10 Best Air Conditioner Heater Combo For Your Ultimate Comfort

Air conditioners are key components of our day-to-day life. Specially in winter, a heater is a must. The nights of winter become hard to pass without a heater. Isn’t it?

That said, you need to buy both a heater and an air conditioner.

But, what if you could buy them together as a combo pack? How interesting would that be?

You heard it right. In this post, I am about to spill the bean 10 best air conditioner heater combos on the market.

Let’s get to know them.

10 Best Air Conditioner Heater Combo

I jotted down a handful of air conditioner-heater combos that you can get without much worrying about the nitty-gritty.

So, let’s face it.

1. Whynter Elite ARC-122DHP Portable Air Conditioner and Heater

Whynter Elite ARC-122DHP Portable Air Conditioner and Heater

The best part of this heater and air conditioner combo is its compact size which is achieved by the dual-hose system that facilitates better space utilization. Also, this dual hose system also boosts cooling efficiency.

This heater and air conditioner combo are Ideal for home, office, server room, and other space-constrained areas. It has a 12,000 BTU cooling capacity with four operational modes including air conditioner, fan, heat, or dehumidifier.

Depending on ambient temperature and humidity, this unit can cool a space up to 400 square feet.

The combo pack is also remote-controlled and has an in-built carbon air filter, a washable pre-filter. This allows it to become a fully eco-friendly air conditioner.

2. Whynter ARC-14SH Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter ARC-14SH Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter’s portable air conditioner comes with dual hoses which can cool up to 500 sq. Feet space.

Also, this is a portable air conditioner! You know the advantages of it, right?

The gives an extraordinary cooling. It has 14,000 BTU (ASHRAE) / 9,000 BTU (SACC) cooling capacity!

The airflow efficiency is decent also. The airflow rate Whynter is 253 CFP minutes per watt.

With these four operational modes, you can turn to the air conditioner, heater, fan, or dehumidifier. And then comes the air quality. Thanks to its washable Pre-Filter & Activated Carbon filter, it enhances air quality.

But, when it comes to installation-it’s a hassle right? But, don’t worry whynter got your back. Its easy installation and intelligent auto-restart feature makes it hassle-free to operate.

3. Pioneer Diamante Series Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner

Pioneer Diamante Series Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner

You can remotely manage your Pioneer Diamante Series air conditioner from anywhere. It features a smart remote control, an intuitive user interface, and a powerful AC inverter, all at an affordable price.

Using a heat pump, this ductless, mini-split system cools and heats your home. As opposed to a conventional air conditioner, Diamante requires no ductwork and is therefore far more energy-efficient.

There’s a built-in compressor inverter that powers TVs, computers, lamps, and other electronics with the Diamante. Electronics can be left on even when you’re not around, so it’s great for people who use them while sleeping.

4. SereneLife SLACHT108 Portable Air Conditioner

SereneLife SLACHT108 Portable Air Conditioner

This is a great portable air conditioner that will provide you with both heating and cooling for your home.

It has a powerful fan, which will blow warm or cold air to any area of your home. This unit also has a built-in remote control that allows you to easily adjust the temperature from anywhere in your home.

The SereneLife SLACHT108 Portable Air Conditioner features a built-in self-timer that allows you to set the time for it to turn off when it’s not being used.

5. BLACK+DECKER 7,700 BTU DOE (14,000 BTU ASHRAE) Portable Air Conditioner

BLACK+DECKER 7,700 BTU DOE Portable Air Conditioner

This portable air conditioner from Black + Decker features DOE-E technology. Its powerful 14,000 BTU output makes it an ideal outdoor heater. This means you can keep your guests cool during long events without having to worry about using a lot of electricity.

You can see the current temperature and fan speed on its LED display.

This AC-heater combo is a great choice if you’re looking for a portable AC with high efficiency. It’s easy to set up, powerful enough to keep your guests cool during long outdoor events, and has a great remote control that’s simple to use.

6. Emerson Quiet Kool EATE14RD2T Heat and Cool Combo Air Conditioner

Emerson Quiet Kool EATE14RD2T Heat and Cool Combo Air Conditioner

Enerson noise kool’s 39-43dB noise level makes it ideal for both the living room and bedroom. This literally is a quiet AC–heater combo as it promised!

Compact in size, this unit is ideal for small spaces. With a 2.5-inch width and height, it’s smaller than most laptops.

