Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500 Dollars | Top Picks in 2022

Hybrid bikes are the mixes between road and mountain bikes. Their purpose is to provide more comfort and control while you commute through different routes. These bikes are popular because everyone can use them but depending on how one wishes to use them, they vary in style, tire, accommodability, etc.

Some might want one for daily commute through the same lanes while others might want them for exploring through different terrains, and thus the problem of selecting the right kind arises.

To help you through, we have written this best hybrid bikes under 500 dollars review guide so that you can get the ride of your likings without having to go through the mountain of options.

Best Pick

Our best pick for this list is the SixThreeZero bike because it has the best frame and overall build. The saddles and handbrakes are all decent as well. But where it’s the true winner is the low swooping design that makes getting on the bike very convenient for girls.

Budget Pick

As for the budget category the Hiland Hybrid is an obvious choice for its affordability and good mechanics. The caliper brakes are swift and easy to use. Also, it doesn’t have difficult assembly operations. And it has done a great job with its retro design and sturdy frame too.

Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500 Reviews

You probably have already noticed this review is centered on affordable general-purpose rides, so we will include bikes that both an everyday commuter and a leisure explorer can use.

1. Sixthreezero Bike

Sixthreezero Bike

Top Features:

  • Sturdy aluminum frame with glossy chrome parts
  • Comes with a fender for more stability
  • Shimano Derailleur gear and handbrakes make the ride more versatile and efficient
  • Easy entry and getting off with a lowered build

Lightweight Build

This has an aluminum and chrome build. The aluminum frame of the bike keeps it light and good for long commutes. And the glossy finish is there to give the body a glistening shine. The finish of the bike makes it a sleek looking modern-day ride that you want to keep on riding.

Supports Riders of Different Heights

A good little bonus is this has a lowered body, but it can support and justly fit riders of height from 5 to 6 feet.

Forward Pedal for Upright Positions

People ride bikes for many reasons. One of which is maintaining an upright position. If you’re someone who wants to fix their posture, then this bike is for you. The saddle and the front pedal are strategically positioned for you to get that firm posture.

Down Sloping Frame

The low swooping angle is one of the most ingenious ploys of this bike. Kudos to the makers, as this method, makes it easier to find your ground. But it also makes getting on and off a lot easier too.


  • Includes a rear rack
  • A comfortable ride with leather saddle
  • Good for maintaining proper posture
  • Stops easily due to the front and rear brakes


  • The assembling will require a bit of work

Bottomline: A commuting bike needs to be comfortable and efficient. That’s the rule of thumb that Sixthreezero has nailed to the point. If you have an extra pair of hands to help you assemble this, then you will have a sleek looking comfortable ride.

2. Schwinn Hybrid Bike Network

Schwinn Hybrid Bike Network

Top Features:

  • Frame made from alloy
  • Reducing jarring due to the suspension fork
  • 21-speed shifters for gear changing

Elastomer Saddle

If you plan on riding this for longer hours, this will make all the difference. Bike saddles aren’t the most spacious, but Schwinn Hybrid-Bicycles make them more bearable. The Elastomer spring saddle adds more stability by making the contact point comfortable and allowing small movements.

Linear Pulling Brakes and the Handlebar

The brakes on this have amazing stopping power, which provides more control. Also, the ergonomic grip on the hi-rise handlebar doesn’t only give you more control but also makes the experience a lot more enjoyable. The alloy made handlebar keeps it sturdy, and the comfortable grips add to the overall balance in the handle.

21-Speed Shifters

More shifters mean you have more gear options resulting in greater variability. As hybrids bike are a blend of road and mountain bikes, having gear changing options adds to its hybrid qualities.


  • Has ergonomic grips
  • Saddle has springs for more comfortability and flexibility
  • Stops quickly when brakes are pulled
  • Firm bike with reduced vibration


  • For taller riders above 5’4″ in height

Bottomline: A versatile ride meant for the explorer in you to go about your roads with complete support from your ride. It’s comfortable and has a good frame for your posture.

3. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s Single Speed Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men's Single Speed Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

Top Features:

  • Matte Black color for a lustrous and modern appearance
  • 7-speed gearing lets it be driven on any kind of surface
  • Synthetic leather seat provides comfort

Wide Saddle

A hybrid bike is ridden for its comfort just as much as for its performance. That’s why to make this more pleasant for men, this has a wider and bigger seat. The foam has a high density to make it adjust to the body weight better. And the dual spring system on the saddle makes sure you can sit upright and maintain balance.

7-Speed Gear Changes

While bikes nowadays have even up to 27 shifts, but you don’t need as many if you’re someone who prefers a regular commuting bike. Hence, the 7 shifts might just be better for you if you’re looking for a straightforward and convenient riding experience.


Most handbrakes have a little delay, and you have to get used to that, but that shouldn’t be the case for a good ride. The brakes on this bike, both front and rear, will stop the bike conveniently.


