8 Best Mongoose Mountain Bike For The Money | Reviews & Buying Guide

Whether you’re someone who lives in the hilly areas and needs a bike for a regular commute or someone who wants a bike for your kids’ playtime, you deserve a proper bike.

Although mountain bikes are not that different from road bikes, there’s still a lot of pressure in buying a mountain bike. These bikes must be strong and sturdy to be able to withhold any kind of impact. Again, they must also be lightweight for easier carrying in certain corners and edges.

But don’t worry. We’re going to help you find the best Mongoose Mountain bike for you. If you check the reviews and follow the buying guide, you will be able to choose the perfect bike in no time.

Best Pick

For our overall best pick, we have the Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike for you. This very mountain bike has wheels that are 27 inches in size with 4 inches in width.

And they offer absolute flexibility while riding and excellent grip as well. Besides, they include several different speed levels that allow you to shift gear mid riding, making your riding experience even more fun.

Budget Pick

Again, for our budget pick, we have the Mongoose Dolomite Mens Fat Tire Mountain Bike for adults. Not only are these bikes great in every respect, they are also super affordable.

As for our budget pick for kids, we have the Mongoose Exlipse Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike. It is an excellent mountain bike with lots of different speed levels, and several other amazing feature.

8 Best Mongoose Mountain Bike Reviews

We have come up with a list of the best bikes from our extensive research. Here, let us take a look at them in detail.

1. Mongoose Dolomite Men’s Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Top Features

  • Both front and rear disc brakes included
  • 7 different levels of speed included
  • 27-inch wheels with 4-inch width
  • Easily adjustable seats

Wheel Size and Flexibility

This 26-inch wheels with 4-inch width is an amazing addition to mountain bikes. Thanks to its large-sized wheels, the bike has great rebound and flexibility. You can cruise away on this bike comfortably without feeling any bump along the way, not even in the roughest of all terrains.

Overall Construction

Since the bike comes with two disc brakes, one at the front wheel and the other at the back, you can take random breaks while riding without any trouble. Within seconds, you will be able to brake and change gear.

You basically have a choice between 7 different levels of speed. And because this bike is equipped with some amazing features, you will be able to drive at any speed and have proper control over your rides.

Quality of Rides

Since the bike includes 7 easily shiftable gears, you can shift gears. And you will be able to improve your riding experience by having more control. Besides, the bike also has an adjustable seat. So, you can set it at any preferred height.


  • Suitable for adults between heights 5 feet 6 inches and 6 feet
  • Strong steel construction that provides additional strength and durability
  • Easily shiftable gears for a smoother experience
  • Big sized tires for great rebound and control on all terrain
  • Best bike for rough terrains


  • Only meant for adults

Bottomline: Considering everything, this is, by far, the finest Mongoose Mountain Bike out there. If you need an all-terrain bike, you should definitely get this; you can easily use this to cruise across sand, dirt, rock, debris, and more.

2. Mongoose Maxim Girls Mountain Bike

Top Features

  • Made of aluminum
  • Includes a comfortable and adjustable seat
  • Allows 21 different speed levels
  • Includes a suspension fork

Comfort during Riding

Firstly, the bike includes a seat which is adjustable. You can adjust to any height of your liking. And that provides the utmost comfort while riding.

In addition, the bike also includes linear-pull brakes that allow you to stop abruptly and that too, safely.

Perfectly Qualified for Smooth Rides

Moreover, this bike from Mongoose has 24-inch tires attached to it. Thanks to the perfectly sized tires, it makes an amazing option for young girls.

Besides, the bike includes a suspension fork, which makes rides much smoother as they even out the bumps.

Different Speed Levels

With this bike, you get access to 21 different speed levels. Not only that, you get to change the speed levels to your requirements. Basically, this results in ease of riding and improved ride quality.

21 different speed levels to choose from. As a result, you will be able to improve the ride quality quite easily. Another important part of this bike is the 3-piece mountain crank; these allow you to change the gears smoothly and efficiently, enhancing the overall riding experience.


