Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent Review

Camping can be a very relaxing experience, and sometimes admiring a wonderful view from your tent with your loved one or even alone can be better than an experience in a group. If you are looking for a tent and want to go on a camping trip with your significant other or just take a solo trip, the Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and camping tent is an excellent option.

So, read our detailed review of the Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent to find out if it’s worth the money.

Why You Should Buy the Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent

There are plenty of reasons why you might look into this tent, but for now, let’s focus on what makes this one of the best Marmot backpacking tents. To begin, the Marmot Crane Creek tent is lightweight regardless of which model, making it very easily portable. It comes in two options, a 2 and a 3 person model, and you can also choose between the ultralight and regular option.

The weather protection you will get from this tent is phenomenal. Although it is ultralight, this Marmot Creek tent endures through all the weather conditions, and thanks to its waterproof material, you won’t be drenched by any water leakages.

In terms of construction, this tent is absolutely solid, and the dome-style freestanding design makes everything even more convenient. Its easy set-up is also something that also makes it shine amongst all the Marmot backpacking tents.


Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent

You get 2 variants with the Marmot Crane creek backpacking and camping tent; as we have mentioned, there is a model for 2 people and one for 3 people. The space provided by the tent is sufficient for the number of people they claim can fit comfortably.

As we have previously said, the weather protection of this tent is simply amazing. The seam-taped weatherproof rainfly in combination with the waterproof floor ensures that you do not get wet and sleep comfortably on your camping trip. Additionally, the ventilation in the Marmot Crane Creek tent is also decent, which means you will not feel suffocated in the limited space of the tent.

It is essential to have some space for storage in your tent when you go out on a camping trip or track, and thankfully this Marmot tent comes with storage pockets. This little touch will make your life much easier by storing all your important items that can easily get lost.

Key Features

After going through the overview, you should have an idea about the Marmot Crane Creek camping and backpacking tent. However, you need to go through all the key features and get to know all the details before you buy one of these tents for yourself!


You will have enough space whichever version you choose. But if you have a lot of baggage with you, it might get a bit crowded in your tent. The marmot crane creek ul 2p has an area of about 32 square feet, and the one for 3p has a floor area of 42 square feet, which is adequate for a camping tent.

Design and Construction

While you have to pay a high price for this tent, in exchange you also get a superb design and excellent materials. The freestanding dome design allows you to rotate your tent however you want after you have set it up, which saves a whole lot of time.

There are double D-shaped doors for easier access to the tent, and in addition to that, you also have dual overhead vestibules, which will give you your much-needed storage space along with the storage pockets.

This three-season backpacking tent by Marmot is very reliable, and one of the primary reasons has to be the strong 7000 series aluminum poles. Furthermore, there is a spreader pole that can be used to give more headspace. If you were wondering, the center height of this tent is 43 inches for the 2 person model and 46 inches for the 3 person model, so you can’t really comfortably stand up.

Ventilation and Floor Material

We must say that Marmot did an excellent job with the ventilation for all the models of the Crane Creek tents. The walls have an inner mesh that lets plenty of airflow in and out of the tent. Additionally, the dual vestibules also have vents which means the air circulation is even better.

The floor of this tent is made of high-quality polyethylene, and it is completely waterproof, so you won’t be getting wet from the damp earth below you. For even better weather protection, the floor fabric is seam-taped, meaning no water will leak into the tent through the floor.

Setting Up

Setting this tent up is a matter of 15 minutes or less! It takes only two people to set it up properly. What makes the set-up even easier are the shock-corded poles which means your set-up takes only two poles. Although the instructions for setting the tent up are very clear, you should watch a video guide and try setting it up first at home to see how difficult it is for you.


  • Very lightweight, so it is very portable and the best for backpackers.
  • Contains durable 7000 series aluminum poles, which makes the tent reliable.
  • Inner mesh lining allows for great ventilation.
  • Seam-taped floor and rain fly make this tent great for rainy conditions.
  • Dual overhead vestibules along with storage pockets provide plenty of storage.
  • Set-up is very easy, thanks to the shock-corded poles.


  • Quite expensive
  • Does not come with a footprint

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Marmot Crane Creek 2p footprint come with the package?

No, it does not. You have to buy it separately for all the models of the Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and camping tents.

Is the Marmot Crane Creek 3p set up different from the 2p model?

No, they are exactly the same. The only difference between the 3 person and 2 person models is that the 3p tent is bigger.

What are the dimensions of the Marmot Crane Creek 2p tent?

The dimensions of the 2 person tent are 86 x 50 x 43 inches.

Are the Marmot Crane Creek tents very light? How much do they weigh?

The regular Marmot Crane Creek 2p tent weighs about 4.8 pounds, and the 3p tent weighs 5.8 pounds. On the other hand, the Marmot Crane Creek ultralight 2p tent comes in at about 4 pounds, and the 3p version is 4.1 pounds.

Final Words

Overall, the Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and camping tent is an excellent option, and it is especially great if you are a backpacker. From great weather protection to durable construction, this tent almost has it all. However, you should consider all the factors before you make your purchase, and we hope we were able to help you come to a decision!

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