3 Best BMW E90 Oil | Reviews & Buying Guide in 2022

BMWs are undoubtedly priceless car collections in the market, and they’ll always be your favorites no matter how many of them you have! We’ve all heard or seen how fast a BMW e90 can run on the streets making you feel like a boss. But what works behind the cameras is actually the oil that’s in it.

So, your best car needs the best engine oil to work its miracles. But how do you determine ‘the one oil’? Just check out your BMW car specifications and don’t forget the basics. Well, it might sound easy, but it isn’t this easy either. Out of the hundreds of identical engine oils, how can you confidently settle for a single one? Hold on! Hold on! Don’t sweat yourselves because we have taken the challenge, and we bring forth the very best BMW E90 oils so that you don’t have to go through a tiring session of trial and error.

So, let’s not waste any more second and simply check out the best oils to let your BMW do what it’s made for!

Best BMW E90 Oil Reviews

1. 7-Quarts Genuine Synthetic 5w30 Motor Oil & 1 Oil Filter for BMW E90

7-Quarts Genuine Synthetic 5w30 Motor Oil

Key Features:

  • Volume: 1 Qt.
  • Viscosity: 5W-30
  • Type: Full Synthetic
  • Only approved oil for all the BMW turbo engines
  • Compatible with high sulfur fuel contents
  • Smooth performance with friction reduction
  • Advanced engine protection technology
  • Exclusive genuine BMW formula
  • Included great quality oil filter kit

As the brand name suggests, if you are looking for a genuine BMW oil worthy of your precious BMW, look straight to the Genuine Synthetic 5w-30 motor oil.

When you try finding oil that is 100% compatible with your BMW and ticks all the boxes of requirement, you struggle because most of the all the oils don’t tick all the boxes. That is why here is the BMW recommended oil that meets all your needs. It is usable for almost every BMW engine from 1997. And if you are struggling to find the ideal match for your BMW turbo engines, then this solves your problem too. However, this isn’t for the diesel engines, except that whatever you name, the M6/M5/M3, turbo N55/N54/N20, or even the MINI engines, it is a perfect match for all engines.

This exclusive BMW oil gives your engine all the protection it needs with its latest technology. No matter if you are looking for fuel efficiency, improved acceleration, friction reduction, overheating limitation, or overall superior lubrication, it’s down for all of that!

It’s always difficult to find the ideal oil compatible with the modern catalytic converters of ceramics. But Genuine BMW has given you the gift of unique low zinc formula to save your catalytic converters from further damage.

If you were thinking of taking your luxurious BMW to an everyday ride but scared because you couldn’t find the right oil, then I guess now you know what to get.


  • It makes your vehicles run effortlessly.
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Meets all the requirements for your BMW
  • Lower zinc contents for better compatibility with catalytic converters
  • Excellent for everyday street rides


  • The higher price is a bugger

2. Castrol 03110-3PK GTX High Mileage 10W-30 Motor Oil – 5 Quart

Castrol 03110-3PK GTX High Mileage 10W-30 Motor Oil – 5 Quart

Key Features:

  • Volume: 5 Qt.
  • Viscosity: 10W-30
  • Type: Synthetic blend motor oil
  • Advanced seal conditioning technology
  • Maximum detergency for zero deposits
  • Excellent protection from frequent oil burn-off
  • Superior Phosphorus replacement technology

Castrol never fails to step up their game with newer and newer engine oils. With the Castrol 03110-3PK GTX High mileage engine oil, you’ll be impressed a bit more and never look at another oil for your BMW engine. Here’s why-

After your BMWs reach a certain mileage milestone, you see the signs of engine wear, and you question yourselves if it’s time you should give up on your precious BMW engine. But wait up before that thought struck your mind again; look at how this oil has worked miracles for even cars with 100,000 miles!

Thanks to the Phosphorus replacement technology in this one, that replaces the phosphorus with superior wear additives that extends both the life of your emission system and your car engine. The excellent discrepancy makes sure you don’t have to deal with the sludge and deposits anymore. 

Who doesn’t want to get the max out of their engine oils? And hence this one stands as the ideal companion for improved fuel efficiency and ultimately fuel economy. 

Due to the manufacturing following the API SN requirements, your worries for the ideal oil despite the weather conditions are over!


  • Robust wear resistance
  • To combat engine wear efficiently, the advanced additives are remarkable!
  • Maximizes fuel efficiency
  • Supports fuel economy
  • Fights away sludge build-up
  • Manufactured with industry specifications
  • A good choice for high mileage engines


  • Not your best choice for low-temperature regions

3. Liqui Moly Tec 5W20 Synthetic Motor Oil 

Liqui Moly Tec 5W20 Synthetic Motor Oil

Key Features:

  • Volume: 5 L / 5.28 Qt.
  • Viscosity: 5W-20
  • Type: Synthetic
  • Engine aging wear protection
  • Limiting fuel consumption and maximizing fuel efficiency
  • Maintains engine cleanliness
  • Suitable for catalytic converters and turbocharged engines

Why not use an oil that’s risk-free no matter what engine you are putting it in? But is there any at all? You’ll be sure of it once you check out the Liqui Moly Tec 5W20 synthetic motor oil.