  • Includes a comfortable seat, which can be adjusted for different heights
  • Supports 21 different speeds that can be changed quickly and frequently
  • Includes 3-piece mountain cranks
  • Includes a kickstand that makes parking easier
  • Has a compact design that makes riding across rough terrain seem easy


  • Not so refined rear as it has a plastic finish

Bottomline: With a variety of changeable speed levels and some other amazing features, this bike from Mongoose is the perfect bike for girls. If you want a comfortable and smooth riding experience for your kid, this bike is a must-try.

3. Mongoose Exlipse Full Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

Top Features

  • Equipped with 21 different speed levels
  • Includes both front and rear pull brakes
  • Adjustable brake cables

Sturdy Construction

If you are looking for a bike for kids, you definitely want something solid, something you can rely on. And this delivers all that you want from a kids’ bike, and more.

With a 15-inch steel frame and 24-inch alloy wheels, this is a small yet sturdy bike. And it is perfect for kids. Thanks to its strong construction, it will not break upon impact.

Safe and Comfortable Riding Experience

Moreover, it will provide your kids with absolute safety and comfort. For safety, this bike is designed with both front and rear pull brakes.

With these brakes, kids can easily brake and stop their ride whenever and wherever they want. Because of these, they have the freedom to enjoy their ride without so much as a problem. Not only do they ensure complete safety, but these bikes also provide a super comfortable experience. For comfort, these bikes include adjustable seats.

And with these, they can adjust the seat to any height they feel comfortable. And they can also adjust the brake cables. Thanks to these, kids can ride comfortably without feeling stuck, and they will certainly not want to end their ride.

Different Speed Levels

Furthermore, with this Mongoose mountain bike 21 speed, great performance is guaranteed. And you can choose to switch from any speed of your preference.


  • Strong yet lightweight metal bike frame
  • 21 different levels of speed that can be changed
  • Both front and rear linear-pull brakes included for immediate braking
  • Super comfortable riding experience


  • Not exactly a rough-terrain bike

Bottomline: Here, we have a perfect contender for kids’ bikes. If you like pink, you will love this lovely small-framed steel bike that comes with an adjustable seat and cable options.

4. Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike

Top Features

  • Comes in an aluminum frame
  • Has very strong suspension
  • Features 21 different levels of speed
  • Includes front and rear disc brakes

Excellent Construction

If you’re looking for a men’s bike, this is a great option. Now among the many amazing things that this bike features, a strong aluminum finish, and metal alloy wheels are worth mentioning; these make this bike strong and reliable, and they are perfect for men or women.

Although these come with big sized wheels of 29 inches, these bikes are very light in weight, all thanks to the aluminum frame. Apart from being able extremely lightweight, these bikes can support a lot of weight, too, making them highly durable.

Speed and Brake

As these bikes also come with 21 different levels of speed like the last two options, you can easily shift between speeds while cruising away. Hence, these provide the absolute best quality rides.

With these bikes, you will find disc brakes on the front and back sides. And these disc brakes will make braking within rides much smoother and efficient.


Since these bikes are made from metals and alloys, and they are extremely strong durable, they do not require much maintenance. Keeping the bike cleaned is all it needs.


  • Strong metal frame and internal cable routing for a smooth yet safe riding ex-perience
  • Includes 3-piece mountain cranks to ensure little maintenance
  • Smooth riding with a threadless headset
  • Big wheel sizes that are perfect for adults between 5 feet 4 inches and 6 feet 2 inches


  • Not appropriate for kids

Bottomline: This is the perfect bike for adults looking for efficient bikes that do not require too much maintenance but still want to use a bike for a regular commute.

5. Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike

Top Features

  • Perfect for all-terrain riding
  • 26-inch wheels with 4-inch width
  • 7 different levels of speed

Speedy Rides

Now, these Mongoose Malus Mountain Bikes are outstanding bikes with a great range of speed options. Since they offer 7 individual levels of speed, you can choose the pace that you personally enjoy. And as this gives you a lot of options, you can easily shift gears based on your preference or convenience.

