Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill Review

A propane grill can be invaluable in a car camping trip.

However, getting just any grill on the market isn’t enough. In fact, if you end up getting the wrong grill, it’ll only lead to more problems than solutions.

The Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill can be a good solution for you as it offers large cooking area, quality removable grates, and reliability. Today, we’ll discuss how this grill will enhance your BBQ experience.

Why Should You Buy Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill

If you’re planning on buying a grill that you’ll be able to carry anywhere, you should definitely give this one a shot.

Despite being a feature-rich grill, it’s extremely lightweight and is very easy to carry.

It’s packed with features like multiple temperature zones, a matchless ignition system, propane tank compatibility, adjustable burners, and much more.

Overall, this is the best portable and full-sized BBQ grill you can get at this price range.

Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill

Key Features

In this section, you’ll find in-depth information on the various features of this grill. So, let’s dive into it!

Swappable Grates

A lot of grills come with fixed grates, and trust me; you don’t want them. Only expert BBQ enthusiasts know how much grates can affect the final product. It’s also known that you won’t get the best results using the same grates for cooking different items.

The 285 from Coleman allows you to switch the grates. So, as long as you have grates that can fit this grill, you’ll be able to bring a different texture to your food by using different grates.

Adjustable Burners

As there are three cooking zones on the RoadTrip 285 from Coleman, there are three burners as well. These burners can be adjusted as per necessity for having different results on each cooking zone.

Drip Tray

Drip trays are one of the essential components of a BBQ grill. With these, you can add different vapours into the mix, which in turn can provide different flavors, aromas, or textures to the food.

Unfortunately, a lot of grills don’t come with drip trays. Fortunately, you can expect a quality drip tray from the Coleman 285. The design and accessibility of the drip tray are top-notch as well. You can remove or insert it into the grill without spilling any water.


One of the primary aspects that distinguishes a good grill from a bad one is the time it requires for installation. You don’t want a grill that’ll take half of your allotted time for installation.

For a quality BBQ experience, it’s recommended that you go for a grill that’s easy to install. Thankfully, the Coleman RoadTrip 285 takes only a few minutes for setup. It’s a lightweight grill, so it won’t take more than one person for installation.


Another major factor is the portability of the grill. If a grill isn’t portable, you’ll have a very tough time allotting space for it on your vehicle.

In this case, the 285 doesn’t disappoint. It’s equipped with retractable legs that can be folded to save some space. The grill comes with wheels on one side and stands on the other. This will help you drag the grill for location adjustments, as you won’t have to bear the entire weight of the grill.

Temperature Zones

Let’s get into a bit more technical aspect now. Most modern and advanced grills come with multiple temperature zones. These essentially allow you to operate the grill at different temperatures in different areas.

Most modern grills come with two temperature zones, but the 285 offers three instead. This will allow you to cook a variety of items on the same grill at the same time, which in turn will save your time.

Modern Ignition System

Unlike standard grills, you won’t require a sparker for igniting this grill. It comes with an integrated sparker into its ignition system. So, it’s very easy and hassle-free to operate as well.

Extra Side Table

The Coleman 285 also provides an extra side table so that you can keep the necessary food items and accessories right by you all the time. With this side table, you won’t have to carry an extra table, which will reduce the overall load by a great deal.

Pros and Cons

There are a lot of things that the Coleman 285 Roadtrip got right. Still, there are some sectors where it requires some improvements. In this section, we’ll go over the pros and cons.


  • Is very easy to carry as it’s got retractable legs and wheels on one side
  • The three temperature zones can be controlled manually for cooking multiple items at once
  • Swappable cooktops allow the user to bring variety in food
  • Cooking is very comfortable as the grilling area is quite spacious
  • The push-button ignition facilitates matchless lighting


  • The 20,000 BTU output is quite underwhelming considering it’s a full-size grill
  • Other premium grills in this price range offer sturdier build quality

FAQs About Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill

How many burners does the coleman roadtrip 285 portable stand-up propane grill have?

The RoadTrip 285 has three burners that can be controlled individually.

What is the difference between the coleman roadtrip grills?

Each Coleman RoadTrip grill model offers a different set of features. While some are full-sized and offer three temperature zones, others offer only two or even one.

Furthermore, the presence of some convenience features such as a matchless ignition system, drip tray, swappable cooktops, etc., may vary from product to product.

Is Coleman BBQ good quality?

Coleman BBQ grills are boasted as one of the best quality products that you can get from the market. If you’re looking for products that will last, Coleman should be your pick.

How do you hook up a propane tank to a Coleman roadtrip grill?

Once you have the propane tank and a regulator in your hands, the first thing you need to do is attach the regulator on top of the tank and tighten it. After it’s tightened, look for the lever on the back of the grill.

You need to put the tank horizontally into the lever so that it rests properly. Now, attach the other end of the regulator into the slot on the back of the grill. Secure it tightly, and you’re done!

Why do Coleman grills need water?

Most Coleman grills come with drip trays. Although it’s not a must for you to add water to these trays, doing so will help distribute the heat better across the system inside the grill. This will prevent the burn marks on the food prepared.

How hot does a Coleman roadtrip grill get?

It depends completely on the model of the grill you’re getting. The 285 RoadTrip can provide up to 20,000 BTU of heat.

What is the chain for on the Coleman roadtrip grill?

The Coleman 285 grill is equipped with a matchless ignition system. However, there’s always a chance of finding the system broken. In such cases, the chain will come in handy.

This chain is called a matchstick holder, and it can be used to light the grill manually.


The Coleman RoadTrip 285 portable stand-up propane grill is one of the best full-sized grills that you can get on the market. If a large cooking surface, multiple temperature zones, and a portable grill sound good to you, you should definitely go for this one.

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