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Having a good bench block in your arsenal is of paramount importance, no matter you are a novice or an ace gunslinger. Assembling and disassembling your gun requires a great bench block to easily and effectively hammer or drill on parts.

But with many different bench blocks on the market, it becomes quite difficult to choose the right one for your purposes. Some are customizable and suitable for professional metalsmiths, while some are beginner-friendly and not suitable for intricate maintenance. In this article, we will take you through some of the most popular bench blocks and help you choose the best bench block depending on their design, build quality, and performance. Let’s get started.

Top 8 Best Bench Block Review

Whether it’s for the gym or for your gun, bench blocks will come in handy. But you need to know which ones to choose from the plethore of products available in the market. Browse through our catalog and make a suitable choice today!

1. Real Avid Smart Bench Block

Real Avid Smart Bench Block

The real avid smart bend block can make the pin removal pretty easier. It comes at a lower price and has universal use.

The rubber part can capture the driving pins underneath and prevent them from rolling away. It’s made with engineering resins that provide steadiness and stability on the surface. There’s an inner groove to keep the barrel stable, and the outer ring provides stability on the block.

You should also know that the resins are scratch proof. As there are various holes on the block surface, you can use them for different types of guns. There’s also a government bushing wrench that comes with the products, and you can easily use it to remove the bushings.

2. W Wiregear Universal Gun Bench Block

W Wiregear Universal Gun Bench Block

This little W Wiregear Universal Gun bench block can easily disassemble your firearm within a few minutes.

It’s made with special polymer plastic that gives the firearm scratch protection while staking or drifting. There’s also a 4-inch outer non-slip mat to provide stability during usage. The build materials are engineering-grade nylons that can avoid damage to gun parts. Its dimension is 1*1/4*4 (inches), which is pretty durable in use.

This bench block has universal usage, like it can disassemble and reassemble your 1911s handguns and your 10/22s firearms. It also has a 1911-barrel bushing tool which is pretty handy.

There is also a “V” channel for barrel link pin removal, drifting channel of the rear sight, holes for sear and hammer pin removal, the round bottom channel for slide rail dressing, making the block highly necessary for gunsmithing.

3. Lara Star Bench Press Block

Lara Star Bench Press Block

The Lara Star Bench Press Block is well-known to use in gyms. It helps with the workouts and increases your bench press.

It’s lightweight and easily portable because the weight is under one pound. The press block is made with ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), a high-density material. You will get durability, compact and convenient use, and a large bearing area because of the EVA.

This bench press block is an ideal alternative to wood boards used to elevate the weight and increase the press. It’s also compatible with most of the standard barbells. The larger blocks have four positions to fit any size of weight.

You can use it to keep the tension of the muscles and reduce shoulder rotation. This is one of the best choices for a stable weight lifter above the chest.

4. Benchblokz 1/2-1 Board

Benchblokz 1/2-1 Board

The bench block board is another great deal of pressing blocks in gyms. The lower price makes it more convenient to use.

A bench block board weighs only half a pound (0.25 kilograms). Therefore, it’s very lightweight and easily portable anywhere. It can simply replace lumber pieces that are used in board pressing.

Those boards add significant weight and put extra pressure on your chest. But no risk with the bench block boards. It can make powerlifting easy and not harmful to your chest. The board has four sides to fit the weights. Therefore, you can put much weight on your chest with a blockboard without significant weight increment.

5. Universal Bench Block

Universal Bench Block

The universal bench block is suitable for M-1911 handguns and 10/22s firearms. This block is lightweight and practical in various ways.

A universal bench block is made with high-quality materials to create a non-marring material durable enough for gunsmithing with varieties. It is a versatile bench block because you can disassemble and reassemble your firearms or handguns very easily.

The block also has many grooves, holes on both sides, and notches for various tasks of guns like installation of springs, detents, and pins.

There are also other uses of this universal bench block like assembly pin drifting and staking, ejector port dressing, hammer and sear pin removal, barrel pin removal, rear sight drifting, slide rails dressing, etc.