Control over Roads

These bikes have big wheels, which are about 26 inches each. Because of their size, they have great flexibility. The wheels have a great rebound, and they allow you to go through all kinds of rough and rocky roads without any kind of trouble.

Besides, the wheels made of alloy are 4 inches wide, so you will always obtain full control and grip while riding despite the type of road.

Comfort and Safety

Furthermore, you will find seats that are adjustable. You can adjust them according to your height, so you can sit comfortably and ride smoothly without feeling uneasy.

Basically, not only do the wheels provide added security, but the seat also provides absolute comfort and ease.

Now, these bikes come in 3 individual colors, so you can get one that actually meets your taste.


  • Designed with rough, rocky roads in mind
  • Has big wheels and great flexibility
  • Comes with wide wheels that ensure excellent grip over rides
  • Available in a range of colors


  • Nothing Found

Bottomline: Now, this is an all-terrain bike. If you want to ride through rocky and dirty roads, you need an excellent grip over your rides. And you can easily achieve that with this Mongoose Malus Adult Fat Tire Mountain Bike.

6. Mongoose Status 2.2 Men’s and Women’s Mountain Bike

Top Features

  • Strong aluminum MTB body and alloy rims
  • Has 21 different speed levels
  • Includes V brakes on both front and rear sides
  • Also includes excellent suspension

Durable Construction

Built with aluminum MTB, these Mongoose Status 2.2 Mountain Bikes have a super strong body. And this strong construction makes the bike extremely reliable in all conditions.

Speedy Rides

Similar to many superior Mongoose Bikes, this one also comes with 21 different levels of speed. So, you can choose any of the speed while riding. In addition, this will allow you to shift gear very seamlessly and extremely efficiently so you can adjust to your choice of riding.

Efficient Brake System

As for the brake system, these bikes include V brakes on the front and rear wheels, and these allow you to efficiently bring your ride to a halt without any kind of hindrance.

Besides, the wheels have allowed rims that significantly improve the longevity of the wheels.

Smooth Riding Experience

Since these bikes are so robust, you can use these on just about any road. This surely is an all-terrain bike designed for adults.

Besides, these bikes have suspension forks, and those provide excellent suspension and improves the overall riding experience, even in rough terrain.


  • Aluminum build and hydro-formed tubing that makes it sturdy
  • Strong suspension fork extra reliability
  • Big wheels that support adults
  • Suitable for both male and female bikers


  • Just for adults

Bottomline: These are strong bikes with extremely durable construction. And these provide smooth and efficient rides for adults, too.

7. Mongoose Switchback Adult Mountain Bike

Top Features

  • Tectonic T1 aluminum structure
  • Mongoose MTB saddle
  • Integrated cable routing

Structure and Construction

Here, we have the Mongoose Switchback Mountain Bike, which has exceptional structure and quality. If you’re looking for a Mongoose women’s mountain bike, this is surely one to consider.

Made with Tectonic T1 aluminum, this bike has a really great structure. This specific type of aluminum ensures that the bike is very light in terms of weight but also highly durable at the same time.


As this bike comes with a Mongoose MTB saddle, you will be able to sit comfortably through your rides. With this, even longer rides will seem enjoyable.

Besides, the bike has internal cable routing, and which ensures clear lines while offering extra protection at the same time.

Great Riding Experience

Moreover, the bike has wheels that are 27.5 inches, and they are huge. But thanks to these wheels, the bike can ensure a well-balanced and seamless ride. If you choose to get this, you will not regret it. Surely, this Mongoose bike makes riding very enjoyable.

In addition, you will find disc brakes attached to your bike. And these very disc brakes will help you by providing flawless stopping and braking in between rides regardless of the ring conditions.


  • Made with Tectonic T1 aluminum and ensures lightweight and longevity
  • Equipped with a Mongoose MTB saddle, which is super comfortable, espe-cially for long rides
  • Has big wheels for absolute flexibility
  • Includes disc brakes for smoother braking during rides


  • No added features

Bottomline: This is another great option for adult mountain bikes. You can use this easily and definitely very comfortably, regardless of your gender or your size.

