Top 8 Best BMX Bikes for Kids in 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Few things go together like a child and a bicycle. Not only do kids love movement and freedom, but they can reap the mental health benefits of biking more readily than can adults.

Out of all of the bikes that are suitable for children, though, none stands out as well as the BMX bike. Lightweight and designed to be easily maneuverable to support doing tricks and dirt-riding, the best BMX bikes for kids will give your child a world of fun opportunities and experiences.

Whether it’s at a skatepark, on a trail, or even just for getting to and from school, a BMX bike will be your child’s favorite new companion. Here are the best ones, reviewed just for you!

Best Pick

Suitable for both girls and boys, this offering from RoyalBaby easily stands out amongst all other kids’ bikes we have looked into. Designed for ultimate safety and stability, the bike’s training wheels combine with a dual braking system and sealed bearings for ultimate comfort. Plus, it looks amazing too!

Budget Pick

Equipped with airless tires, a sturdy yet lightweight fiberglass frame, and an adjustable height, this bright, beautiful bike from Chillafish is available at a price that won’t leave you feeling robbed. Suitable for both girls and boys, this bike is meant for use by children of up to 5 years of age.

The 8 Best BMX Bikes for Kids Reviews

Keeping in mind stability, durability, and, most importantly, adjustability, we have rounded up the 8 following BMX-style bikes for your little one. Let’s jump right in!

1. Schwinn Koen Boys Bike

Top Features

  • Ideal for children 48-60 inches tall
  • Equipped with Schwinn’s SmartStart technology
  • Includes a front caliper brake and rear coaster brake
  • Comes in 5 different wheel sizes from 12 to 20 inches

Schwinn SmartStart Technology

Because of the way their bodies are structured, children have unique needs when it comes to learning how to ride a bike. With that in mind, Schwinn has introduced their SmsrtStart line, which reimagines bike geometry in terms of children’s body types. A smaller grip diameter, lighter frame, and narrow pedal positioning all work together to facilitate an easy-riding learning process for your little boy.

Grows with Your Child

As a growing boy, your child’s needs for bike riding are always changing. Schwinn has taken that into account as well, equipping the Koen with an angled seat that corresponds with the distance to the bike’s handlebars. This means your child can use this bike for a longer time, making the Koen a smart investment.

Smooth and Efficient Braking

Equipped with both a front caliper brake and a rear coaster brake, this bike will allow the rider to stop the bike in two ways: either by hand-braking or by reversing the pedal. This enhances the learning process and prepares your child for when he eventually moves onto an adult bike!


  • Dual brake system allows for smooth and convenient braking
  • Adjustable components such as seat post and saddle allow for easy tool-free adjustments
  • Specially designed to fit younger riders with growing bodies
  • Available in attractive black, red, and blue color options


  • Some users report assembly to be a little difficult

Bottomline: If you’re looking for a BMX bike for a boy completely inexperienced in regards to bike riding, then the Koen stands out as one of your best options. It’s built-in in such a way that will not only fit your child with ease, but its myriad adjustability options and intuitive design mean he can use it for much longer.

2. RoyalBaby Kids Bike Boys Girls Freestyle Bicycle

Top Features

  • Uniquely designed for safety and performance
  • Sealed bearing and brake lever for smooth braking
  • Adjustable angle and height for growing children
  • Suitable for both girls and boys

Perfect for Beginners

With its system of training wheels, this bike is the ideal choice for parents looking for their child’s first bike. Its dual braking system, combined with safe, small grips, the safety of your little girl or boy is never going to be in question with this offering from RoyalBaby.

Designed for Comfortable Riding

Beyond the dual braking system, RoyalBaby has also equipped this thing with an exclusive brake lever that allows for even smoother braking. Furthermore, the bike’s wide 2.4″ pneumatic tires enhance its stability, and the sturdy steel frame promises to keep your child safe and steady. Plus, the height and angle are both adjustable, meaning this bike will grow with your child!

Colorful and Fun Design

Available in a number of attractive color options, including fuchsia, blue and green, this is a bike that your little one will love to show off! The included DIY decals add a touch of modernity, while the bike bell makes for a fun riding experience.


