Best Pen For Hp Envy X360 to Enjoy the Ultimate Freedom

What better accessory does your convertible HP Envy x360 deserve than a decent-quality stylus pen?

Though a stylus pen for your favorite convertible laptop may appear to be a small accessory, it will give you a game-changing experience when doing any task on the screen.

A stylus pen is like a jack of all trade. It’s your constant companion in taking notes in a meeting, drawing your favorite character, or marking up important emails.

Choosing the best pen for Hp envy X360 can be a daunting task. There are a number of options for you to choose from, each with its own set of features and capabilities.

Considering your needs is the key to determining the best pen for you! Let’s take a look at some of our favorite pens for HP Envy x360 and offer you some suggestions on how to choose the ideal one for you.

Top 9 pens for HP Envy x360 Review

We reviewed 9 of the best stylus pens for your convenience so that you don’t have to go through dozens of articles to choose one that suits your needs. Not only that, we also listed some of the features to look for in a top-notch stylus pen.

1. Stylus Active Pen for HP Pavilion x360

Stylus Active Pen for HP Pavilion

Stylus Active Pen for HP Pavilion x360 can be a perfect choice for your HP Envy x360. It gets the job done no matter what your needs are.

This pen can serve a wide range of devices making it a good competitor among our choice of the best pen for HP Envy x360. It uses a flexible and long-lasting HB tip that can easily be replaced.

Two buttons are placed on the side for ease of your work. High level of pressure sensitivity of this pen makes it a great choice for sketching, writing, taking notes and more.

2. Active Pen for HP Specter X360 Envy

Active Pen for HP Specter X360 Envy

Setting up Hacey Active Pen does not require you to install any driver or setting a Bluetooth connection. All you need is to insert the battery included with it and you are good to go.

The palm rejection technology lets you rest your palm with ease on the screen and forget about unwanted marks. On top of all, two spare pen tips are included in the package.

3. Pen Compatible with HP Specter X360 Envy

Pen Compatible with HP Specter X360 Envy

What is better than a stylus pen giving you a natural feeling of writing? This brings us to review the next contender of the best pen for HP Envy x360.

We found the pen has virtually no lag and the ink from your pen’s tip flows right onto your digital screen. Now is the time for you to give more attention to details in your artwork.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the battery life as this pen has 1500 hours of continuous playing time.

High precision, easy usability and the pen-like feeling make it one of our best choice.

4. Stylus Pen for HP Pavilion x360 Touchscreen Laptop Pencil

Stylus Pen for HP Pavilion x360 Touchscreen Laptop Pencil

This stylus pen will get the job done whether it is drawing, writing, editing photos or highlighting text – you name it.

High level of pressure sensitivity with palm rejection technology makes it a great deal. One easily replaceable pen tip comes along with the package which gives you more freedom in drawing your favorite character.

What we loved most about this pen is its battery life. The pen automatically goes to sleep mode after 5 mins of idle time which helps to increase the battery life.

One of the reasons we liked this pen is its build quality. It has an Aluminum body which makes it highly durable. It comes in elegant-looking grey, silver and black color.

5. Black Stylus Pen for HP Envy x360

Black Stylus Pen for HP Envy x360

You might think premium-looking stylus pens are expensive. What we have to offer you can prove you wrong.

The aluminum alloy-made cover makes this pen more durable. You can easily carry it in your pocket or in tablet cases thanks to the clip design. 1024 level pressure points improve the precision and accuracy of the pen strokes.

Two buttons are there to make your life easier and improve your experience. One for the right click and the other to erase.

6. Stylus Pen for HP Pavilion x360

Stylus Pen for HP Pavilion x360

If you are looking for something that has really high usage time, this stylus pen can be your go-to option. It supports 200-day standby time with 600 hours of continuous usage.

Three easily replaceable pen tips are the guarantee of an extending lifetime. You are not required to install any driver or set up any Bluetooth connection to use this pen. This stylus pen comes with an 18-month warranty and lifetime support guarantee.

An integrated pocket clip is a great addition to its aesthetics and portability. Additionally, it gives you a wide range of colors to choose from. There are four variants: black, blue, gray and platinum.

