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One of the most relatable and stressful struggles of parents is teaching their little kids how to ride a bike. Beyond the initial nervousness to contend with, you also have to constantly stay on your guard to ensure their safety.

So how do you prevent accidents while also making bike-riding easier for your kids? Well, there is no one perfect solution for this, but the answer might lie in Guardian Bikes.

With a singular focus on the safety, comfort and ultimate happiness of your little bike riders, this is a brand which has understandably been making waves since its emergence. Curious to find out what everyone’s talking about? Read on for our reviews of the most popular Guardian Bikes!

What Are Guardian Bikes?

Did you know that one of the leading causes of children being rushed to the ER is bike accidents? That’s right; up to 300,000 American children end up in the hospital every year to treat injuries sustained while biking.

But does that mean they shouldn’t ride bikes? Absolutely not! And the creators of Guardian Bikes know that safety does not have to be compromised for an optimal biking experience.

Established in 2017, after being popularized on the show SharkTank, Guardian Bikes is a bike company that focuses on producing high-quality, high-safety bikes solely for children.

The brand’s increasing popularity can be attributed mainly to their simplified braking system, which they have dubbed SureStop (more on that below). But what truly sets them apart is how much easier they have made the process of learning how to ride a bike for children.

Where Are Guardian Bikes Made?

Guardian Bikes was established and is currently based in sunny, beautiful California. Although the majority of the parts required to put together Guardian Bikes are imported from China, the bikes themselves are all put together in the United States.

Why Buy a Guardian Bike?

Let’s be real: with their cheapest bikes fitted with a price tag higher than $250, Guardian Bikes are certainly not the most affordable. So why should you invest in them?

Well, apart from the fact that you get a 100-day test period to figure out whether the bike really is suited to your child’s needs and preferences, we can name many other reasons why you should buy a Guardian Bike.

SureStop Braking Technology

“SureStop.” You keep hearing that term, but you don’t know what it means! Simply put, it’s an advanced bike braking mechanism that was patented by the creators of Guardian Bikes.

Originally intended for adult bikes, the SureStop brake system has now been refined and improved to suit every single one of Guardian’s kids’ bikes. And it is bound to dispel all of your braking-related fears for your child.

This revolutionary new brake system makes use of a single-lever mechanism instead of a double-lever one, which works quickly to prevent the most commonly seen bike training accident: being launched out of one’s seat and over the handlebars due to the braking impact.

Not only does this system ensure your child’s safety, but it also allows him or her to brake at least 44% faster than mass-market-produced bikes. And the most impressive thing is that this is achieved with only one squeeze of the handlebar instead of two.

Kids’ bike training was never easier than this.

Intuitive Design for a Safer Ride

Bike training is never easy at first, but the main reason behind this is, of course, a lack of confidence. And it only makes sense; depending on a manually operated vehicle on two wheels to get you from Point A to Point B must seem like an absurd idea to children, we imagine.

But that has changed with Guardian Bikes, who are dedicated to not only creating a safer ride but a surer one. Constructed with 65 unique parts, each Guardian Bike sports a robust and long-enduring yet ultra-lightweight build, be it aluminum (for their Original line) or steel (for their Ethos line).

Furthermore, the bikes are designed with a long wheelbase and low center of gravity. This combines to not only create a safer, surer ride for your child but allow them to ride confidently and embrace their adventurous inclinations—one of the tenets of good biking skills!

Enduring Builds in Two Pricing Brackets

Guardian Bikes knows that their bikes are not the most affordable. However, that’s because the quality of the bike is prioritized rather than cutting costs. And that’s the kind of bike you should aspire to provide for your child.

That being said, it’s worth noting that Guardian Bikes for kids are available in two separate pricing tiers: Ethos, the entry-level line, and Original, the advanced, premium line.

Although bikes in both lines are equipped with the SureStop braking system and the brand’s custom geometry, there are some differences to look out for.