  • The efficient dual braking system with pneumatic tires for safe riding
  • Comes in numerous wheel size specifications from 12 to 20 inches
  • Included bell and decal enhance the bike’s design
  • Ergonomically designed quick-release seat suits your growing child’s body type
  • Sealed bearings effortlessly enhance driving efficiency
  • Comes 95% assembled and takes only 30 minutes to put together


  • Durability seems to be a concern amongst some users

Bottomline: Designed with toddlers in mind, this is perfect as a starter bike for your little one, be it a girl or a boy. The anti-slip pedals, dual braking system, and adjustable angles all work together to promote your child’s safety and comfort. Plus, it’s absolutely beautiful!

3. Dynacraft Magna Major Damage Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike

Top Features

  • Equipped with 16-inch wheels
  • Suitable for boys up to 8 years
  • Removable adjustable training wheels

Perfect for First-Time Bikers

This boys’ dirt bike from Dynacraft is one of our absolute favorites in terms of starter bikes. Designed for boys of up to 8 years old (and not more than 81 pounds in weight), this bike comes with adjustable training wheels that are easily removable.

Designed for Smooth and Easy Riding

Equipped with a coaster brake, this bike will allow your little rider to brake efficiently and smoothly every time. The 16-inch steel-rim wheels work together with the training wheels to provide ultimate stability. And, the padded saddle ensures he will be comfortably seated throughout.

Bright Yellow Color and Flashy Design

This dirt bike will be the new talk of the town when your little boy takes it out. With an eye-catching yellow frame and stylish silver rims, this dirt bike is perfect for first-time riders who are eager to start their biking career with a bang!


  • Handlebar pad, saddle, and grips are all matching for an eye-catching effect
  • Adjustable training wheels allow your boy to learn riding easily
  • Coaster brakes allow for smooth and easy stopping
  • Bright and colorful yellow paint finish


  • Assembly is complicated and prone to flaws

Bottomline: Although a lot depends on proper assembly, this bike is still one of our top picks for little boys. Its straightforward design is enhanced by a smooth, efficient coaster braking system that works well in tandem with the adjustable training wheels.

4. Chillafish BMXie-RS: BMX Balance Bike

Top Features

  • Equipped with innovative airless RubberSkin tires
  • Lightweight yet sturdy frame reinforced with fiberglass
  • Intuitive design grows with your child

Made for the Growing Child

The BMX-inspired design of this bike is one of the most impressive ones we’ve found for toddlers. Not only does it allow for a smooth and cool ride that your little girl or boy will absolutely love, but its adjustability also means it can be used for years. Note that this bike is not suitable for children above 5 years of age.

Super Cool Design

Despite being a young brand, Chillafish has proven their aptitude for design, and that remains consistent with the BMXie: they’ve integrated some oversized tubing in this bike, which together with the bright neon colors make this one of the most beautiful bikes you’ll find.

Lightweight Yet Sturdy Frame

The frame of a bike is the centerpoint of its efficiency. Despite being ultra-lightweight, the BMXie has an impressively sturdy frame, which has been reinforced with fiberglass for dependable strength.


  • Effortless height adjustments thanks to a seat that twists and locks
  • Removable footrest and number plate enhance customizability
  • RubberSkin tires with rubber outer layer for enhanced grip and resistance to bursting
  • Super lightweight yet stable frame fortified with fiberglass


  • Not suitable for rough riding; might get easily damaged

Bottomline: Cool, smooth and sweet, this tubing-integrated bike from Chillafish will be your child’s new favorite toy. With super-easy height adjustments and a lightweight frame, this bike offers a smooth ride enhanced by unique airless RubberSkin tires. Don’t expect any rough riding with this thing, though!

5. Mongoose Switch BMX Bike for Kids

Top Features

  • Sturdy steel frame with the stand-over design
  • Fortified with enhanced functionality
  • Suited for riders between the ages of 5 and 7

Professional Design for Beginners

The Freestyle BMX Bike from Mongoose is perfect for beginners who are still getting used to riding without training wheels, but its professional design is what makes it stand out. Complete with black grips and metal spoked wheels, this bike comes with a four-piece handlebar and four-bolt stem for a stronger, more stable ride.

Perfect for Rough Riding

Similar to the super popular Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike, this one also comes with a stand-over frame that allows the rider to hop easily off and on. Moreover, the included chain guard is built extra tough, which keeps your boy safe from potentially cutting or scraping himself.

