Best Waterproof Tent For Camping | Top 8 Picks

Camping is always an amazing experience, but with friends and family, it is even better. However, camping can be disastrous if you do not take the essentials.

Without a good camping tent, your camping experience will be terrible- there will be lots of bugs, a lot of wind, or a lot of sun, among a multitude of other problems.

To combat all these at once, you will need to get yourself the best waterproof tent for camping so that you have a place to keep your belongings safe and rest properly.

In this article, we’re going to talk about a few of the best tents available in the market. We hope you’ll find yours from here in no time!

Best Pick

The best budget pick is the GEERTOP Backpacking Tent. It’s the perfect tent for all four seasons that comes at a very surprisingly affordable price. It also has the highest hydrostatic rating in this entire list and is a very good tent for moderately wet areas as well. However, the problem with it is that it doesn’t house more than 2 people.

Budget Pick

If you are taking the family or your group of friends out on a camping trip, then the best pick would be the Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent. It has space for 2 queen-sized beds to accommodate big groups of people together.

It also has all kinds of protection against wind, rain, and sun to keep you safe, along with built-in LED lights that no other tent comes with. So, overall, it’s the best waterproof family tent.

Best Waterproof Tent For Camping Reviews

We have tents for couples, families, and friends here and what all of these have in common is – quality. So if you’re looking for a good tent then go through the list, and we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

1. Coleman WeatherMaster 10-Person Outdoor Tent

Top Features

  • Can be set up within 20 minutes
  • Has room for about 10 people inside at once
  • Features a hinged front door that’s easy to use
  • Privacy can be administered by using the room divider inside the tent
  • Comes with the patented WeatherTec system inclusive of welded floors and seams inverted

Very Big Space Inside

This WeatherMaster from Coleman has the space capacity for about 3 queen-sized beds or 10 people at once. This is a great tent that can keep everyone secure together, no matter where you go.

Has Privacy Arrangement Inside

But just because this is a massive waterproof tent house, you don’t have to compromise your privacy. There is a room divider in between that can you make use of when you need to.

Cabin-like Facilities

Also, the door has a  hinged front door that makes entering and exiting the tent very convenient and simple.

It’s almost a cabin-like secure experience inside this tent.

Tenacious Fabric

The fabric used for this is polyester taffeta 75D, with a thickness of 450mm with a polyurethane coat on top. Polyurethane (PU) is only applied to one side of the fabric, and its job is to give the fabric a protective layer of film on top so that no water or heat can damage the natural tenacity of the fabric.

PU also makes the fabric more flexible so that it doesn’t get tears on it while you’re setting it up or carrying it along with you.

Can Endure Weather Ups and Downs

A lot of care has been taken to make this tent as durable and weather-resistant as possible so that it lasts as long as possible. Apart from the PU coating, it also has been designed with the patented WeatherTec system – floors have been welded, and the seams have been inverted so that rainwater doesn’t have any way to get through inside.

Quick Installation

So, as it must be evident to you already, you can have the great pleasure of watching it rain while sitting inside this tent without any troubles or worries.

Setting up this tent doesn’t take any hassle at all. The whole thing can be done in 20 minutes if you follow the instructions on the manual carefully.


  • Has reliable, good quality zippers
  • Entrance and exit is very convenient
  • The fabric has PU coating on top
  • Very quick set up


  • Doesn’t fold into a compact a size

Bottomline: Big tents are better for everybody. If you’re traveling with a bunch of friends, you should opt for a tent that has space for every one of you.

2. Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

Top Features

  • Water-resistant, easy-to-use, and very durable
  • Has a mesh rainfly with a thick tape flap on it
  • Can house about 3 queen-sized air mattresses for 9 people at once
  • Comes with fiberglass poles that allow heat to escape out of the tent
  • Made with 68D polyester fabric that has a hydrostatic Core H20 rating of 600 mm

Space Enough For Big Families

With a height of 72 inches, this tent can hold about 3 queen-sized mattresses for everyone to be comfortable inside.

Weather-Specific Suitability

Made with the super durable 68D polyester that comes with a Core H20 blocking hydrostatic rating of 600 mm, this tent will not be damaged easily. The 600 mm hydrostatic rating makes it a decent tent for wet areas that have little to no rainfall. So, this tent is not recommended for camping in extremely wet conditions but only in moderately dry ones.

