Top 9 Best Bathroom Clock | Expert’s Pick

Admit it; you can’t even count how many times you’ve got late for something just being in the bathroom for, let’s put it, a bit long time. We all have been through that; it seems like time flies if you are taking a poop or a shower, doesn’t it?

Well, a nifty and obvious solution is to put a clock in the bathroom, right? But finding the perfect one that fits the bathroom environment isn’t a simple task. That’s why we have picked 9 perfect bathroom clocks that you can choose easily for your washroom today!

Excited? Let’s get into it!

Top 9 Best Bathroom Clock

So, here are the 9 clocks that we have picked just for you. Read till the end to find out your match!

1. KADAMS Digital Bathroom Shower Wall Clock

KADAMS Digital Bathroom Shower Wall Clock

Kadams digital shower clock is designed to give you all the relevant information that you would need when you are having a comfortable time in your washroom. Its IP24 protection system safeguards it from water splash and wetness.

You won’t get late for your appointments as it will show the perfect time with a big display on it. Even if you have put it further away from your place, you will still see the digits properly.

Apart from the time, it also displays the day and date. So, in case you’ve to double-check what day it is today, feel free! Plus, it gives you the temperature and humidity of your surrounding for a better understanding of whether you need to take extra caution here or not.

2. SZELAM Store Digital Clock

SZELAM Store Digital Clock

Looking for something different from old-aged clocks? Own the Szelam digital clock cum mirror! It’s a mirror and a clock, at the same time!

Sounds unreal, right? Well, it’s actually a digital clock that can be turned into a mirror if you turn the clock off. It has a great reflection capacity to make it a perfect mirror for your quick makeup help in the bathroom.

Moreover, it has a 3-level brightness setup that can help you set the exact brightness you need to soothe your eyes. You can also set alarms on the clock if you want to be reminded when you need to get out of the washroom!

Interestingly, it has 2 USB outputs that you can use to recharge your phones! That’s a nifty feature for quick charging solutions!

3. KADAMS Digital Bathroom Shower Kitchen Clock Timer with Alarm

KADAMS Digital Bathroom Clock

We have another functional bathroom clock from Kadams in our pack, and this time it’s a compact one. The 4.2 X 1.6 X 4.3 inches size makes it a perfect clock to be set anywhere in the corner.

The clock comes with an IP24 water resistance that can easily survive water splash. You can try putting it in the mirror or placing it on the side of the sink – it’s your call. It has 4 different mounting options for easy mounting – Suction, hole, hooking, and a stand.

You can set the alarm and countdown on the clock pretty easily. The alarm sound is pretty loud and can be heard even if the shower is on. As for the clock time, you can switch between the 12 and 24-hour options. Then again, you have a temperature option that can be switched between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

4. Qilmy Vintage Bathtub Wall Clock

Qilmy Vintage Bathtub Wall Clock

Need something out of the box? Well, here we have one! The Qilmy Vintage Bathtub wall clock is a stand-out in the crowd for its amazing look!

There’s a beautiful oil painting of a bathtub as the backdrop of the clock. This should look gorgeous in your bathroom, making it the perfect match. The best part is, the clock doesn’t sound much; it’s very quiet and makes no ‘tick tock’ sound.

The clock is made from PVC board that is eco-friendly. So, you don’t need to worry about the harmful extraction from its body in the long run. The good news is the clock comes with a 0.5 cm thickness, which makes it one of the slimmest clocks out there.

5. Jomparis Modern 12″ Silent Sweep Movement Wall Clock

Jomparis Modern 12

Did you like the silent clock above? Well, there’s another one that doesn’t sound loud at night! Introducing the Jomparis silent wall clock!

It looks exactly like any other wall clock you would find in the market. The clock marts move pretty precisely, making the least sound possible. Its sleek and elegant design makes it a suitable choice for anyone who likes to have a stylish look in their bathroom.

