9 Best Bathroom Spy Cam to Watch Over Kids and Partners

Be it your kids staying in the bathroom for a long time or your partner hiding something from you, spy cams are the best solution to keep an eye on them. But the problem with cams is they get easily exposed to suspects, and there’s no point in having a cam that is already exposed.

We have gone over a few popular spy camps and judged them based on their hiding ability, camera resolution and clarity, remote access, and other features. Be with us throughout the reviews to find out the best bathroom spy cam. These reviews will be followed by an informative buying guide to help you choose the right cam.

Let’s get started.

Buying Guide : Don’t Settle Before Scrutinizing

Deep dive into these core features before you make your purchase decision.

Let’s face them!


This is the dumbest common sense in this context. Simply because you’re looking for a spy cam you want to keep an eye on someone without letting them know. If it gets wrong and they figure it out, nothing can be more outrageous than this.

The importance of hideablity while choosing a spy cam is the single most crucial feature you must have.

Can’t emphasize anymore on this. It’s an insanely important and must-have feature to be sought after before purchasing single spying devices.

You should check out:

  • If the spy cam is hideable?
  • If the memory card has protection?
  • If the camera is undetectable?


As soon as someone gets close to the camera range, it should be active immediately. Spy or surveillance cameras achieve this by leaning on motion detection features.

Most of the surveillance cameras in the market come with motion detector sensors which enable recording only when someone gets close to its range.

This is vital for memory and battery. Most of the spy cameras get power supply from its internal battery. So activating the camera only when people come nearby saves battery. The same goes for memory.

Another important aspect of recording is to seek out if the camera can record in night or low light. Else at night or low light your spy camera will fail to capture any footage. This another must have features to keep in mind while choosing.

Remote access

Another feature you should seek out is whether you can access the footage in real-time or not.

Obviously, this depends on your needs. When it comes to surveillance, the importance of live footage is paramount.

If your disguised camera gets exposed, and you have no remote access. You know the aftermath, right?

So, you should always opt in for cameras that provide remote access features.


So far you have figured out a camera you can hide so easily that no one can detect it. You carefully analyzed its recording feature- it can capture at night and low light. You also ensured you can remotely access the camera and live footage.

So far so good! But wait.

Everything is wonderful but if the quality of your footage is poor then it’s all for nothing. I picked the above preface just to introduce the importance of this feature.

You should opt in cameras that can provide at least HD footage.

So, I believe these are the crucial features you should make sure of before making your purchase decision. I know it takes a lot of work but its definitely worth it.

But, what’s better: if I research for yourself and match the above features and segregate top products you can choose without any effort?


Let’s face the best bathroom hidden cameras.

9 Best Bathroom Spy Cam in 2022 (And Beyond)

As promised, this section is all about the list of best spy cameras I picked upon my long hours of tedious research.

So, are you ready to keep your eyeball there for the next couple of minutes on the way to figuring out your best spy cam?

1. DIVINEEAGLE 1080p mini Spy Cam with premier pack

DIVINEEAGLE 1080p mini Spy Cam with premier pack

When I picked this, I first checked its disguised property. It comes in the form of a charger point where in the upper front of the charging point there’s a hidden camera, which has minimal detail and is hard to notice. So, it can charge and record simultaneously.

You can record at Full HD at 90 degree angle with this piece even at night!. There is also a feature that lets you turn on motion detection to save space and battery.

You can even directly connect a USB port with a card reader to transfer data. You will get a charging cable and SD card along with the device for free as a bonus.

There’s only one issue you can raise- it doesn’t capture audio. Yet, recording audio in the bathroom might not be necessary.

2. IESULAI Cat Hidden Appearance Cameras

IESULAI Cat Hidden Appearance Cameras

IESULAI spy cam lets you disguise the camera inside the eye of a cat toy!

A big concern with spy cam is at night the camera illuminates which make it susceptible to detection. But, with this camera it’s almost unlikely to detect it.

In cat toys you will often see marvels as eyes which illuminate all the time. So, placing a camera in that place is a perfect fit for disguise.

This camera can capture 1080p at 365 degree angle!

The most exciting feature is its intelligent motion detector sensor and intelligent notification system.