6. Pridefend Bench Block Gunsmithing Tool

Pridefend Bench Block Gunsmithing Tool

The Pridefend gunsmithing tool is a user-friendly bench block with several outstanding features. It’s considered one of the best accessories for 1911 products.

It’s designed with anti-scratch non-marring polymeric materials. Therefore, no scratch will harm your gun parts during usage. There’s an outer anti-slip ring with a rubber covering. It will make steady pins while using and prevent any slippage. The driving pins will be in a tight position during assembly and disassembly.

There’s a built-in magnet inside the “X” block. It helps to hold every small part. However, the magnet is only at one corner of the bench block.

Its multifunctional features include “V” channel removal, round bottom channel dressing, holes removal, rear sight drifting, etc. but remember to unload the pistols before using the bench blocks.

7. Wheeler Universal Bench Block

Wheeler Universal Bench Block

This universal bench block has varieties in usage along with assembly and disassembly. It has excellent longevity due to its high-quality materials.

This two-sided tool is suitable to work on all kinds of channels. It also features all the holes you need to remove or add parts of your guns. You can use such bench blocks on 10/22s and 1911 handguns.

The construction material is non-marring urethane, making the block pretty durable compared to others. On top of that, you will find suitable grooves and notches suited for M-1911 handguns. You can also install springs, detents, and pins with it.

The bench block weighs only 0.28kilograms. That’s why it’s easily portable to anywhere you want. To put it simply, it’s an all-in-one package for gun maintenance.

8. Benchblokz 2-3-4-5 Bench Board

Benchblokz 2-3-4-5 Bench Board

These bench block boards are also suitable for gym uses. Though it comes a bit costlier than other models, it has not lacked features.

It’s a lighter version of wood lumbers and the other 2-5 boards. However, this board has medium density because the manufacturers use slightly less dense foam. The bench board weighs only 0.3 kilograms which are lightweight compared to other wood boards.

So, you can carry it to your gym or anyplace you want to work out. The board has a wide area of sticking points so that the lifter can easily use it with as much weight as he can (500 to 800lbs). So, it’s an ideal choice for board pressing in exercise. 

Buying Guide of Bench Block

Before buying any product, you need to look into some facts related to it. The same goes for bench blocks. Here are the things that need to consider while buying a bench block:


Obviously, not all bench block products will provide the same features. You have to know all the features the product is offering and compare them with other models.

On top of that, think about which features you want in your bench block. Is it for gym use or gun parts removal?


All the bench blocks have different specs like different dimensions, different weights, different build materials, functional holes, channels, etc. It would be better to buy the bench block with the latest and most valuable specifications.

Customer Review

Customer review is a valuable technique to know about the products more than the leaflets or books. So, you can check any review of your particular bench block on YouTube or read it from Google.

If you buy it online, that e-commerce site also has a customer comment section. Check out those comments on your specific product.


The price range of bench blocks is not much more expansive. So, you have to spend on the product that will be worth every penny.

But if you look for the cheapest one to save some cents, you may end up having several dents on your bench block. Therefore, research a bit about which model will provide all the features within an affordable price tag.


While buying a bench block for gunsmithing, you need to consider a brand. That’s because it’s less possible to have low-quality products from renowned manufacturers.


You have already learned that bench blocks are of different types. If you want to use it for many purposes like assembly, disassembly, parts removals, channeling, and others, you have to get a universal bench block. It will help with heavy-duty work.

There’s also a steel bench block that can be used for delicate working, not heavy hammerings.


The texture is a critical issue to consider because you don’t want any scratches over your gun parts while removing pins or with channels. Make sure you buy the bench block that has anti-scratch and anti-slip technologies.

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In precious metal works like guns or your home gyms, the bench blocks are the most convenient ones to use. You can’t just risk your entire kit with some poor-quality blocks. We tried to discuss the top 8 best bench blocks in the market, and each of them has impressive features to offer. So, choose the best one if you need it!

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