The more friction, the more oil the engine consumes, and the more frustrating it becomes for you. Say goodbye to the struggles once you get this because it reduces fuel burn-off and consumption to the minimum.

Just like people, your vehicles tend to go slow with age. I don’t know about you, but what if you had a miracle oil that could save your car engines? Although this isn’t any miracle oil, it’s advanced technology combats all the aging-related wear and issues.

The engine oil comes with the perfect viscosity that creates a shield over the engines against those stubborn shields. And what you get, as a result is a clean and healthy car engine!

Out of the hundreds of oil options in the market, how many offer compatibility with both catalytic converters and turbocharged engines? Not many! However, this is undoubtedly one of the very few.

The oil is specially designed to offer year-round regular service supporting the American and Asian vehicles’ specifications.

For oil that shows consistent performance no matter the weather or vehicle mileage, I’m down for this! Aren’t you?


  • Maximum lubrication
  • It keeps your engine running like a marathon racer
  • Miscible with different additives for better sustenance
  • Lubricates all engine gears to perfection
  • A good option for high mileage engines as well


  • Not for sweltering weather

Tips and Tricks for BMW E90 Oil Change and Oil Filter Replacement

How much do the year-round oil changes and filter replacements cost you? About $300 or even more, right? Why not reduce it to half the cost as well save some precious time by doing all the work yourself? 

What you’ll need –

Let’s check out the required tools first, 

  • 17mm Socket wrench costing about $10
  • Rhino car ramps for $40
  • Oil filter wrench for BMW for about $34

What else for the E90 oil change? Don’t forget the –

  • Synthetic 5w-30 BMW oil (7 Qt.) 
  • BMW oil filters – part #11427953129. The Mann filter will be the best choice here, so don’t go for the otherwise cheaper unreliable options.

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How Do I Change The BMW E90 Oil?

Let’s take you through the quick steps –

1. Take your vehicle to the ramps

An alternative can be the hydraulic jack and jack stands according to your preference. In case of sport package cars, a heavy object behind the ramps can prevent the ramps from sliding backwards due to the longer front bummer flap.

2. Take out the oil filter housing and the oil cap

Time for the oil change, folks! Reach out for the oil cap and unscrew it to let out the old oil. Now, bring out your oil filter wrench and unscrew the oil filter housing. It shouldn’t be that tough but you can additional help from a breaker bar.

3. Time for oil drain plug removal

How do you do this? It’s simple. Grab your 17mm socket wrench and don’t forget the oil catching can with a 6.5L capacity.

Find the drain plug and remove it? Can’t? Just use your fingers, if it doesn’t work, reach out for a flat head screw driver and give it a 180 degrees spin.

4. Next, the oil draining!

You don’t need to go through any hassle for this step. Just remove the bolt and place the catch can beneath it. What next? Let it drain! It will take less than 5 minutes or so. Hey! Hey! Don’t forget to replace the old crush washer with the new one from your oil filter kit.

We’ll come back after a couple minutes to this part, let the oil drain.

5. Moving on to the oil filter and oil filter o-rings replacement

Look inside the housing, there’s your oil filter with a pole in the middle that’s sticking out. Pull it and take out the filter.

Time to change the o-rings! Take the old ones out and grab your oil filter kit. If you have stubborn old o-rings, then you can try using a small flat head screwdriver. However, be careful! You don’t want to mess with the threads or housing.

In your new kit, you’ll see there are two o-rings – one black and another smaller green one. Put the black one on the filter housing threads and the green one on top of the pole that’s sticking out. 

6. Put things back to place!

Voila! We have the new filter in the housing; now place it back to the engine. Be very attentive on this part and make sure it is tightly sealed.

Back to the oil draining- it should be done by now. Now, go back underneath the car and replace-tighten the drain bolt.

7. Pour in the fresh oil

It’s best to use a cone filter when pouring oil. Don’t pour less or too much, because you’ll just end up getting alerts or otherwise wasting the oil.

With only the spare 20 minutes and quite a few bucks back to the pocket, we are done!

FAQs About Best BMW E90 Oil

What does the e90 mean for BMW?

The BMW e90 indicates a sedan BMW car configuration.

Is BMW e90 expensive to maintain?

Well, although it’s a bit up level on the price yet compared to the BMW depreciation, it’s kind of cheap, especially for the first 100,000 miles.

Is BMW e90 reliable?

In fact, the BMW e90 models are quite reliable when it comes to engine performance and longevity.

Final Verdict

If you haven’t really thought of changing your car engine oil till now, although you can see clear signs of wear, then it’s high time you should! Don’t ignore the signs; this goes for the high mileage engines and cars as well. If you don’t want to be left out with regrets only in the future, then sign up for one of these best oil for BMW e90 right away!

Well, are you worried about the high prices? Then, let me tell you that an engine oil that offers excellent lubrication and protection for your BMW engine can never be a waste of money, no matter the price. See the bigger picture and make a wise decision.

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