How To Keep Copper Sink From Turning Green?

Your copper sink may tarnish over time, either in places or over the entire surface. Depending upon how you care for and what it comes into contact with it, tarnishing may occur quickly or slowly. This green color or patina shows the wear and age of the sink.

But no worry!

It’s normal and desirable.

However, if your sink got the green spots in places or the patina layer becomes too dark, you can remove it. Also, you can prevent your copper made sink from turning green and bring its brightness back.

Read this article to learn how to keep copper sink from turning green.

The Nature of Copper

I love the warm glow of copper made sink. Hope, you too!

A copper sink is a gorgeous focal point to any kitchen (bathroom as well). It exhibits extreme levels of resilience, longevity and durability. But it’s a common anxiety of many people “If my copper kitchen or bathroom sink turns green!”

Copper is a different material and has some very unique qualities. Its finish may change with time. It tarnishes and turns green naturally. This layer is called patina that gives copper an excellent capacity to protect itself from the elements that would otherwise be damaged by weathering or corrosion. That’s the part of the allure of copper.

Why does copper kitchen sink turn green?

Depending upon environmental conditions, the copper finish may change. At natural weathering patina may take many years to develop. Copper instruments in a salty environment or coastal area develop patina faster than any dry areas.

But what are the cases of a copper kitchen sink or bathroom sink?

Copper kitchen sinks change color or turn green due to the oxidation or other chemical processes.

The food particles, air, heat, cold, soap, hard water and the oil from your fingers, your copper sink may turn into green.

In a kitchen sink the trace minerals may leave behind by water in the bowl. Copper reacts with the oxygen of the air; and the copper surface naturally combines with these elements to create a patina. This layer gradually becomes darker.

Certain chemicals or acidic food will strip it off. The unwelcoming green spots may go from extreme to subtle, from light to dark, but it’ll always be changing.

In short, over time the continuous contact of copper surface with trace minerals left by water cause copper to turn green.


Copper is not infected by lead or other impurities that may discolor it in an undesirable way.

4 Ways to Keep Copper Sink from Turning Green

If you want to preserve the polished look of your copper sink, routine maintenance will help you to keep it in the best condition.

1. Daily cleaning

No matter you have a polished, raw, hammered or vintage copper sink- all require the same primary and routine cleaning process. Use mild dish soap and warm water for regular cleaning.

  • ​Wipe out any food particle or water droplets that are left after use
  • ​Run water (of course warm water) from the faucet
  • ​Take one or two drops of the dish soap onto the wet sponge
  • ​Wipe all the sides from top to bottom of your sink with the soapy sponge. Use a non-abrasive, soft sponge or cloth dipped in the soapy water. Avoid harsh scrubbers or steel wool.
  • ​To remove the soap suds, thoroughly rinse the sink by using warm water with a sprayer
  • ​Dry the sink with a dry, clean towel
  • Highly alkaline or acidic contact develops patinas. So, always rinse and wipe your sink thoroughly after each use. It’ll prevent mineral deposits and green spotting.
  • Use pH-neutral cleansers and soap around your copper kitchen or bathroom sink.
  • Avoid using lime, ammonia-based cleaners, bleach, or rust remover in or around the sink.
  • Don’t use an abrasive powdered cleaner like Comet.

​To remove copper sink stains or stubborn marks, apply some baking soda on a soft cloth, Run warm water into the sink, and then gently scrub the stained area.

​If you don’t want to preserve the natural patina of your copper polished sink, make a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Then, apply the mixture on the affected area and scrub with a soft cloth.

2. Slow Down The Process Of Patina Developing

If you want to preserve the finish of your copper kitchen sink, you can slow down the patina process.

The theory is – to lock the current color of your sink, put something between the sink and the things that accelerate the oxidation and prevent the patina from developing.

  • ​First, clean and dry the sink.
  • ​Following the instruction of the product you want, spray or apply copper protectant or wax onto the sink surface with a cloth and rub it in a circular motion. You can also use traditional furniture wax or beeswax.
  • ​Buff the entire sink surface with a microfiber towel.

*Use copper protectant or wax every six weeks.

​3. Apply a Coat of Clear Lacquer to the Surface of the Sink to Freeze the Patina

If you want to lock the current finish of your copper sink permanently, apply a coat of clear lacquer to the surface of the sink. The clear coating will preserve the finish of the copper beneath it.

You can’t remove the lacquer coating once you apply it. However, harsh cleansers may break the coating down unevenly. So, you have to use non-abrasive, pH-neutral cleaners.

4. Use Copper Polishing Creams

To maintain its shine, use copper polishing creams if you want your sink doesn’t develop a patina.

To remove any developing patina and maintain the bright finish of your copper kitchen or bathroom sink, buff the sink surface with a copper polishing cream. Then, lacquer or wax the sink.

The acidic base of copper polishing cream removes patina.

*Use copper polishing agent or cream once or twice a year.


These are the best and effective ways to prevent the copper from tarnishing and maintain its shine.

Follow the ways discussed above, hope it’ll no more turn green, and you’ll enjoy the shiny finish of your copper kitchen or bathroom sink.


When looking to buy a copper sink, make sure you have chosen the high-quality product.

Try to buy the best copper sink of a reputable brand.

Thanks for reading our article on how to keep copper sink from turning green.

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