8. Mongoose Salvo Adult Mountain Bike

Top Features

  • Tectonic T2 aluminum construction
  • Excellent construction with bigger top-tube and smaller stem
  • Free Floating Technology suspension

Size and Performance

You can find the Mongoose Salvo Adult Mountain Bikes in two different while sizes. While one is 27.5 inches, the other is 29 inches; and they are both extremely reliable.


Made with Tectonic T2 aluminum, these bikes are amazing. They are lightweight and extremely strong, and well-balanced at the same time. You can use these Mongoose bikes on all kinds of roads, including rocky roads, over debris, muddy areas, and more.

Stability and Control

These bikes are special bikes. They are built with a longer top-tube than normal. Besides, they also have a shorter stem as well. So, they provide absolute stability when increasing steering movement and control.

Suspension System

Now, it has a special kind of suspension integrated into the system. It is known as the Free Floating Technology suspension, and it was designed to limit brake jack and ensure the absolute best predictable suspension progression.


  • Bike with bigger top-tube and smaller stem to ensure enhanced control over movement and steering use
  • Tectonic T2 aluminum structure makes it light yet robust
  • Free Floating Technology suspension to ensure proper suspension progres-sion
  • Includes 8 to 21 different levels of speed


  • Not as great a performance as top-tier bikes

Bottomline: This is a large-sized bike designed for adults, particularly keeping large men in mind. But it can also be used by adult women too. So, if you are an adult, this is worth the shot.

Mongoose Mountain Bike Buying Guide

Before purchasing a mountain bike, you need to take some key factors like wheels, Mongoose mountain bike price into consideration. Here are the factors you must not forget!


Now, wheels are obviously very important parts of mountain bikes. To ride in hilly and rocky areas, big wheels with deep wheel rims are required. If you get bikes with bigger wheels, the bike will absorb the uneven roads and make the ride smoother and more flexible.

While other brands make kids’ bikes with smaller wheels, Mongoose Mountain Bikes have wheels around 24 inches, which significantly enhances the riding experience of kids.

As for adults, there are bikes with wheels as big as 29 inches. These make for exceptional mountain bikes.


One of the key factors in deciding a mountain bike is choosing the right brake system. For that, you need to understand the different types of brakes. Although all the different brake systems are effective in their own way, you need to get the one that fits your needs.

Firstly and most importantly, there are disc brakes. These are premium quality discs that are compatible with all sorts of bikes. Since they are more reliable compared to other brakes, you should try to get one with disc brakes, whether you are buying a bike for yourself or a kid.

Secondly, there are coaster brakes. These are common in kids’ bikes and cruiser bikes. Thirdly, there are drum brakes, and much like the previous category, these brakes are found in cruiser bikes. And lastly, there are rim brakes, and these are common in regular bikes that include pads gripping on the rims of the wheels.

While they are all great, only disc brakes provide the smoothest and flawless braking experience.


Currently, most bikes come with gears around 7 and 21. As you will notice, all the bikes either have 7 or 21 different speed levels.

Now, they have different needs and advantages, so if you have special requirements, you can choose based on that. Or, you can simply pick either. They perform extremely well, either way.


These bikes either have no suspensions, or they have a front or full suspensions. Mostly, for mountain bikes and hybrid bikes, front suspension and full suspension are used, respectively. As for regular road bikes, no suspensions are used.

Now, if you consider the aforementioned factors and make your decision based on your requirements, you are going to end up with a bike that is perfectly suitable for you.

Final Words

It is certainly difficult to choose the right mountain bike, especially since a wrong purchase can lead to serious accidents. Investing in a fully competent bike is very important if you plan on treading hilly or rocky surfaces.

In this article, we have identified the top mountain bikes with perfectly sized wheels, excellent formation, and optimum performance. We have explained our top contenders in detail, so you can get the best Mongoose mountain bike for yourself.

However, you do have to consider all the essential factors and then make a purchase decision if you want to avoid making the wrong choice.

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