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Workdays these days seem to get longer and longer, so breaks are a must so that you have the motivation to finish your work properly. However, if you leave your computer unattended for a while, it can go to sleep mode, which can turn your web pages offline, and this can be an issue. Additionally, you don’t want your employer to be notified that you’re on a break.

So that you don’t have to face these problems, Mouse Jigglers exist, which slightly move your cursor. This ensures that your computer doesn’t fall asleep while you’re trying to relax on your break. We have come up with a list of the best undetectable mouse jigglers right here, so you can find what you need to make your work life a tad bit easier.

Best Undetectable Mouse Jiggler

There are many mouse jigglers in the market, but it’s best if you get the ones that are 100% undetectable which can be hard to find. But don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you and have come up with the 10 top undetectable mouse jigglers.

1. Phiginoo Mouse Jiggler

Phiginoo Mouse Jiggler

Phiginoo is not a huge company, so you may have your doubts about this product, but they have done a great job with this mouse jiggler. This mouse mover is extremely light, weighing in at only 10 grams, and is tiny, which is a good thing because it doesn’t look bulky. However, this makes it easier to lose.

As you can already tell, this item is undetectable, so it won’t be detected as some unknown device. Also, you don’t need any additional software on your computer to operate this wiggler, so it’s very convenient. It is compatible with Windows 7+, Mac OS, and even Linux, so you don’t have to fret about compatibility.

With such an affordable price tag, compact design, and efficiency, this mouse jiggler is a great option!

2. Stageek Mouse Jiggler

Stageek Mouse Jiggler

This mouse jiggler by Stageek is compact but not very tiny; it has a footprint similar to that of a deck of cards. With a sleek matte black exterior, this device will blend in perfectly with your setup. All you have to do with this mouse jiggler is just plug it in, and you’re good to go with no software.

Compatibility is not an issue since it works with all operating systems, but it works with only optimal mice. This product is also surprisingly durable and will last you a while which is why it is also slightly pricier. It’s powered by a 5V USB power source and needs to be manually turned off.

3. Liberty Mouse Mover

Liberty Mouse Mover

The liberty mouse mover is one of the first mainstream mouse jigglers in the market. While some of its features are a bit outdated now, it’s still a decent choice. It is a bit bulky, weighing in at about 8 ounces.

You have to rest your mouse on the rotating platform, and the mouse cannot be larger than 4″ and 5/8″, which can be inconvenient for some. Since it isn’t connected to your computer and is undetectable, your IT department won’t be able to track if you’re on a break.

You have to power it with a 120V wall port. Since it doesn’t connect with your USB port, it is compatible with all systems but is suitable for optical wireless mice.

4. Tech8 USA Mouse Mover

Tech8 USA Mouse Mover

With a beautiful exterior, the Tech8 USA mouse mover is one of the best in the market. It almost makes no noise, unlike most mouse jigglers, and does its job of keeping the computer awake flawlessly with random movements of the mouse.

It can be powered by either a 5V wall charger or USB port for extra convenience. No software is needed for this product either, so it remains undetectable from the nosy IT department.

5. Vaydeer Tiny Mouse Jiggler

Vaydeer Tiny Mouse Jiggler

As you can tell from its name, this mouse jiggler is very small, a lot like the one by Phiginoo. Although this is a USB device, it is completely undetectable as it doesn’t need any mouse jiggler software to operate. It has a manual on/off switch regardless of being tiny so that your USB port doesn’t get damaged from the constant plugging in and out.

With the multi-track and memory function, this mouse jiggler will take your cursor to random trajectories, so nothing seems fishy.

6. AUEDROT Mini Mouse Jiggler with 2 Jiggle Modes

AUEDROT Mini Mouse Jiggler with 2 Jiggle Modes

For all of you looking for a tiny mouse jiggler, the AUEDROT mouse jiggler is another product you can look into. This product connects via USB and has 2 modes: random jiggler mode and slight jiggler mode. Both these modes are effective in keeping your computer awake while remaining completely undetectable by IT software.

