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Acoustic Research Inc. started its journey back in 1954. A pioneer in its time, the company offered some of the most enticing audio equipment. Not only were their products high-quality, but it was also pretty affordable compared to their competitors.

AR products stood out due to their combination of outstanding quality and affordable prices. That’s because they feature an intelligent design that helps them deliver a higher quality audio experience while keeping costs low.

Over time, Acoustic Research products lost their popularity in the market. But with the advent of technology, the company’s making a comeback with the best Acoustic Research speakers in the market. They offer the highest grade sound quality, but they’ll also add to your home or office’s feng shui!

Best Acoustic Research Speakers Reviews

We’ve put several products of VOXX Electronics through our rigorous testing procedure, and we’ve found the following to be the best of the bunch.

1. Acoustic Research Wireless LED Candle Speaker

Acoustic Research Wireless LED Candle Speaker

The Candle Speaker is a prime example of Acoustic Research’s fine craftsmanship. It can not only soothe you with its delightful audio features, but the wireless speaker can also tie down the whole look of your decor.

One common complaint about wireless speakers is that they don’t boast of the quality sound of the typical speakers. That’s why Acoustic Research has brought out this 4W wireless speaker equipped with a passive bass radiator. Thanks to this feature, the 2-way speaker can enthuse your whole day with clear sound.

Moreover, most speakers stick out like a sore thumb. But the candle speaker will also blend with the environment, whether it’s indoor or outdoor. The 4W speaker has 12 hours of playtime and is very compact. So, you can take it on your travels as well.

2. Acoustic Research Santa Cruz Flickering Speaker

Acoustic Research Santa Cruz Flickering Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are all the rage now. However, they don’t quite have the punch of wired speakers. But, what if you could pair with two wireless speakers instead of one? That would definitely clear up any chances of lacking volume!

With that thought in mind, Acoustic Research has brought you the Santa Cruz wireless speaker. While you can connect to two of these beauties, there’s no real need to do so. The 30-watt speaker comes equipped with a dual enhanced bass radiator. So, if you think you’re going to miss out on that sweet bass drop, think again.

Apart from its multitude of enticing features, the Santa Cruz is quite sturdy. The IP55-rated design boasts its durability. But this robustness doesn’t come at the cost of its good looks. Instead, its visual features are awe-inspiring. All in all, the Bluetooth speaker is a winner.

3. Acoustic Research Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Acoustic Research Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

One thing that’s mandatory on your travels is music. While most venture the outdoors to get away from the bustling city noise, the silence can sometimes be suffocating. To rid you of such fears, Acoustic Research has added the outdoor Bluetooth speaker to its line of products.

The first question that pops up in your mind when thinking about outdoor speakers is whether the speaker can handle the elements. Well, not to worry, because Acoustic Research has fitted this model with a weather and UV-resistant design that can battle any condition.

With a compact design and easy-to-carry handle, the Acoustic Research outdoor Bluetooth speaker will deliver you sound any place and any time you want.

And if you don’t have a device that supports it, don’t worry. The product carries a 3.5mm cable that can connect other devices that don’t support the Bluetooth function.

4. Acoustic Research Santa Clara Wireless Speaker

Acoustic Research Santa Clara Wireless Speaker

Since the dawn of civilization, music has been a part of human culture. Whenever you hear the word music, what comes to your mind?

The answer’s probably a concert, an orchestra, or something similar for most people. You see, all these settings have one thing in common, stereo sound.

Music has always been meant to be listened to in this way. So, if you want to enjoy music in its entirety, there’s no better choice than Acoustic Research’s Santa Clara wireless speaker. One of the most beautiful features of this speaker unit is its ability to pair to another Santa Clara wireless speaker and hence gift you the experience of authentic stereo sound.

What’s more, Santa Clara features various LED light modes. From area lighting mode to party mode, it’s got it all. So, no matter your mood, the Santa Clara speaker can keep up with it.

5. Acoustic Research Heartland Wireless Speaker

Acoustic Research Heartland Wireless Speaker

The idea of soothing music in a candle-lit environment is a calming one. Unfortunately, most of us are so busy these days that we don’t have the luxury of time to prepare for such feats.

But what if a device could magically take care of that in an instance? Of course, we’d love nothing more!

And thanks to their experience in the audio industry, Acoustic Research knows what their customers want. To gift its customer the most soothing experience, the company has brought out the Heartland wireless speaker, a combination of relaxing music and great lighting!

The speaker features a battery life of 12 hours. So, you won’t have to worry about finding a charging port for at least half a day. Moreover, its unique design equips it with the ability to resist any weather conditions, making it a perfect companion for the outdoors.

6. Acoustic Research Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers Premier Series

Acoustic Research Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Like its predecessors, the portable speaker from Acoustic Research’s premier series is a fine product on its own. This sleek-looking wireless speaker is a bang for the buck.

While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the first thing that you notice about anything is its looks. This member of the premier series is a winner in that department. With its architecturally inspired curves and bends, the Glendale Portable speaker is sure to entice you with its look.

Many may worry that this sleek body of the speaker may be a sign of its lackings of power. However, don’t be deceived by its looks. The speaker houses a compact yet powerful midrange driver, booming, and tweeter.

Another of its exciting features is its ability to pair with another Glendale portable Bluetooth speaker to offer you an authentic stereo sound experience. With so many wonderful features, the AR Glendale is truly a premium speaker. 

Buying Guide

It would be best to consider a few factors when purchasing an AR speaker. They can help you choose the best one that suits your needs.

Battery Life

Since you’re going to be carrying them around, the battery backup should be an essential feature to you. Even more so if you spend a long time on the go. Surely, you don’t want your speaker to run out of battery in the middle of the road and leave you in deadly silence.

Another feature that you should look out for is rechargeability. For example, if you own the Acoustic Research Heartland Wireless Speaker, which has a playtime of 12 hours, you need to make sure that its battery is fully recharged before going on the road.


AR speakers are convenient to carry around. Thanks to their compact design and sleek look, you can pack them up with the rest of your things.

However, you need to ensure that your speaker isn’t a fragile one. Since you’ll be carrying it on your person most of the time, there’s a high chance that you might drop it.

You also need to make sure that your speaker can battle the attack of the elements. For example, if your speaker isn’t waterproof and you’re going to the Niagra falls, chances are it’ll die on your first night. So, you need to pick a durable model.


You should get to know what type of devices you can connect to your speaker. Depending on the model, many speakers allow connecting smartphones via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, while others require a cable to set up a connection. So, you need to figure out which you prefer and pick accordingly.

A good choice is to pick a speaker that can establish a wired connection. In that case, the speaker can support other devices that don’t have such features.


You should pick a speaker that you can easily carry. If it’s a hassle carrying the unit, you won’t be enthusiastic about taking it on your next trip.

All of Acoustic Research’s wireless speakers feature a compact and unique design. So, they’re effortless to carry. What adds to the portability of these devices is a handle that can help you carry it on your person.

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AR audio products are a bang for the buck. Apart from several outstanding features and affordable pricing, they’re pretty reliable. So, if you’re in the market for some speakers, take an AR unit for a test drive. They’ll surprise you.

We’ve tried to add the best of the bunch in our article about the best acoustic research speakers. But you’re welcome to scout their online page to see if any other models are more to your liking. Happy shopping!

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