7. Uogic Stylus Pen for HP Laptops

Uogic Stylus Pen for HP Laptops

1500 hours of writing time is an incredible amount of time, isn’t it? Uogic stylus pen gives you the freedom of enjoying super-long writing time.

The HB tip that comes pre-installed provides you a flex and gentle writing experience with minimum latency and maximum comfort. The accuracy and smoothness make it feel just like a regular pencil.

One thing that stood out in our review was its ergonomic design that rests comfortably against the curves of your hand. And it comes with a pen clip so that you can write while you’re out and about.

8. LAZARITE M Pen, Active Stylus for Lenovo Tab

LAZARITE M Pen, Active Stylus for Lenovo Tab

Erasing and right-clicking made easy thanks to the side switches attached to this pen. The pen comes in two different colors: dark gray and dark black.

What we really loved about this pen was its incredibly high level of pressure sensitivity. 4096 pressure sensitivity enables you to get the most out of a stylus pen whether you are drawing or writing.

It is just like a traditional pen that functions on a digital screen. Because the conductive elastomer tip will not damage the screen and will provide the appropriate friction similar to a conventional pen.

The aluminum pen body, which has a beautiful matte finish, not only delivers an excellent writing experience but can also sustain 6 pounds of pressure. Impressive, isn’t it?

9. Active Stylus Pen for HP Spectre x360 Touchscreen Laptop

Active Stylus Pen for HP Spectre x360 Touchscreen Laptop

High pressure sensitivity and low power consumption make this AZX Stylus Pen a good choice for architects, teachers, artists, students and children.

It comes in four different color variants: black, blue, gray and silver. Two side buttons add a lot to the user experience by increasing the ease of doing the job.

Ease of use, palm-rejection technology and easily replaceable pen tip makes it one of our favorite stylus pens.

Buying Guide for the Best Pen for HP Envy x360

We are not a believer of buying a stylus pen being clueless about it. That is why we are introducing you with some of the key features you must check out when picking a stylus pen.

Pressure Sensitivity

Pressure sensitivity is arguably the most critical feature to look for when it comes to buying a stylus pen. It gives you the ultimate freedom of drawing thin or thick lines.

Having more pressure sensitivity levels in a stylus pen will allow you to make finer distinctions in line thickness. A pressure sensitivity level of 1024 and above is more than enough to accomplish your job perfectly – be it drawing, writing, or taking notes.

Ease of Use

Who doesn’t love to have a device that is easy to use. Whenever choosing a stylus pen, always opt for the one which does not require any difficulty to set up.

This means that always go for the stylus pen that needs no driver to be installed and no pairing. The best stylus pens can start working right away after you put the battery in.

Replaceable Pen Tip

With prolonged usage, the pen tip may get damaged. You won’t want to throw your pen away just because of the damaged tip, right?

Modern stylus pens come with spare pen tips that can easily be replaced in a second. So you get to use the pen for a long period of time.

Palm Rejection Technology

What is more annoying than unwanted marks on your screen? When buying a stylus pen for your tablet PC, always look for one that has palm-rejection technology. This enables you to rest your palm with ease on the screen without worrying about annoying marks.

Battery Life 

If you don’t want to worry about the lifespan of the pen, then go for one with long battery life. Some pens are even capable of 1500 hours of continuous playing time.

Side Buttons

Some stylus pens come with two side buttons to perform specific functionalities, such as right-clicking and erasing. This feature makes your life a lot easier no matter what you are doing with the pen. Try to find out one with two side buttons.


An integrated pocket clip may seem a tiny feature for a stylus pen. But it can increase the portability largely. Also, you should always prefer lightweight pens.

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A decent-quality stylus pen can change your experience of drawing or writing on the digital screen dramatically. It becomes more important if you need to use a stylus pen frequently. A stylus pen with high-pressure sensitivity, long battery life, and perfect build quality is a must-have for your tablet PC. We reviewed some of the finest stylus pens for your HP Envy x360. Now it’s your time to figure out which one is best suited for your needs. We’ve listed our favorites for your convenience!

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