Also, it is energy efficient, with a BTU rating of 14K. That means that it’ll cool down your house by 14K BTUs in a single day.

7. BLACK+DECKER 5,950 BTU DOE Portable Air Conditioner

BLACK+DECKER 5,950 BTU DOE Portable Air Conditioner

This portable air conditioner and heater is a great budget-friendly option for small spaces that can’t support traditional window-mounted AC units.

The unit has a capacity of 5,950 BTU DOE (12,000 BTU ASHRAE) and a 12-year warranty, and it will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the year.

The unit comes equipped with remote control, LED display, and an easy-to-clean filter.

Other features include an adjustable fan speed, a heat setting, and a dehumidifier.

8. De’Longhi 12500 BTU Smart Portable Air Conditioner

De'Longhi 12500 BTU Smart Portable Air Conditioner

It’s not as powerful as the other units on this list, but it does have the features that make it a great choice for many people.

This De’Longhi portable air conditioner is extremely easy to install, as it has built-in straps for securing it to a ceiling.

In addition, it is small and lightweight, which makes it perfect for carrying around, and it’s easy to move from room to room.

The air conditioning combo also comes with a remote control, so you can operate the unit with your smartphone or tablet, and you can use it with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

9. Ukoke USPC01W Smart WiFi Portable Air Conditioner

Ukoke USPC01W Smart WiFi Portable Air Conditioner

The Ukoke USPC01W Smart WiFi Portable Air Conditioner is the perfect solution for a comfortable, cool home or office.

It features an energy-efficient design and uses up to 400 square feet of cooling area.

As well as a remote control, it comes with a mobile app that lets you cool or heat your space at the touch of a button.

With 4 in 1 capability, you can use it for cooling, heating, dehumidifying, and fanning as needed. The USPC01W also includes an ultra-quiet fan that helps reduce noise.

10. Keystone KSTAT14-2HC Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner

Keystone KSTAT14-2HC Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner

It’s the first choice of most people who are looking for an affordable AC.

This model offers a 10,600 BTU heating capacity, so you can keep rooms up to 700 square feet comfortable in temperatures as low as 45°F.

This is especially helpful for those with older homes that need some extra heat for their air conditioning. It also comes with a built-in dehumidifier, which makes this a great choice for humid environments.

Buying guide: All You Need To Know Before Purchase

You’re a rational being right? So, why should you believe some random person on the internet is recommending a list of products and you’re going to buy that? No, you shouldn’t, because you won’t believe it in the first place.

I don’t want that, because I put a lot of time into researching the different features and use cases of the product.

And, I’m more than happy to share with you those so that you can take a data-backed decision yourself.

No further talk.

Jump right into the factors you must have to assess if you want to get a killer deal on an air conditioner and heater combo.


Of the top features, a range of those few. Let it be heater or air-conditioner, the effective range of both heating and cooling matters.

And, the reason is obvious: the size of the room or office varies. So, before purchasing you always should match the optimum range and space with your needs.

Cooling and heating capacity

Before purchasing, make sure you thoroughly check out the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.

Find out the features upon which the cooling capacity of an air conditioner depends.

And, the same rules apply for heaters as well. The capacity for healing at a certain range is important. So, opt for the one which would be your all-size fits solution.


Are you looking for a portable air conditioner? Then the must feature to look out for is its size.

In this case, you should get an air conditioner that is small in size since bigger air conditioners require more space.


You know we need to change our rented house from time to time, right?

And, the portability features is a lifesaver here.

So, if you’re uncertain about how long you can settle in the current house and planning to change soon, this is a must feature.

Noise level

Would you like to hear constant rattling?

No one likes that. And, that’s why you should choose an air conditioner and heater combo that produces minimum noise.


What if your air conditioner turns bad on a schorchy sunny day or your heater goes wrong on a piercing cold day?

It is needless to describe the scenario, right?

But sometimes you face troubles with your air conditioner just because of some little problems which can be troubleshooted by you.

Therefore before settling for a product keep the convenience feature in mind.

Final Verdict

Before wrapping up this post, I’d say if you want to figure out the best air conditioner heater for you, you must dig dive based on the feature.

But as the fact it takes a lot of your valuable time, you look for product reviews. And, the sole purpose of this post is to save your time.

I really spent tons of hours researching these products and some even used myself. So, you can trust the list.

In the end, if you ask for one best air conditioner on the list I’d suggest getting this one.

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