It is made of premium aluminum alloy for longevity, and even has an on/off/mode switch button. Short press to turn the jiggler on and switch between the modes, and to turn it off, long-press the button. This product also comes in 3 different colors. With mouse jiggler windows 10 or even 7+, Mac OS, Linux compatibility, you can use it with almost any computer,

7. Vaydeer Undetectable Mouse Jiggler

Vaydeer Undetectable Mouse Jiggler

Unlike the previous Vaydeer product on this list, this Vaydeer mouse jiggler is not tiny but still compact. It is drive-free, so it remains undetectable and connects to your computer with a USB cable. With plug-and-play support, using this device is very simple. The random motion provided by this jiggler will keep your computer awake and will let you take a breather when you really need to. There is a manual on/off switch, and you even have a status light.

You’ll be able to use this device for a long time since it is made of premium semi-transparent ABS which also looks aesthetically pleasing.

8. PEIOUS Mouse and Mouse Jiggler 2-in-1

PEIOUS Mouse and Mouse Jiggler 2-in-1

This deal is absolute because, at an affordable price, you get both a mouse and a mouse jiggler. The Mouse has LED lights on it, which have 21different modes making for an interesting appearance. There is a separate on/off button for the jiggler on the mouse, which is very convenient because you have features of 2 devices in 1.

In terms of effectiveness, the jiggler in the mouse does a pretty good job at keeping the computer awake. To make things better, this product is universally compatible. The mouse is also very quiet, so you won’t be bothering anyone with loud clicking noises.

9. HONKID Undetectable Mouse Jiggler

HONKID Undetectable Mouse Jiggler

The HONKID undetectable mouse jiggler is an excellent pick for anyone looking to stay away from employee monitoring software. It will keep you 100% undetectable and will work with any optical mouse and with almost all operating systems.

You will have to rest your mouse on the rotating platform, and then you can chill. There is a vibrant on/off switch on the side, which adds a beautiful pop of color. To use this mouse jiggler you will have to connect it with your computer by a USB A cable, or you can just power it with a wall outlet. It comes wrapped in a beautiful box, so you could buy this as a present for anyone who has a busy work life.

10. AUEDROT Tiny Undetectable Mouse Jiggler

AUEDROT Tiny Undetectable Mouse Jiggler

Even amongst the tiny mouse jigglers in this list, the AUEDROT tiny mouse jiggler is the smallest. It looks just like a mouse receiver, so you might want to find a way to distinguish between the two. It jiggles by 1 to pixels back and forth, so it is almost entirely unnoticeable.

Since it is like a plug-and-play jiggler, it doesn’t require any additional software and will stay undetected by any IT software. The only disadvantage of this jiggler is that it doesn’t have a power switch, so you have to plug it in and then out after your usage. It also comes at a very low price, so if you’re on a tight budget, then this might be a great option. 

Best Undetectable Mouse Jiggler Buying Guide

When buying an undetectable mouse jiggler, you must keep a few factors in mind. Let’s talk about them here.

Design and Durability

The mouse jiggler you buy must be made of high-quality material so that you can work with it for a good period of time. Even if you’re buying a tiny undetectable mouse jiggler make sure that it’s not flimsy, or you’ll have to spend money on a new one in just a few months.

If you like your tech to look pretty, then you should look at the mouse jigglers that have a sleek design and/or unique patterns on them.


As you can tell, there are both slightly bulky and very tiny mouse jigglers that perform well. If you have a very small desk then you should opt for a smaller mouse jiggler, so your space isn’t too crowded. However, if you want, you can also get one with a rotating platform. The size of the mouse jiggler you want ultimately comes down to personal preference.


Before buying a mouse jiggler, one of the most important things to check is to see whether it is compatible with the operating system of your computer. Furthermore, you should also check if you can use your mouse with the mouse jiggler since rotating platforms have mouse size restrictions.

Check If it is Undetectable

There’d be nothing more embarrassing than people from the IT department showing up at your office to tell you they detected an unknown device. To avoid this, make sure that the mouse jiggler you’re considering buying is completely undetectable. Search up the particular model and read reviews on whether it is seen as a regular mouse device or not. If yes, then great and if not, pick a different model.

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Picking a great undetectable mouse jiggler can be difficult, but we hope we were able to make it easier for you with our best undetectable mouse jiggler recommendations. There are many excellent options in this list, so follow our buying guide and keep your budget in mind and we’re certain you’ll find a great pick for yourself!

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