While the Original line features bikes with aluminum construction, Ethos ones have a steel construction. Furthermore, Ethos bikes come with a threaded headset in contrast to the Originals’ threadless ones, and Original bikes do have a higher level of components.

Review of Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos


Top Features:

  • Robust yet lightweight steel construction
  • Integrated SureStop braking technology
  • Vivid and noticeable aesthetic appeal

Designed with Safety in Mind

Ever since their emergence in 2016 on SharkTank, Guardian Bikes have stood out for prioritizing safety. And safety is everything when it comes to children’s bikes. Equipped with SureStop braking technology, this is a bike that you can always depend upon to keep your child safe.

Builds Your Child’s Confidence

Guardian Bikes stand out for their excellent child-specific engineering. The Ethos, like the brand’s other bikes, is outfitted with an extended wheelbase. This, combined with the bike’s naturally low center of gravity, allows for reliable stability that will encourage your child to ride more confidently.

And despite the long-wearing steel construction, the bike is also super lightweight to make it easier for your child to handle.

Equipped with Patented SureStop Technology

Some have billed Guardian Bikes as the “World’s Safest Bike.” How did they get there?

Well, their SureStop braking system certainly had much to do with it. By employing the use of one brake lever instead of two, the Ethos prevents your child from launching out of their seat when they engage the front brake. No more head-first diving accidents!


  • Tried and tested SureStop braking technology ensures your kid’s safety
  • Designed with a low center of gravity specifically to suit the frame of a child
  • Available in 3 different sizes from 16 inches to 24 inches
  • Super easy assembly that takes only 10 minutes
  • Comes in a number of attractive colors, including black/red and blue/pink


  • Some children might have difficulty shifting gears

Where Can You Buy Guardian Bikes?

After reading all that, we definitely understand why you would want to get your little one a Guardian Bike of his or her own. The good news is that you can purchase one directly from their website, or you can opt to place an order from other online marketplaces.

Do be warned, though, that these bikes certainly don’t come cheap. Not sure if you want to spend so much? Thankfully, the company has an installment system in place. And should you choose to do away with the bike entirely, the company has a 30-day return policy. Now, that’s a considerate seller.

Guardian Bike Size Chart

If you’ve made up your mind to buy a Guardian Bike, you’re probably wondering what size bike is best for your little girl or boy.

Because they prioritize children’s safety specifically, Guardian Bikes has designed a system that will allow you to find a perfect-fit bike with custom geometry. They call it the RideSizer, and it’s pretty nifty. Check it out here!

And don’t worry about ending up with an ill-fitting bike; the company allows you a 100-day test period to determine whether you really want to keep the bike. How amazing is that?

We bet you’re curious to see what the RideSizer comes up with for you. All you’ll have to do is enter your child’s inseam, height, birthday, and riding experience, and you’ll be good to go.

Meanwhile, you can consult this chart for a preliminary idea of Guardian Bike sizes:

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Single Speed vs. Fixed Gear

At first glance, fixed-gear bikes seem quite similar to single-speed ones. However, there are a number of differences between them that it’s good to educate yourself on before you buy a new bike.

Firstly, while fixed-gear bikes come with a freewheel, single-speed bikes do not. Meaning, in the case of fixed-gear bikes, the cog turns with the wheel due to the rear hub and rear cog being joined. On a single-speed bike, ceasing pedaling will cause the pedal arms to stop even as the back wheel continues turning.

Now on the matter of brakes. While all single-speed bikes come with brakes, the same is not true for fixed-speed ones, of which only a certain amount comes with brakes. Meaning, if you choose to buy a fixed-speed bike, you must be extremely skilled in braking manually with the help of the cranks.

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Bottom Line

If you’re on the market for a reliable bike for your young ones, we dare say you won’t find a better option than a Guardian Bike.

With its child-specific geometry, intuitive design, and prioritization of safety—not to mention the integration of the renowned SureStop braking system—the high price tag on the Ethos is certainly justified.

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