Make Organization Easy With The Best File Storage Boxes In Your Office

Is it too difficult to find a particular document among the mess of your office table? Well, you need to sort the files in an organized way. And the best way to do that is using file storage boxes. It helps to keep everything visible right before your eyes.

A file storage box is incompatibly valuable for organizing your pamphlets, brochures, and other essential documents. There are several folders on a storage box to set the files according to order and importance. You can just use a lid to take out your desired document in an instance.

So, you need to know about some of the best file storage boxes in the market if you want to buy one. Make your office table look aesthetically organized or less messy today!

Top 7 File Storage Boxes Reviews

Office organization comes at a cost. But it becomes much more manageable when you have file storage boxes. Find your precious document with ease and breeze through your daily ordeals when you use one from our selection.

1. Iris Legal-Size Plastic Storage Bin

Iris Legal-Size Plastic Storage Bin

The IRIS plastic portable storage bin comes in 4 packs and black, which will fit perfectly on your office table.

Though the storage box is made with polypropylene, it’s pretty durable and has anti-break features. It can fit all your necessary documents and letters safely.

The dimension of this box will allow all types of legal sizes and other A4 documents letters to fit in. On top of that, it can contain up to 20lb of your valuable papers.

You can clean the box with water and soap because it’s water-proof. There’s also a lid on the inner side so that you can keep the files stable and move them securely. The covers also help save space and keep the most use of it.

You can also use the hanging file edge to organize the documents quickly and make them findable.

2. Bankers File Storage Boxes

Bankers File Storage Boxes

The bankers’ file storage boxes are the simplest ones in the market. It comes in a rectangular shape and weighs only one pound.

The box has standard set-up construction to help you in shelving or moderate stacking. It will be easier to carry your letters, documents, and legal papers on these file storage boxes.

Though the build materials are cardboard, it has single wall and double-wall construction. This makes the whole box stronger and more durable to carry and fit your precious documents (450lbs stacking strength). You can use the lift-off lid feature to prevent lid loss and secure your file storage.

This size of the file storage box is much easier to use than other modern designed ones. If the lift-off lid bothers you, you can just tear them off.

3. Basic Duty Storage

Basic Duty Storage

The basic duty storage is a sleek and modern file box to organize your messes into categories. A basic duty box also comes in cardboards (B-flute corrugated) and white colors.

If you are not likely to have punchy colors or aesthetic designs, you can just get one of these boxes. It has a stacking strength of 450 pounds. Both the bottom and end wall is double layered to increase the strength and ensure durability.

You can easily carry the box anywhere in your office or apartment with two side handles. There’s no need for packaging tapes to assemble the packages. The handles also include a lift-off lid interlock for stability.

You will get 20 other lids attached with the inner side of the box to assemble the documents and get your desired letter instantly. The lids can be cut or torn for the assembly. A basic file storage box has enough space to keep all types of letters and legal-size papers.

4. Penda flex Portable File Box

Penda flex Portable File Box

Penda flex’s portable file box is a suitable option for an office file storage box. It’s made with plastic and comes with rails.

You will get double latches with hinges. And the rails can hold 22 folders at a time. There are also three hanging file spaces on the rails. The dual latches and rails keep the documents secure and stable on their page even when you move the box to another place.

However, the box can be a bit heavy along with the documents because only the box itself weighs 2.84 pounds. But you can keep the storage anywhere in your office and even on your desk or table.

The exterior is made with polypropylene which makes it durable and water-resistant. You can even use disinfectant when you clean the box.

5. Decorative File Organizer Box

Decorative File Organizer Box

As the name says, the decorative organizer boxes are pretty good-looking and give you aesthetic vibes.

Typically, a decorative organizer box is made with fabric, linen, and paper. The rectangular shape allows fitting in all kinds of letter and legal-size documents. To put it simply, it’s neat, flat, and tidy. You can use the separate folders, and hanging files feature to save space in your office.

The box is pretty stable and secure to keep your documents. There’s a lid on the outer part of the box to prevent dust. And the linen part makes the cleaning easier.

You can organize all of your files in practical card slots, and you can find many of your papers effortlessly. The features and decorative looks are way more attractive than other boring models of storage boxes.

6. Trizo Collapsible Storage Box

Trizo Collapsible Storage Box

The Trizo collapsible storage box is pretty popular in offices for its unique features and, of course, organizing capabilities. It’s mainly made with linen, fabric, and MDF wood.

A collapsible storage box is called an ultra-sturdy foldable storage box because of its bigger dimensions where you can keep every vital document and more.

The box is also powerful enough to provide 198lbs of stack strength. It has the perfect stylish accent because of its high-quality fabric and MDF wood. The inner side has sturdy PVC tracks to hang all the necessary folders and glide them smoothly. There’s less chance of crooked or crammed folders.

Though the item is a bit heavy (around 8 pounds), you can keep all types of files, expenses, taxes, bills, bank statements, work papers, and whatnot.

7. JSungo File Organizer Box

JSungo File Organizer Box

The JSungo organizer box is a bit upgraded file storage box. It’s made with linen and has 5-hanging folders for the letters.

The storage box can fit in all types of letters and legal-size papers. You can even save space when using the hanging folders to organize your files. The box has replaceable white inserts and five plastic tabs to fit different categories.

It’s even more perfect for storing files because of having lids. The lids help organize and find files quickly. The decorative and functional design creates a tidy and flat space in the box.

There are also metal handles to lift the box easily. It makes the boxes extremely durable, even in full storage. And lastly, you will get label slots with covers to make your search quicker.

Buying Guide for Best File Storage Boxes

You may think that you don’t have to think a lot to buy a simple file storage box. But that’s a wrong idea. A wrong box can make your working table messier instead of organizing it. That’s why look into these facts before you buy a file storage box.


Quality matters! And it’s true for every product. You need to protect your documents along with keeping them organized. That’s why you learn about the quality of your storage box, like water resistance, dust resistance, cleaning ability, built-in materials, etc.


As you have to carry the storage box from desk to desk or other places, knowing the weight before buying is crucial. If it’s too heavy, it would be difficult for you to move with it.

So, make sure you get a lightweight and durable storage box. Otherwise, the box may tear apart with a little bit of extra weight.


Usage is one of your main concerns. Whether you will carry it always or just keep it on the side of your desk or by your table.

If it’s meant to be carried all the time, you may get a cardboard storage box because it’s lightweight and portable. But if it’s meant to be on your desk or by your table, you should buy a Lenin or plastic-type because of durability and water resistance. 


If the box is going to have a permanent position on your desk or by the side of your table, you should try to buy an aesthetic or decorative one. It will also help with decorating the office accent.


You need to consider your office space and your desk space. If the area has a space constraint, you should buy a small file storage box. Otherwise, go with the big one.

Lid & Included Folders

Lids are crucial to organize your files and papers inside the box. It also helps to find a particular document instantly whenever necessary. And the included hanging folder is helpful to save space.

Therefore, search for these features before buying file storage.


Handles are necessary to carry or move the boxes. So, firstly, you have to ensure whether the package has double-sided handles or not.

And then search for comfortable materials in handles, or else it will be irritating to move them if you get hurt because of the sharp edges.

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A file storage box is helpful in many ways like protecting your documents, keeping them organized, preventing them from being lost, carrying them, etc. So, our discussion on the best file storage boxes has included all the information you would need. It would be best to follow the buying guide when you ought to get a file storage box for you. Shop today if you need it!

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