9 Best Foot Massager Boots | Expert Recommendation

After a long and tiring day at work, it’s very normal to have some pain in your feet. This pain feels horrible, and we know you wish you could go to a masseur every day to get rid of it. However, you may be surprised to hear that you could get your feet massaged right at home without anyone’s help. Yes, you read that right; with foot massager boots, this is now a reality.

However, there are many foot massagers out there that’ll just make your pain worse or won’t help at all. To solve this hassle, we have written out a long list of the best foot massager boots that money can buy you. Keep on reading to find out more about these magical products and more!

Best Foot Massager Boots Reviews

You can easily find foot massagers in the market, but finding ones that can truly get rid of the pain in your legs is the real challenge. But you don’t have to worry about that, because all you have to do to find the best foot massager in the market is read the list below!

1. Fit King Leg Air Massager

Fit King Leg Air Massager

With 2 massage modes, 3 different intensities, and 10 different massage techniques, this leg air massager by Fit King is a great option for everyone. The 2×2 airbags in the massager are guaranteed to make your calves and feet feel better. Since there are so many techniques, modes, and intensities, you can experiment to find what works best for you.

This massager is quite large and even has extensions, so it can fit everyone. Furthermore, it is portable so you can take it anywhere you go! No matter what age you are, this product will relax your muscles and improve blood circulation to ease any pain you may have.

2. RENPHO Leg Massager

RENPHO Leg Massager

RENPHO has done an excellent job at designing their leg massager, which wraps around your feet and calves and takes away all the pain in minutes. With the handheld remote, you can adjust the massager to 5 different modes, which means this product is very versatile. There are also 4 intensities available so you can select one depending on your preference.

This leg massager has an adjustable leg wrap size so anyone can use it. Additionally, it is portable and can be carried anywhere. There is a 20-minute auto shut-off function in this massager, so it doesn’t overheat. This feature is particularly useful for the elderly since they may fall asleep easily. By giving improved circulation and taking away pain, this can also be a great gift for your parent or even your significant other.

3. InvoSpa Leg Massager

InvoSpa Leg Massager

If you’re looking for a leg massager that goes up all the way up to your thighs, then the InvoSpa leg massager is an excellent option. The handheld controller of the massager lets you choose between 3 modes, 3 different massage plans, and 4 intensity levels. The first mode is foot mode, the second one is calf mode, and the third one is thighs mode, so you can massage them separately as well.

The built-in safety function is that the massager automatically shuts off after 15 minutes to prevent overheating, thus ensuring a safe user experience. Cyclical air compression from the massager will certainly relax the muscles of your feet, calf, and thighs. This leg massager has fully adjustable Velcro straps, so an entire family can use one massager.

4. Exerscribe Flyte Air Compression Boots

Exerscribe Flyte Air Compression Boots

For those of you who are looking for a more premium product with high-end features, Exerscribe Flyte has brought you their air compression boots. These air compression boots will give you one of the highest levels of customizability available, with 16 levels of intensity and 4 massage modes. The compression pressure can be varied from 30 – 240 mmHg using the cordless remote.

Additionally, you can also set the massage duration from 5 – 99 minutes. These long leg cuffs have 2 different sizes and cover your entire leg from all angles. Hence it will relieve pain from every part of your leg. Lastly, you also get 6 selective chamber controls that let you target or even skip certain areas to massage.

5. NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks

NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks

If you’re in need of a product that will relieve pain in just your feet, then you might want to look at the NatraCure cold therapy socks. This product has 2 full-length and 2 half-length gel cold packs which cover your entire feet. You can come home and wear these cold therapy socks if your feet are swollen and hurt. Within seconds the socks will make your feet cooler and will quickly reduce your pain.

For a more comfortable fit, NatraCure has used fleecy-cuffed nylon and spandex, which makes the material soft and stretchy. The full-length cold packs go under each foot, and you put the half-length ones either over your toes or behind your heels.

6. RENPHO Rechargeable Leg Massager

RENPHO Rechargeable Leg Massager

Much like the previous RENPHO leg massager, this rechargeable leg massager model is also amazing. With a high battery capacity, this massager can go on for 210 minutes when fully charged. However, before you buy this product, you must know that it can massage only one part of your leg at a time because of its shorter length.

The handheld controller lets you switch between 3 modes and 3 intensities, so you can find the right combination for yourself. To make things better, there is a soft and safe PU leather inner liner, and it even looks nice. In addition to this, the adjustable Velcro straps will give you the flexibility to use this massager on any part of your legs or even arms.

7. Human Touch Reflex Massager Machine With Heating

Human Touch Reflex Massager Machine With Heating

Unlike the rest of the products on this list, this Human Touch Reflex Massager doesn’t wrap around your leg. Instead, you have to sit and put your legs into the massager. The cirQlation technology is amazing at increasing blood circulation to your calves and your feet. There are also powerful under-foot massage rollers that do an excellent job at relieving pain from the heels and soles.

The warm air technology causes warm air to flow over your feet and calves to help them become more relaxed. You can also choose between two intensity levels depending on what massage pressure you want.

8. QUINEAR Leg Massager With Heat Air Compression

QUINEAR Leg Massager With Heat Air Compression

Often during winter, pain in your legs and feet may get worse due to the cold. To solve this issue, you can consider buying the QUINEAR leg massager with heat air compression. With both heating and massaging functions, you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone by getting this product. The soft 2×2 airbags will give you a mind-blowing massage, and you can also choose from 3 massage modes and intensities.

The adjustable leg cuffs of this massager are also very easy to clean, and you can carry the whole massager with the travel bag that comes with the package.

9. CINCOM Leg Massager

CINCOM Leg Best Foot Massager Boots

If you’re on a budget and want a decent leg massager, then the CINCOM leg massager will be a great fit for you. The cyclic air compression of this leg massager is excellent for relieving fatigue from your legs after a long day of work. You will also be able to choose between 2 massage modes and 3 intensities.

Adjusting the leg wrap is very simple, thanks to the durable Velcro, and you also get 2 extensions. The soft micro plush fabric feels very smooth on the skin and will add comfort during your massage.

Buying Guide

As we have said before, there are many foot massagers out there in the market but most of them usually turn out to be useless. So, when you’re in the market to get a foot massager, you have to look out for a few things.

Modes and Intensities

It’s always great to have the option to select from a variety of modes and intensities. This is because one setting doesn’t work well for everyone, so having multiple options and finding the right combination is essential to getting a good massage.


When you’re buying a foot massager it must fit you properly. Some massagers have different sizes, and by checking the measurements, you can get the one that fits you. On the other hand, other massagers have adjustable straps, which can actually be better since you can get the perfect fit with those.

Type of Massager

As you can see from the list, there are slightly different types of foot massagers in this list. Some of them have heating features; some cover the entire leg, while others target only a specific area. Therefore, select the type of massager considering what would be more suitable for you.


The range of the price of foot massager varies greatly depending on the type of massager and the brand. We would suggest you first fix a budget, then try to find a model that fits within it and not cross it.


The inner material of the foot massager is extremely important for the massage experience to be relaxing. Always make sure that the inner material is soft and comfortable. Additionally, it’s best if the massager is easy to clean and washable.

Final Words

There’s nothing more relaxing than getting a good massage which is why we want you to buy the best foot massager boots. Follow our buying guide, and take a close look at all the products in this list, and then get one to relax with your new foot massager!

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