When people come into its range the motion sensor activates recording and automatically sends a message to your mobile phone with a notification sound that recording has been started and you can access it remotely and can even share the stream with multiple users!

The one down point is sound quality. Although its quality is not decent, that’s not a big deal.

3. JERKING Hidden spy Camera

JERKING Hidden spy Camera

Jerking spy cam is hidden inside the camera to let you record 1080p footage, keeping the camera disguised in a power bank battery. The camera supports night vision and has a built-in motion detection sensor. That means you can record footage only when people are there.

You can access footage wirelessly from a remote location. The device is battery powered and can continuously shoot for 30 hours.

Unique feature of this camera is it comes with a built-in gravity flip sensor which means if the device is upside down the footage quality won’t be affected.

As an added bonus, you can charge your smartphone and carry it wherever you wish to

4. CNDST Mini Spy Pinhole Security Camera

CNDST Mini Spy Pinhole Security Camera

CNDST mini spy camera is built on a pinhole and recorded at AHD quality which is much better than other spy cams.

As it comes with an inherent microphone you can record both audio and video together, which is another advantage.

With a proper setup you can literally make this camera invisible. Thanks to its minimal light emission feature it is very unlikely to detect even at low light.

The drawback of this spy cam is it can’t capture quality footage at low light and can’t be accessed remotely.

5. AREBI Spy Camera

AREBI Spy Camera

AREBI wireless spy camera lets you record 1080p video no matter its day or night. Thanks to its night vision sensor it can precisely capture footage at night without glowing much.

The most appealing thing about this hidden cam is its portability. You can carry it wherever you want.

This device comes with a built-in charger lasting upto 1 hour which you can increase upto 30 hours by purchasing an additional battery. Or, you can plug it into a USB port to charge and record simultaneously.

You can remotely access the footage from your OS or android devices

Oh and it comes with an intelligent notification feature and motion detection sensor makes your life so much easier by notifying each time motion detector sensor catches someone between camera range.

6. LED light spy cam

LED light spy cam

Like the name suggests, this camera comes in the disguised form of a LED bulb making it irrelevant to suspect.

Thanks to its 1080P Video quality, remote access feature, 360-degree angle shooting capability, night vision footage, motion detection sensor and smart notification alert feature makes it a perfect spy cam to opt in.

You can watch the footage in real time and control the light.

Even it features two-way audio conversation through the app.

7. Cloth Hook Hdden Camera

Cloth Hook Hdden Camera

As the name suggests, this camera is placed on to your cloth hook having a minimum camera detail to notice and make it completely discreet.

You can record at 1080p video and enable motion detection functionality to record only when someone gets near the camera. It allows recording audio as well.

With one charge you can record 120 mins at a stretch..

The best part of this product is it comes with 18 months technical support which is a nice deal.

As the hidden camera comes with a cloth hook, this is a perfect fit for the bathroom.

8. Logitech Mevo Spy Cam

Logitech Mevo Spy Cam

You can record extremely high quality footage with this spy camera. You can stream real time footage from anywhere and control it from your mobile app.

It also simultaneously records audio with HD quality video. The battery out this device also lasts long hours.

The drawback of this camera is its size which made it vulnerable to exposure. Also it’s a bit pricey.

9. Rettru Spy Cam

Rettru Spy Cam - Best Bathroom Spy Cam

In the list, this is the tiniest disguised camera. Despite its size, it can record video at full HD and the video quality is decent.

Also, it’s the only camera in the list that features cloud storage! Yes you can store footage directly to your cloud storage.

This camera also lets you access remotely. Thanks to its night vision feature it can nicely shoot in full darkness.

And, the camera’s enhanced motion detection feature allows recording at the right time when someone arrives near its range.

It supports loop recording and in case the memory card is full it overwrites previous files.

The drawback is it has no built in battery although it’s unlikely to expect battery from such a little bad boy!

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Final Words

Pornography is threatenging our little kids. So, monitoring what they do in the bathroom might help you.

Other hard realities are also there. In many cases you want to spy on your unfaithful partner and even mates.

In this regard a spy cam really saves your ass. I hope these best bathroom spy cam will help you on your way.

If you’re looking for the ultimate best spy cam for your bathroom, check out this one. Good luck!

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