Fiberglass Poles Enhance Air Movements

Traditional fiberglass has been used to make the poles. Besides being durable, another attribute of fiberglass is that it allows air to pass through. So these poles will help your tent stay fresh when the air inside the tent gets humid and hot.

Has a Gear Loft

The tent will help you keep your thing organized. There is a gear loft inside where you will find some pockets where you can store your miscellaneous items and a hook where you can put your lantern to hang.

Get Electricity Inside

You will also have access to electrical cords through a port in the tent. When not in use, this port can be closed off so that it doesn’t pose a threat to anyone.

And we have kept the most amazing thing for last – the rainfly. Yep, everyone loves a good rainfly on their tent, and this tent from Core Store has it. Besides the beautiful design, the upper part of the tent accommodates a mesh rainfly that comes with a removable thick tape seal on one side. 

When it’s not raining, keep the tape open and watch the leaves on top with the rainfly open. And when it starts to rain, just put the tape back on to enjoy a surreal moment under the canopy in a rainy hour.

You and your friends will fall in love with this tent once you take it out.


  • E-port makes you able to connect to light and chargers
  • Has durable fabric that resists the moods of the weather
  • Made with fiberglass poles that are very sturdy


  • Bad stitching makes the tent rip apart

Bottomline: This is a beautiful orange colored dome tent that will comfortably house about 9 grown-ups at once without any trouble. However, some versions of this tent come with really bad stitching. So be aware of this when you decide to purchase it.

3. TETON Sports Mountain Ultra Tent Backpacking Dome Tent for Camping

Top Features

  • Has a waterproof rainfly
  • Not recommended for camping in wet zones and climates
  • Comes with a mesh top through which you can watch the night sky
  • Provides 360-degree ventilation so that the inside of the tent always stays fresh

High Affordability

It is a compact tent for sure, but it’s super comfortable as well. The price is also not that high, so you can get this even if you have a low budget.

Good Ventilation System

One of the main things that Teton has focused on with this tent is the ventilation system that it has. This tent supports a 360-degree all-around ventilation system that will let airflow from the inside out and the outside in so that you never feel congested or claustrophobic inside.

Dome-Shaped Mesh Opening On Top

Another great thing about this budget tent is that its dome-shaped top has a mesh on it through which you can watch the sky at night when all the day’s camping activities are over. You can have some very great moments inside this tent, watching the stars with your closest friends from the haven inside.

Quick Set-Up

The tent can be both setups and packed up very quickly because it comes with clear instructions that are quite simple and straight-forward to follow.

However, we would not recommend this tent for camping in wet areas because it’s quite a lightweight tent without a solid waterproof rating on it.

If you are going to walk to a remote and dry campsite, then take this tent with you because it only weighs about 4.7 pounds, which is quite easy to carry on your shoulder for long hours.


  • Very lightweight and easy to carry
  • Pleasant sky-viewing from inside the tent at night
  • Compact and ideal for long mountainous routes


  • Poles are flimsy

Bottomline: Now we have come to a small tent that has room for 4 people only. If you are traveling with a small pack of your closest friends, then we would highly recommend this tent for you.

4. GEERTOP Backpacking Tent for 2 Person 4 Season Camping Tent

Top Features

  • Comes with a hydrostatic rating of 8000 mm
  • Has double mesh windows
  • All-season tent with double-layered walls to protect against heat, wind, and rain
  • Made with high-density waterproof, tear-resistant, and UV-resistant polyester

All-Resisting Fabric

It’s made with 210T polyester, which is a fabric that’s very durable, resistant to small cuts, tears, and harmful UV rays.

If you are going to camp in extremely dry areas where the blaze of the sun will put your camping experience at risk, then this would be the tent to take with you because it’s a 4-season tent that will be able to give you the best sort of protection.

Double Mesh Windows Generate Air Movement

When camping in summer, the double mesh windows will provide a lot of air circulation through the tent to make you comfortable.

