistant to wear and tear
  • Anti-slip tires make the bike usable for all road conditions
  • Easy to assemble design reduces the hassle
  • Top notch welding makes for a stable riding experience


  • Gear shifts aren’t as smooth as they should be
  • Paint job is not of the best quality

4. Mongoose Argus ST Kids Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Mongoose Argus ST Kids Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Top Features:

  • 7-speed twist shifters for easy uphill climbing
  • MTB steel frame
  • Wide 4-inch tires
  • Mechanical disc brakes

This next pick from Mongoose is a great option for parents looking to get their kids a safe mountain bike. This is one of the best fat tire bikes for smooth sailing through rocky terrains and also going uphill. This is mainly due to the MTB steel fat tire hardtail, which is designed to enhance stability on rough surfaces.

Firstly, the build quality of the Mongoose Argus is quite exceptional. Using the best quality steel for the frame, the Argus is bound to last you for the long haul. The toughness of the frame is able to withstand even the heaviest bumps and scratches. This ensures that your bike stays in one piece even after years of rough use.

Moving on, Mongoose has placed mechanical disc brakes to offer enhanced protection. For kids, it is important to have reliable and strong braking in order to prevent serious accidents. The mechanical disc brake is durable and is tested to be effective even in slippery weather conditions.

The star of the show is definitely the tires on this one. The massive 4-inch wide mountain tires provide the right amount of traction to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. The tread pattern on the surface of the tire offers enhanced stopping power, and the wideness provides extra stability. Other than looking great, the tires are what make your ride smooth and secure.


  • MTB Steel frame is lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Wide tires are suitable for any road surface
  • MTB Steel hardtail offers extra stability
  • Disc brakes for reliable and quick stopping


  • Handlebars cannot be adjusted
  • Twist shifters can be difficult to use for kids

5. Outroad Fat Tire Mountain Bike 26 Inch Wheels Adult Bicycle

ARB 804100 Simpson III Brown Rooftop Tent

Top Features:

  • High carbon frame
  • Ergonomic seat design
  • Shock absorption front fork keeps the bike stable on rocky surfaces
  • Aluminum disc brakes

Designed specifically for traveling long distances, the Outroad fat tire mountain bike is one that is made to handle rough usage. The frame is constructed from high carbon steel, making it stronger than most steel frames. Paired with a thickened front fork, the bike offers a stable and comfortable ride. 

The bike does need to be assembled, but don’t worry because Outroad has got you covered on that. The package comes with all the tools you will need to piece the bike together. The entire process is quite easy even for beginners and will take a little over 20 minutes.

In addition, the wide all-terrain tires are made from the best quality rubber. The non-slip design provides a strong grip and allows you to have full control at high-speed settings. The width of the tire also makes it more comfortable when cycling on rough terrain. It manages to reduce the bumpiness due to the increased surface area.

Furthermore, the tires are attached to the front fork, which has suspension systems to reduce the effect of the surface on the frame. Cycling over long distances on a bumpy road can cause back pain, and so a good suspension system is necessary.


  • Package includes all tools necessary for assembly
  • Reliable Aluminum disc brakes for instant stopping
  • Front wheel suspension minimizes effects from bumps
  • Adjustable ergonomic seat caters to people of various heights


  • Pedals aren’t long-lasting and might not last very long
  • Welding is not of the best quality

6. Hosote Fat Tire Mens Mountain Bikes

ARB 804100 Simpson III Brown Rooftop Tent

Top Features:

  • The high carbon frame is resistant to deformation
  • Professional standard disc brake
  • Front fork suspension system
  • Wide non-slip tires

If you’re looking for a versatile bike that runs in all road conditions at ease, then the Hosote fat tire bike is an option to consider. Featuring a sturdy build quality with top-quality parts, the bike offers great traction and stability over a range of surfaces like sand and snow.

The large 26-inch wheel is perfect for adventuring on rough terrains. It is 4-inches wide and has a non-slip texture that aids maneuverability. When moving along rocky terrains, wheels are susceptible to wear and tear. Hosote uses the best quality rubber, which produces high wear resistance tires. Also, the non-slip texture is a great feature to have when cycling down snowy roads.

On the front fork is a state-of-the-art shock absorption system that is designed to keep vibrations at a minimum. If you go uphill on rocky surfaces, the bumpy ride can be a nuisance. The soft suspension system allows the bike to smoothen out the vibrations or minimize them to give you a comfortable riding experience.

Furthermore, Hosote has equipped this model with a mechanical disc braking system. The professional standard brake ensures reliable and instant braking. So now you can go downhill at great speeds without worrying about crashing into something.


  • Large tires offer control in both sand and snow
  • Disc brakes have more than adequate stopping power
  • Front fork suspension ensures a comfortable ride
  • Padded seat offers comfort even when used for prolonged periods of time


  • Gear shifters do not provide a smooth transition

7. Mongoose Mountain-Bicycles Argus Sport

ARB 804100 Simpson III Brown Rooftop Tent

Top Features:

  • T2 Aluminum frame
  • Has hydraulic disc brake
  • 4.8-inch wide tires
  • Clean internal cable channeling for clean aesthetic

This is our fourth fat tire bike pick from Mongoose, and you’ll know exactly why. All of their bikes are made of the best quality materials and are guaranteed to surpass all expectations.

The Argus sportbike is no different. The tectonic T2 Aluminum frame is far superior to any steel variant you find in the market. It is lightweight and has increased strength. Overall, it’s a great option and often seen as the best fat bike under 1500.