  • Sturdy and modern looking bike
  • Saddle depth and width are very comfortable
  • Brakes work easily
  • Keeps the rider well-positioned


  • Takes time to arrange

Bottomline: Although this is an all-surface bicycle, we recommend using this on flat terrains. It’s more suited for it. Also, it’s one of the most comfortable bikes for men as long as you don’t mind tweaking it every now and then.

4. 700c Royce Union RMY Men’s 21-Speed Hybrid Comfort Bike

 700c Royce Union RMY Men's 21-Speed Hybrid Comfort Bike

Top Features:

  • Kraton rubber grips offer better hold
  • Padded seat with dual springs for smooth riding
  • Sturdy and light aluminum frame with alloy brakes and rims

Shimano Drivetrain Allowing 21 Speeds

Shimano is one of the best brands for bike parts, and under their supervision, this drivetrain will not only enable you to access 21-speed gears but also let you ride with more power and consistency. This drivetrain supports the wheels properly so that you can drive the bike without exerting extra force.

Rubber Grips and Handlebars

The Kraton rubber grips are built for the ultimate comfort. This provides a strong grip for your hands, and even hours of riding won’t make your hands sweaty or uncomfortable. On the other hand, the handlebar is slightly higher, which will enable you to maintain good posture.

Alloy and Aluminum Construction

This Royce Union bike has one of the most durable construction. The alloy pull brakes and wheel rims don’t only extend stability but also prevent rusting. Both the aluminum frame and allow parts won’t rust, and the metallic finish will keep the bicycle glossy.


  • Has good built quality
  • Comfortable to sit on
  • Handlebar and grips are well positioned
  • Great for longer commutes


  • Handlebars are stiff

Bottomline: A bike that’s meant for comfortable riding and stays true to that purpose. This isn’t a ride for the stunts or for the jittery roads either, but it has a strong, durable build, which you won’t get elsewhere for this price.

5. Hiland Hybrid Bike for Adult 700C Wheels with 7 Speeds

Hiland Hybrid Bike for Adult

Top Features:

  • Double caliper brakes for easy stopping
  • 700C wheels are fast and convenient
  • Shifting gears is simple; it requires no experience

Easy Assembling

This bike arrives at your door almost assembled, and the few parts that require tweaking are all properly instructed, and tools are also given. And this is a good option for those who dislike the delay of setting up.

Retro Design and Frame

For those who feel simple is the best, this bike will be perfect for their taste. We love the straightforward yet elegant design of this frame. Also, since it has aluminum construction, it’s built for a long life too.

Caliper Brakes

The brakes on this are unique. This doesn’t use the traditional pull brakes that twist your hands, and many find it uncomfortable. The simple press and stop mechanism of the brakes will be preferred by all. Further, it also creates more breathing space around the grip as the brakes aren’t around it.


  • No setting up hassle
  • Simple brake mechanism
  • Great for flat streets and city riding
  • Has more than enough gears to comfortably switch


  • Instruction in German only

Bottomline: Caliper brakes? Simple retro design? Sign me up for it any day. Having the advantage of not requiring much setup puts this on the top for many.

6. Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike

Schwinn Volare Adult Hybrid Road Bike

Top Features:

  • Alloy linear-pull brakes work really fast
  • Aluminum and alloy build with Shimano parts
  • Flat handlebar and thin saddle

Shimano Components

Shimano Components have always been reliable and durable. And when accompanied by a brand like Schwinn, this Volare bike is in its own class. With the rear derailleur accompanied by EZ Fire shifters, this bike has some of the sturdiest settings.

Aluminum Frame with Alloy Wheels, Crank, and Brakes

Aluminum bikes are light and strong. But when you pair them with alloy, you get a sturdy bike that can run without wearing for years. Hence, they come with limited lifetime warranties too.

Linear Pull Brakes

Linear pull brakes are common and not at the same time. Each brake may have the same design, but their placement and effectiveness can be as different as day and night. But we can vouch for the brakes of this bike. It works splendidly and much better than what you will find on the average rides.


  • Simple and stylish matte blue look
  • Built sturdily and won’t rust
  • Rigid frame for good posture
  • Lightweight and flat design


  • The seat isn’t the most comfortable

Bottomline: It is doubtable if you will find a better-built bike at this rate. But as it is with good builds, they compromise with the comfortable. But with a little bit of upgrade and tweaking, this can take on the premium bikes any day of the year.

7. sixthreezero Hybrid-Bicycles sixthreezero Ride in the Park Women’s Touring City Bike

sixthreezero Hybrid-Bicycles

Top Features:

  • Iconic teal blue appearance
  • Matching leather seat and handlebar grips
  • Front handbrakes and rear coaster brakes allow precision stops

Elegant Appearance

This is one of the best women’s hybrid bikes under 500 because it doesn’t only look great but has ergonomic functions too. Firstly, the cushioned leather saddle is very comfy to sit on. It doesn’t have the usual color, either. The grips are also matched with the sit, making this bike stand out from afar.

Ergonomic Accessories

It comes with a rear rack that you can use to carry your bags or other stuff on. The rack is joined to the fender, giving it a unique appearance as well as adding more stability.