Fabric Has Good Hydrostatic Rating

On rainy days, you’ll be saved too since this tent comes with a hydrostatic rating of 8000 mm, which means that it can hold off water leakage for a solid 8 minutes. As such, this one from Geertop is the best tent for heavy rain on this list.

Can Fight Against Harsh Weather

The excellent weather resistance of this tent comes from the double layers on its surface. The first layer will protect against the heat and dryness of the sun while the second layer will fight the strength of wind and rain. The seams of these tents are also double-stitched and inverted to further maximize the protection that it is capable of providing.


  • Compact and Portable
  • Windows let in a good amount of fresh air
  • Can house only about 2 people inside
  • Lightweight – can be carried and set up by one person very easily


  • Zippers might give you trouble

Bottomline: This tent here is a pretty solid one that is perfect for camping. It’s rainproof and very lightweight and will prove to be very convenient for camping in all kinds of weather. However, this is a very small tent – it only has space for 2 people. So if you’re taking your partner or your best friend on a camping trip, then this would be ideal.

5. Coleman Elite WeatherMaster 6 Screened Tent

Top Features

  • Low hydrostatic rating of 1000 mm
  • Not meant for camping in areas target a lot of rain
  • Made with polyester fabric
  • The widescreen room at the front allows a lot of air to pass into the tent

Low-Cost High-Value Fabric

The fabric used for this tent is polyester taffeta 75D, which is a standard fabric that is used for low-cost endurance tents. This fabric has a very low hydrostatic rating of about only 1000 mm, so it’s recommended for areas that get a lot of rainfall. If you are camping in dry areas, then this tent will be a really good fit for the purpose.

Has Lights Inside

This Coleman waterproof tent comes with its illumination built-in. This is not something that tents generally offer. In fact, in this list, this one is the only tent with an LED system inside.

The light has three levels of brightness for different times – low, medium, and high, and these will help you do anything from reading a book, dining inside, and gradually falling asleep.

Mesh Area Promotes Good Air Circulation

To keep 6 people, you can put up about 2 queen-sized beds inside.

The WeatherTec system has a rainfly that will keep the inside of the tent clean and dry. There will be a good flow of air because of the spacious screen room mesh zone outside the housing of the tent.

This tent is an amazing deal for families and close friend groups. Also, it helps that the tent looks amazing with its grey and blue tones on the flaps. You’re going to love camping in a tent very much.


  • Comes with an LED light inside
  • Made with a strong, durable fabric
  • There’s space inside for 6 people at once
  • Has a skylight to help you enjoy the sight of a starry sky


  • Rainfly is not reliable in case of heavy rainfall

Bottomline: This is an average-sized camping tent that will keep 6 of your friends close together in secure and safe housing.

6.Featherstone 2 Person Backpacking Tent Lightweight for 3-Season

Top Features

  • Mesh covers half the front of the tent
  • Fabric is tear-resistant, UV-resistant, lightweight, and breathable
  • Aluminum is used for the poles because it’s lightweight and strong
  • Has a special elevated floor design which allows the tent to be placed in wet ground

Fabric Specification Used

The fabric is very comfortable, as well. The floor of the tent and the rainfly are made with the same ripstop polyester, with the only difference being that the denier is 63 on the floor and 75 on the rainfly.

Keeps You Safe Inside

The overhead canopy is made with Noseeum mesh – this is extremely lightweight, durable and has very tightly weaved irregular patterns all over it that maximize protection against the tiniest of pests.

The mesh covers half the front of the tent, and if you want, you can pull back the polyester fabric and sit with the mesh half protecting you from the pests while you look through it into the beautiful space of your campsite ahead.

No moving critters can walk through the mesh netting of the Noseeum, so you can feel entirely secure inside this tent.


Not only from walking bugs, but you’ll have safety from the weather as well. The seams are taped so that this barrier against the weather is further strengthened – no leaks or rainwater will have an opening to trickle through the seams and dampen up the tent.

Double Door Entrance

For entrance, there are two doors to this tent, and there are two vestibules as well. The poles are made of aluminum, which is a lightweight material but very strong and durable as well.