In addition, the tires fitted onto this lightweight frame have a height of 26-inches and a width of 4.8-inches. While most fat tire bikes are 4-inches in width, the extra 0.8 inches gives the Argus an upper hand in terms of control and stability. The tire treads are designed to suit both sandy and snowy surfaces.

Moreover, the Argus has a top-notch hydraulic disc braking system. This is an upgrade from the more widely known mechanical disc systems. The hydraulic system is more precise and has increased stopping power over mechanical ones. This enhances the reliability of the braking system. Also, hydraulic brakes are designed to last you longer, which saves up costs in the long run.


  • Wider tires cover more space and reduce vibrations
  • Powerful hydraulic brakes for enhanced braking precision
  • Lightweight Aluminum frame offers a more rigid riding experience
  • Wiring system is tucked neatly to preserve aesthetics


  • Doesn’t come with front fork suspensions

What to Consider Before Buying a Fat Tire Bike

Before you decide on a fat bike for yourself, consider the following factors. They will help you find the best fat bikes under $2000.


One of the discerning characteristics of fat tire bikes is their wide tires, which won’t perform well unless they have perfect floatation. However, this doesn’t mean you have to choose the bike with the fattest tires; this might cause them to be too slow. The best option is to go for tires measuring 4 inches.

When choosing a fat tire bike, always go for tubed tires. Tubeless tires are certainly lightweight, but they are more of a hassle to fit and maintain. Not to mention, they are expensive.

Tire Pressure

Choose the tire pressure of your fat tire bike depending on the kind of terrain you will be using it on. Even a small change in the pressure can greatly upset the balance of your fat bike.

If you’ll be riding on a trail, the best fat bike for you is one with a PSI of 12-15. For sand, this should be 8-10 PSI, and for urban riding, 20-25 PSI. You’ll also find recommendations for maximum tire pressure on the tire sidewall.

Rim Width

The width of your bike’s rims influences their tire width. Although you have a wide range to choose from, i.e., 50mm to 100mm, you should be careful not to choose an excessive rim width. For 4 inch tires, for example, you should not go beyond 100mm. In fact, 70-80mm is good enough.


While most fat bikes come without suspension, you will also find full-suspension fat bikes. As with tire tread and PSI, the right amount of suspension depends upon your intended usage of the bike.

For steep, rocky, and snowy trails, suspension can help; it will allow for a more comfortable ride while giving you greater control. You might want to consider a rigid fork suspension if you’re seeking greater comfort during your ride. Rear suspension, meanwhile, is uncommon in fat tire bikes.

Frame Construction Material

The total weight of the bike is affected by the frame material. Carbon fiber and aluminum are two of the most common choices for the construction of fat bike frames. Steel bikes, although heavy, offer greater durability. Carbon fiber bikes tend to be expensive but are worth it if you want a lightweight bike which is more swiftly responsive. Aluminum frames are the sweet spot between the two.

That said, consider that the tires and wheels add to the total weight of the bike, so choose your bike frame accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fat tire bike?

Fat bikes are essentially off-road bikes because they perform very well on soft terrains like sand, mud, and snow. They are characterized by wider tires and frames and have low-pressure tires.

What is the best fat bike for the money?

It is difficult to point out one budget fat bike, but Mongoose has some great options within various affordable price points.

Are Fatboy bikes good?

Fat bikes are increasingly growing in popularity thanks to the comfort and versatility they offer. Because their tires are larger, they offer good cushioning and absorb bumps more easily than mountain or road bikes. Fat bikes can also easily be ridden on most terrains.

Are fat tire bikes good?

Yes. Whatever kind of terrain you like riding on, you’re bound to enjoy the advantages of a Fatboy bike. Fat tire bikes provide better traction and grip on a wide variety of terrains. Not to mention, they’re terribly comfortable and give a great sense of stability.

What is the biggest fat tire bike?

The Snow Shoe 2XL is the biggest fat tire bike at this point in time.

What is the best brand of fat bike?

In recent times Mongoose has made quite the name for themselves, providing reliable, high-quality fat bikes to the masses.

Are fat bikes for fat cyclists?

No — despite their name, fat bikes aren’t built specifically for riders on the heavier side. However, because they offer better traction and typically have a high weight capacity on various terrains (up to 275 to 300 pounds), they might be considered more suitable for large riders in some ways.

If you’re on the heavier side, consider the bike’s hubs. If you think that the wheels are stiff and somewhat unresponsive, that’s a sign you might want to look into your bike’s hubs.

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Are fat tire bikes a fad?

They are not a fad; they have proven benefits for many types of people. However, if you’re a beginner or won’t be riding in tricky terrains, you shouldn’t spend too much money on fat bikes.

Why are fat tire bikes so expensive?

Because they are much more customized than other bike types.

Are fat tire bikes worth it?

If you ride on rough terrains and want greater comfort, traction, grip, and stability, then yes.

What size fat bike to buy?

Go for wide rims if you want a rugged, all-season bike. For sand, snow, and mud, narrower rims are better.

Are fat tire bikes better for heavy riders?

In some ways, yes.

Where to buy fat bikes online?

Amazon is a great choice!

Why a fat tire instead of a mountain bike?

They are much more versatile and suitable for off-track terrains as they put less pressure on the ground.

Final Words

Choosing the best fat tire bike under $2000 is not an easy task. You have to balance budget, features, suitability and other factors. However, keeping a good braking system and a front fork suspension can ensure a smooth and comfortable ride.

In any case, the bikes mentioned above are top options and are bound to give you satisfactory performance.

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