Responsive Brakes

What this model has done well is it has made the brakes very responsive. This is a city bike, so it is intended for riding through the busy streets where there could be traffic. Hence, you need very quick and responsive brakes to always have control.


  • Strong and well-designed frame
  • Useful rack with matching fender
  • Upright handlebar for good posture
  • Low ride for easy getting up and off


  • Setting this up takes a bit of figuring out

Bottomline: Once you have set this up with all the tools, you will not look back. Good tire, good saddle, nice straight handles, and quick brakes, they have done everything right on this.

8. Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike

Schwinn GTX Comfort Adult Hybrid Bike

Top Features:

  • 21 Speeds to shift gears
  • Aluminum dual-sport build for extra sturdiness
  • Adjusts seat post according to need

Dual Sport Aluminum Bike

Dual sport bikes are the true hybrids as they can be ridden on any kind of surface. Whether you’re on pavement or riding through dirt, this versatile bicycle will support you regardless. The aluminum frame gives it the support and rigidity it needs for all its endeavors.

21-Speed Shifts

Climb up or down, your shifters will be easy to switch into as you need. It’s a cycle that can properly get you to your destination by shifting gears efficiently.

Multi-Use Tire

These tires aren’t for pavements only that they’ll start jittering once you go off-road. They are meant to handle whatever path you throw at its feet. So, regardless of the surface, the tires will give you a smooth ride.


  • Great for adventure and commute
  • Tires run smoothly on all surfaces
  • Easy gear shifts make the ride steady and enjoyable
  • Durable and resilient build


  • Instruction for assembling isn’t accurate

Bottomline: Schwinn bikes are always a favorite because of their versatility. A bike that is just as good on the road as it’s off the road is why hybrids are fascinating.

Buying Guide : Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500 Dollars

Before choosing your ride, what you need to do is answer two questions. The first is where you plan on riding the bike? This determines what kind of surface you will be driving on.

The second is, what kind of riding you wish to do? You could want the bike to commute every day, or you could want it for adventures. Make your decision depending on the answers and some of the factors we’re going to mention below. Then I’m sure you’ll find the best hybrid bike under 500.

Know Your Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes are a blend of road and mountain bikes. But in most cases, they lean towards one side. Some bikes are for the city and flat surfaces, while others are for riding on a mixed gravel path.

Speed Shifters

The common misconception with shifters is having more means your bicycle will become faster magically, but shifters can’t make the ride any faster than your pedaling. But what they do is depending on the type of path you’re riding on, this will smoothen the burden on you.

If you do some hill climbing or go uphill, you will need more gears, but if you’re riding on flat paths with no hitches, you don’t need more than 7 shifters. In fact, more can even be a hindrance for someone who doesn’t understand their function.

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Suspension Forks

Road bikes don’t need suspensions as they are light rides. Heavier bikes like mountain bikes mostly need them, but hybrid bikes can do well with a front suspension.

But whether the extra weight is worth it or not is totally up to you. They make the ride heavier and costlier. Further, they need maintenance too. However, they are useful for holding the bike down and making it more stable. As a result, you can go straight without fidgeting too much.


Handbrakes are tricky because you can’t tell how well they work unless you try it out yourself. But what you can check is their positions. Some handbrakes are placed in an uncomfortable position that might require you to stretch or twist your hand in order to reach. Avoid those.


Saddles that are too flat or too narrow can be very uncomfortable to sit on. Some have adjustable strings to make the position more accurately, and that can make all the difference if you plan to make long commutes.


Fenders are extremely useful in keeping your ride smooth and stable when you hit a small rock or for stopping puddles from splashing on to you. They add more balance as they restrict the tire jittering space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the best hybrid bikes under $500:

Q: Can you add racks if it doesn’t have one?

A: It depends on the model. Also, racks aren’t universal. So, attaching one will depend on the version of your bike.

Q: Do hybrid bikes need suspension fork?

A: Hybrid bikes can have a front suspension fork. But whether it’s needed or not depends on if you need the extra weight and stability on your ride.

Q: Can a novice assemble the bike?

A: The difficult parts are usually assembled by mechanics before they are shipped. But the rest of the work may need an extra pair of hands but is doable if instructions and tutorials are followed.

Q: Are hybrids good for commutes?

A: Hybrids are perfect for commutes for their sturdy build and comfortable riding. Since they have large padded seats, they can make the ride smooth.

Q: What are hybrid bikes good for?

A: Hybrid bikes fall between road and mountain bikes, so if you want a bike that can handle different terrains, then you go for hybrids.

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Final Words

When you’re looking for the best hybrid bikes under 500 dollars, you have to know you will be making compromises, but these are the bikes that will put you on the brighter side of things.

These bikes have good build quality and comfortability, which is why they were chosen. Not all their parts and accessories are of high quality, which can be understood because then their prices would go much higher. But still, these are great bikes, and if a particular tire or grip dissatisfies you, you can always replace them.

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