Easy and Efficient Braking

Something we really love about this bike is how easy it makes it for a first-time rider to get used to adult bikes. It’s been equipped with both rear and front handbrake, and also a coaster brake. This gives the rider the control they need while braking.


  • The dual braking system with front and rear handbrakes and a coaster brake
  • Perfect for riders transitioning from starter bikes to adult ones
  • Four-piece handlebar and four-bolt stem enhance the bike’s strength
  • Included training wheels allow for easy learning


  • Some of the parts are weakly made

Bottomline: If you have a young one who’s getting too big for his starter bike with training wheels but is too young for a proper adult bike, then the Switch is the perfect in-between choice. Its professional design and strongly built parts, together with a sturdy steel frame, make it one very impressive starter BMX bike.

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6. Razor Nebula BMX/Freestyle Bike

Top Features

  • Steel frame with tig welding
  • Comes with 20-inch wheels for taller riders
  • Front and rear handbrake system

Built for the Aspiring BMXer

Is your young son or daughter expressing an early interest in BMX riding? Well, the Razor Nebula is one of the best trick bikes for kids that we have come across. On top of sturdy construction and a smooth-flowing design, this bike comes with a freestyle rotor that your kid can use to do super cool tricks! If you were looking for the best BMX bikes for street riding, we dare say you’ve come across one of the right fits.

Sturdy and Hard-Wearing Construction

The steel frame of this bike is one of the sturdiest that we have come across during our research. This is due mainly to the tig style welding, which enhances the strength of not only the frame but also the fork of the bike. What’s more, the seat clamp has been constructed from an alloy material that makes it super strong.

Affordable Yet High-Performing

One of the best things about this bike is undoubtedly its attractive price point: despite its professional design and high-performance construction, this bike will definitely appeal to those of you on a budget!


  • The dual braking system with both rear and front handbrakes
  • Robust and durable alloy seat clamp construction
  • Tough and stable tig-welded steel frame and fork
  • Included freestyle rotor for cool and fun tricks


  • Assembly might be somewhat difficult

Bottomline: If doing tricks and some rough riding is what your kid is expressing interest in, then the Razor Nebula seems like a good place to start. It’s strongly built, and we’re certainly impressed by its freestyle rotor. However, its affordability does come at the price of slightly lower functionality and durability.

7. Tony Hawk 20″ Jargon Freestyle BMX Bike

Top Features

  • Designed for freestyle riding and tricks
  • Comes with rear and front caliper brakes
  • Fitted with 20-inch wheels

Sturdy and Strong Design

A sturdy frame is the hallmark of a good bike, and on that front, this offering from Dynacraft definitely does not disappoint. Constructed from steel, this bike holds its own for any number of tricks and gimmicks the rider wants to pull off.

The Perfect Companion for Tricks

If your son or daughter has expressed interest in doing BMX tricks, this is a bike that will suit his/her needs perfectly. Featuring a freestyle rotor, this bike’s handlebar can be rotated 360 degrees for some super awesome tricks. What’s more, the rear and front caliper brakes allow for a smooth stopping motion.

A Delight for the Tony Hawk Fan

Tony Hawk is a name recognized easily by all lovers of skateboarding and BMXing. This beautiful bike, simplistic in its design, sports attractive Tony Hawk graphics and branded paint finish that will surely distinguish it from the bikes around your little girl or boy.


  • Furnished with beautiful custom Tony Hawk graphics
  • Rear and front caliper brakes allow for smooth stopping motion
  • Fitted with a freestyle rotor to allow for super-smooth tricks
  • Simplistic yet distinctive aesthetic appeal


  • Parts of the bike are inadequately constructed

Bottomline: Tony Hawk is a name that has long been associated with excellence in the world of BMXing and skateboarding. With its freestyle rotor, this bike will have your child showing off their tricks left and right. Although some users report missing or defective parts, it seems that the problem is with the reseller rather than the manufacturer.

8. Dynacraft Hot Wheels Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike

Top Features

  • Ideal for riders aged between 5 and 7
  • Removable training wheels are size-adjustable
  • Wheels measure 18 inches

Attractive Hot Wheels Design

Hot Wheels from Mattel is one of the most popular toy lines for kids who love all things that go vroom-vroom. Dynacraft has added that flavor to this bike, furnishing it with unique Hot Wheels designs on an attractive yellow steel frame. Any fan of the line is bound to love this bike.