What you would notice immediately on the clock are its large numbers! You can see the time from further away as the numbers are pretty much visible from any angle and distance. Being analog, you will have a vintage look in your bathroom, too!

6. Seiko 11″ Brushed Metal Wall Clock

Seiko 11 Brushed Metal Wall Clock

Another analog clock on our list is the Seiko 11-inch metal wall clock. It comes with both a round and an oval shape that makes it slightly a better-looking clock than its counterparts.

The clock is designed with a brushed metal case, which makes it one of the sturdiest wall clocks that you can find. You can easily place it on the wall of your bathroom as the hole here is pretty larger.

However, there’s one downside of this clock as it can’t be placed on the sink side, you only have one option, and that’s to hang it from the wall. Nonetheless, the large black numerals are there to compensate as you can read the numbers from the far way.

7. Foxtop Indoor Outdoor Waterproof Wall Clock

Foxtop Indoor Outdoor Waterproof Wall Clock

If you are a fan of classic clocks, you can’t go wrong in any way if you are picking up the Foxtop indoor outdoor waterproof clock.

It’s one of those vintage-looking clocks that we all longed for! You can easily place it on your bathroom wall and give your boring wall a new and exciting look! The best part is it comes with waterproof front and rear parts.

This way, even if you are splashing it with water, it will still be protected from harm. Moreover, it’s a silent clock, unlike most of its counterparts. It doesn’t make a huge noise, thanks to its precise quartz movement.

Lastly, the clock shows the temperature and humidity of your surroundings in an accurate format. For the temperature, you can choose either Fahrenheit or Celsius, whatever you are comfortable with.

8. BALDR Waterproof Alarm Clock

BALDR Waterproof Alarm Clock

Baldr waterproof alarm clock is another go-to clock when you need one for your bathroom. This one is a digital clock with a waterproofing system.

It comes with a suction system that allows the clock to be set against the wall. You can simply place it on the wall in your bathroom mirror, as well. No special equipment or accessory is needed for the installation.

The best part is, it’s all digital, and the digits are pretty large. You can read the time from a distance with ease. It has a temperature and humidity meter, as well. One cool option here is the alarm system which can be set by tapping on the touchscreen on the device. You can also set the time format as the 12-hour or 24-hour format, according to your preference.

9. Chifigno Vintage Bathtub Rustic 10 Inch Round Wall Clock

Chifigno Vintage Bathtub Rustic 10 Inch Round Wall Clock

Finally, we have something versatile! The Chifigno Vintage clock is one of the most attractive clocks you can pick for your bathroom.

There are plenty of backdrop designs to choose from, and you can pick the one that suits them best in your bathroom. It’s made of PVC materials and will last for a long time. The precision quartz movement results in a silent movement that you definitely cherish!

You can pick from two different shapes – the round and the square. Then again, even if you don’t think it would fit your bathroom, you can easily put it in any other room in your house; it will shine equally!

Things to Consider Before Buying A Bathroom Clock

Here is a list of factors you need to keep in mind while going for a bathroom clock.


Don’t go for anything oversized. What suits your living room won’t suit your bathroom. The bathroom walls fit a compact-designed clock, and that’s what you should be looking out for.


It’s best if you can pick up a clock that’s waterproof. Otherwise, a sudden water splash can harm the functionalities.

Alarm System

Try to find a clock that comes with an alarm system. This will make it easier for you to keep up with the ticking time and not miss anything outside your bathroom!

Temperature Meter

Most bathroom clocks today come with a temperature and humidity meter. If your budget allows, it’s best to go for such clocks at it will help you set the right water temperature while you are preparing for a shower.


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Final Words

You can’t put any clock on the bathroom wall, can you? It needs to be bathroom-friendly and designed to serve you multiple purposes alongside just showing you the time. That’s what we have focused on while picking up these 9 clocks for you. Keeping our buying guide in consideration, pick the one that suits you the best!

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