  • Perfect for couples
  • Poles are secure
  • Easy to carry as it only weighs 4 pounds
  • Mesh covers almost half, so the air inside the tent stays very fresh


  • The total weight of the tent is all on one pole

Bottomline: This is the perfect tent for couples. The colors – white and orange are vibrant and quite adventurous at the same time. If you’re traveling over long distances, this tent would be ideal because it’s compact and very lightweight.

7. Coleman 8-Person Camping Tent with Built-in Closet | Tenaya Lake Cabin Tent

Top Features

  • Has waterproofed floors
  • Comes with a rainfly that can be put up when it starts to rain
  • Features an E-port system for quick electricity inside the tent
  • Has pockets inside and a closet with shelves for storing your items neatly

Welded Floors Keep Water and Dirt Out

The space inside is secured with a WeatherTec system that has been patented by Coleman. The setup comes with welded floors that prevent any dirt, debris, or small insects from getting inside the tent.

Airtight Double-Stitched Seams

Also, the seams have been double-stitched and inverted to make sure that water doesn’t leak in through the tent in any way.

Has an E-Port

There is also a system of an E-port that will give you electricity inside the tent. When you don’t need it, the E-port can be removed and put away for safety.

Fast Set Up

Another great thing about this tent is that it can be properly set up within 9 minutes only. It has a super-fast pitching mechanism that will make your work super easy.

Closet Inside

If you like to stay organized this tent will be very suitable for you. It comes with a pre-installed closet that’s complete with shelves where you can effortlessly keep everything that you need to store.

Rainfly to Protect Against the Rain

There is also a rainfly that will increase the airflow inside the tent and allow you to keep up the ambiance by pulling up the windows when it’s raining.

Convenient and Compact Design

Entering and exiting the tent is convenient because of the hinged doors that are on the sides of the tent.

The tent measures about 13 x 9 feet in total, all of which can be folded up into a nice little package that can be stored and carried around easily in a regular-sized carrying bag.


  • The vibrant color keeps animals away
  • Entering and exit is easy with the hinged door
  • Spacious enough for 8 people and 2 queen-sized beds


  • Will leak if kept under heavy rainfall despite the seamless seals

Bottomline: This tent is to be shared among 8 people. So, it’s the ideal tent for a group of friends or a family. And if you want privacy, you can find a divider inside the tent that you can put up to create a separation inside.

8. NTK Laredo GT 8 to 9 Person 10 by 15 Foot Sport Camping Tent 100% Waterproof 2500mm

Top Features

  • The fabric used is 100% 190T polyester
  • The water-resistance level is good enough for dry areas but not suitable for wet conditions
  • The floor has been made with a seamless polyethylene anti-fungus design that doesn’t let mud or dirt to come through
  • Combination of the rainfly, inner tent, and outer poles hold the tent firmly on the ground


With a capacity for about 9 people to share the space comfortably with 2 queen-sized beds inside, this is quite a roomy tent.

The peak height from the ground to the top center of this tent is 6.2 feet.

Good Air Circulation

There is one big door for entering and leaving the tent, while there are 3 big windows that you can keep open to let air circulate through the tent properly.

Fabric Has Basic Hydrostatic Rating

The tent is made with a double-layered 190T polyester that has been laminated with a polyurethane coating to give it hydrostatic protection of 2500 mm. These are the perfect tents for dry and windy areas, but 2500 mm is not a very high level of water resistance, so we would advise you not to take this tent to camp in areas that have heavy rainfall or snow.

Mesh Windows Keep the Air Fresh

There are large mesh coverings inside, and these will allow light and air to pass through the interior, so it doesn’t feel stuffy inside even when all the windows and doors are closed.

Rods and Poles Can Withstand High Wind

The poles are made with rods made of fiberglass and what holds them in place is an aluminum pin-and-ring system. Aluminum is ideal for this because it’s quite a lightweight but durable material that can keep its shape and hold the tent erect even against the high pressure of wind outside.

Welded Seams

All the seams have been welded with heat, so it doesn’t start to leak in any way.

To ensure that dirt and mud don’t seep inside through the floors, an antifungal version of seamless polyethylene has been used to make the floor in a special bathroom-barrier styled design that will prevent any such leakage.