Fun and Fresh Design

One feature of this bike that truly sets it apart is the additional features Dynacraft has integrated into it. On top of the ultra-cool Hot Wheels design details, they’ve also added a rev grip that produces real motorcycle sound effects! What’s more, the gauge lights up for ultimate enjoyment.

Conveniently Adjustable Training Wheels

Training wheels can be difficult for some kids to graduate from. If that sounds like your child, then you’re definitely going to appreciate the adjustability of the pair on this bike. And once they begin to find more confidence, you can remove the training wheels.


  • Available in three attractive colors: yellow, black and red
  • Equipped with a dual brake system involving a front hand brake and rear coaster brake
  • Fitted with a rev grip with exciting motorcycle sound effects
  • Adjustable training wheels are removable for when your son/daughter grows out of them


  • Not the most durably constructed bike out there

Bottomline: If your kid loves Hot Wheels, he will definitely love this bike. One drawback is that its price does not really reflect its overall quality and durability. That being said, it’s still perfectly eligible as a starter or transition bike for a 5 to 7 year old.

Best BMX Bikes for Kids : Buying Guide

Nothing beats the excitement of BMX bikes. The right BMX bikes for kids will offer the same level of fun but with child-friendly bearings and construction. So, remember to keep the following factors in mind before making your purchase.

Frame Construction

The most important part of any bike is its frame. A lot depends on the construction of the frame: the bike’s strength, maneuverability, and the comfort it offers the rider. As you can imagine, these are especially important considerations when it comes to kids.

The two most common construction materials for bikes are Chromoly steel and aluminum. The former is a good option if you want a bike that will be long-lasting and strong; however, aluminum is much more lightweight and easier for a rider with a lighter build to handle.

So, it ultimately depends upon your child’s age, preferences, and BMX biking expertise level. If he or she is a beginner, we would suggest going for a bike with an aluminum frame. Chromoly is a more professional construction material in comparison, so it’s well-suited to more aggressive BMX riding.


The best kids BMX bikes are those that are coordinated to your child’s height and weight. If it’s too big, it might be difficult to control. If too small, your child won’t be comfortable riding it.

However, one very important distinction between the athleticism of children and adults is that children are always growing. Hence, it might actually be wise to get a slightly larger bike if your ward is under the age of 15/16.

Also, consider the height of your child to find the right bike size. The size of a BMX bike is basically the length of its top tube. If your child measures less than 4’10” in height, a 16-inch tube will be best for him/her. If they’re closer to 5 feet in height, a bike with a 19-inch tube is the one to choose.


The dimension of the bike’s tires will determine the level of balance your child will enjoy from using it. If your ward is mainly interested in doing tricks with their new BMX bike, a wider tire will suit them better. For racing, thinner tires are preferred. For dirt riding, go for knobby, thick tires.


In case you don’t know, the “hub” is the center of a bike’s wheel. The construction and style of the hub have a bearing on the bike’s maneuverability and style of movement.

If your child is primarily interested in doing tricks with their new BMX bike, then we would suggest going for one that has a cassette or freewheel hub, as these don’t prevent the bike’s rear-wheel from halting when the rider pedals backward.

On the other hand, coaster brakes will be better for your child if they are more interested in racing, for which greater control over the bike is required.


The last factor to consider is the aesthetic appeal of the bike. BMX bikes are cool, to begin with, but one with an appealing design will no doubt be appreciated by your ward. Most kids love to show off their bikes! Remember to consider his/her individual taste, though; not every child is a fan of flame decals and multi-colored designs.

Are Cruiser Bikes Suitable for Kids as Well?

Cruiser bikes are not only popular among women; they can also be suitable for kids. With their relaxed riding position and stable design, cruiser bikes offer a comfortable and enjoyable experience for young riders. Parents can choose from a variety of options to find the best cruiser bikes for women, which can also be great for their kids to ride.

Final Words

Choosing the best BMX bikes for kids can seem like a difficult task, but we hope that our reviews have made the process easier for you and your child. When shopping for a bike, we would recommend going for a size that’s slightly larger to allow for the increasing growth rate of your child.

Good luck!

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