  • Room for 2 queen-sized beds – for the whole family
  • Reaches to a comfortable height
  • Fabric can resist about 2 minutes of rainfall
  • Mesh coverings keep the inside fresh and airy


  • Fabric attracts a lot of moths

Bottomline: This is the last of the gorgeous tents that we’ve listed for you. It’s a big tent with a lot of room for the family. But we’d suggest you to take an insect repellant along with you when you got out to camp with this.

Buying Guide

You’ll be in trouble if you go into the market and see that the one tent you wanted to buy is not available. In that case, you will have to pick one from the ones that are already available. But as long as you read this guide, you will be able to find the best waterproof tent on the market. So, what are you waiting for? Knowledge awaits you; keep reading.

Style Of Tents

These camping tents are usually found in two different styles, and they are as follows:

Cabin Style

These are good for families and big groups of people because they have a good amount of peak height that enables people to stand upright without slouching. They are more spacious as well.

These also come with dividers that allow people to have a bit of privacy if it is required.

Dome Style

These also have good peak height in the center, and they are quite strong as well. However, their walls have more of a steep-angled slope, which reduces the amount of space inside the tent. So these are good for a small number of people, and not for big groups.


This depends on the number of people that you expect to camp with. If you’re camping with close friends or family, then get a big tent that can accommodate everyone together – this will only keep up the tent spirits and make your camping trip better.

However, if you are taking your partner alone, then get a small dome-shaped tent.

As a general rule, your tent should have enough elbow space for the biggest person among you.

Seasonal Suitability

There are different types of camping tents available for different seasons and environments. But there are two main distinctions among them, and they are as follows:

3 Seasons

These tents are mainly made for camping trips that are planned between summer, spring, and fall. They are lightweight, easy to carry, and they have quite a number of mesh openings that allow good airflow through them.

Mesh panels allow the air inside the tent to be free and fresh while also stopping pests and bugs from getting inside.

They usually also have rainflys that can endure light to moderate rainfall, but they won’t be ideal for times during which violent storms and winds can soar up.

4 Seasons

These are specially made to be robust enough to combat very strong winds and even snowfalls – thus, they can be taken to all kinds of places during any time of the year.

The materials for their construction are particularly chosen to withstand huge pressure and drastic temperature changes. These will have enough strength to keep their form and shape firmly on the ground no matter what the circumstances are.

4-season tents also have mesh openings and rainflys, but they are much fewer in number than those found in 3-season tents. As a result of this, it might feel a bit more stuffy inside these 4-season tents, but that’s a compromise you’ll have to make with these. Their main job is to keep you safe through a violent downpour or snowstorm.


The more mesh panels there are, the more ventilation will there be inside your tent. Also, the presence of a vestibule will allow more air to flow inside the tent and keep the air fresh inside.


Without a rainfly, your tent will get wet as soon as a little drizzle starts coming on.

Rooftop Rainflys

Rainflys are usually found on the roof of the tent, where they sit and provide an extra layer of waterproofed cover against the rain.

Complete Coverage Rainflys

However, rain doesn’t only enter from the top, but it also comes in through the sides. For that reason, some tents have rainflys on the sides as well, so that they can prevent rainwater coming in from every possible angle.

Internal Storage

Some tents come with mesh pockets on the inside of the tent. These are very useful because these pockets will give you a convenient storage space where you can keep all your accessories and other essentials that you need to quickly get a hold of.


This might seem obvious for a tent, but it’s not. One door is not enough for a big group of people because that will cause traffic inside and commotion outside. If you’re buying a big cabin-style tent to camp with your family and friends, then choose tents that come with multiple doors. Otherwise, people will have to walk over each other for a bathroom run in the middle of the night. 


Take time to observe what kind of zippers have been installed on the zippers. If a tent has zippers of poor quality, then don’t even consider buying that tent – zippers are of the utmost importance in the case of tents. Zippers on the rainfly, the door, the windows – none of these zippers can be compromised with.


Get the best waterproof tent for camping once and for all so that you never have to stress while out in the wild.

Make sure that you get a tent that gives you proper shade from the harmful effects of the UV rays of the sun, protection from water when it rains, and enough resistance to fight the wind.

We hope no matter where you camp, you will always have the time of your life.

Good luck!

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