Best SUV Tents in 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Remember how comfortable those sofa tents were that we made as children? Well, the adult version of that is even better!

If you are an adventurous soul, which you sure are if you made the sofa tents, then you are going to love going up on that excitement scale by getting an SUV tent for your next trip.

Once you get it, you are going to love it. So we recommend that you get the best SUV tent you can find. You don’t have to look far to find them. You just have to keep reading below.

In this article, we have compiled the 8 top SUV tents in the market. Check them out while they’re still in stock.

Best Pick

Our best pick is this Honda Genuine Factory OEM 08Z04-SCV-100B that has everything that we could ask for. Among all its features, we like the polyethylene flooring the best. It really gives the whole tent a bit of character and adds to the overall comfort. 

Budget Pick

As our budget pick, we would recommend that you go with the Explorer 2 SUV and Minivan Tent from DAC Store. This is an affordable option that comes with all the features that expensive tents have. So, we think this will definitely be a good bargain for you.

Best SUV Tents Reviews

Not all tents are made equal. But these 8 tents we have below are all better than the rest in the market in their very own way.

1. Napier Family-Tents Sportz SUV Tent

Top Features

  • Removable vehicle sleeve
  • Large screen room without a floor
  • Enough room for about 6 people altogether
  • Easily transferable into a ground tent
  • Has a 6 x 6 feet rainfly
  • Main frame made with fiberglass and steel
  • Comes with a carrying bag for convenience

Large Capacity

Going on trips with a big bunch of people is always amazing. Now, with this large 10 x 10 feet long Napier SUV tent, you won’t have to think twice about planning a great trip with your loved ones. There is plenty of space here for all your loved ones.

You will have about 7 whole feet of area for the headroom.

This is a proper screen room rather than a tent – seeing how there is no floor to it. The side walls stand upright, and then the ground is bare.

This allows the company to keep the product costs down. This is a perfect tent to be bought for tagging along with your SUV.

Solid Frame

This is the most important aspect of a tent. And in this one, the frame is as solid as you want it to be. Made with the trusted combination of fiberglass and steel, this tent is sturdy and reliable.

Fiberglass is made with a bunch of other materials that combine to make it as strong as steel. Composite fiberglass is much more durable and shatterproof as well. It doesn’t rust but serves as well as steel.

On the other hand, the skeleton of the frame is made with steel – this gives it a solid foundation to stand on and greatly helps the tent to stay upright under heavy windflow.

Ease of Use

It’s quite off-putting to have to deal with the complicated mess of a tent at the beginning of the camping trip. To save you from the hassle, Napier has made it as easy as possible to put up their SUV tents at the camp.

First of all, the reliable and sturdy frame is designed in a way that makes it particularly easy to be put up. Another thing we love about this is that it only takes one person to set up the tent.

With the easy to locate vehicle sleeve, you can quickly turn the tent from a car tent into a ground tent in no time and with no hassle at all.

There’s another sleeve on the tent that’s designed to change the shape of the tent and transform the cargo area of the tent into a spacious area where you can get some restful hours of sleep at night.


  • Very sturdy
  • The frame is strong and reliable
  • Comes with fabric that has rain protection
  • Has very good ventilation and lighting
  • Lots of room inside – can house about 6 people
  • Easily convertible
  • Only takes one person to complete the set up


  • The straps break off easily

Bottomline: This is a sturdy frame that’s easy to set up and will last you a long time. If the straps break off, get them replaced with higher quality ones, and this tent will last you a long, long time.

2. Rightline Gear SUV Tent, Sleeps Up to 6, Universal Fit

Top Features

  • Increases space – tent adds room for 4 people to the 2-people cargo area
  • Has a water-resistant PU rating of 2000mm
  • All seams are sealed to prevent rain, wind, and insects from getting inside
  • Fits all kinds of vehicles
  • Special bathtub flooring gives you more protection against unwanted elements


It’s important for outdoor tents to be waterproof – especially when they will connect directly to the interior of a car. Keeping this point in check, this tent has been very intricately designed.

Many features like bathtub flooring, a big rainfly, sealed seams, cover on the zippers, and a hydrophobic material have been carefully incorporated into the design. It’s done so that you and the soft interior of your car are completely protected against the harsher aspects of nature.


The tent itself will have room for about 4 people. As you put it in the cargo space of the car, the combined space will be able to accommodate a total of 6 people very comfortably.

Easy Design

Firstly, this tent is universal. Regardless of whether you have a jeep, a sedan, or an SUV, it will be a perfect fit for your vehicle.

Also, we really love tents that are not too difficult to deal with. Now, this tent here is what we call a free-standing tent. It will be able to stand alone when it’s disconnected from the back of the car.


  • Very spacious
  • Easy to prop up and disconnect
  • Can stand alone on the ground
  • Keeps you protected with covers on all sides
  • Completely waterproof
  • Comes with a rainfly, and a carrying bag


  • The mesh sleeves and the poles are a hassle in the setup process
  • You will need to get guylines to keep the tent properly stable

Bottomline: This is a spacious tent with a high capacity to keep water from trickling in through the tent. Overall, it’s a great option to invest your money in.

3. DAC Store Explorer 2 SUV and Minivan Tent

Top Features

  • Easy to fold the door up
  • Hooks are coated with plastic
  • The underframe of the tent has bungee cord attachments
  • Ventilation can be increased due to flexible door panels
  • Comes with an insect screen
  • Has two-way zippers to make entry and exit easier

Safety Inside

One of the best things about this tent is that it keeps you protected from the pests outside. There is a separate insect screen in the tent that will keep even the tiniest of the insects away. You have a peaceful time inside the tent with no creepy crawlies to worry about.


When you enter a tent and can’t stay inside it for too long without struggling to breathe, then you know this tent isn’t right for you. Well, nothing of this sort will happen to you, seeing how this particular tent has door panels that can be easily propped up and kept open so that air comes through. There are two-door panels on either side, and these help to keep the air moving inside.

Ease of Use

This tent is very spacious; it adds room to the cargo area of the vehicle. There are multiple bungee cords, which are very sturdy and reliable. With these cords, you can easily set up the tent in only about 5 minutes at max.


  • Very convenient use
  • The tent is housed above the ground
  • Set up is really easy, quick and hassle-free
  • Made with the trusted polyester that’s waterproof
  • Comes with a carrying bag


  • This tent does not have a universal fit despite what the company says
  • Straps are loose, and they allow a lot of insects to walk through

Bottomline: We like this tent because it’s quite affordable and easy to set up. But make sure to really check whether the tent is compatible with your car’s size.

4. Napier Backroadz SUV Tent, Grey, Green, 10×10 (19100)

Top Features

  • Has an area of 10 x 10 inches
  • Comes in a universal fit
  • Has storm flaps and rainflys for protection against the weather
  • Three windows and a big door for proper ventilation
  • Designed with a gear organizer and a lantern holder


Traveling and camping alone has its own merits, but nothing beats the fun of camping with your whole family or friend group. For more moments like this, we have this very spacious tent right here. It easily snaps into the back of the car and adds more space to the whole cargo area so that 5 adults can easily fit into it and have quality time together.

Good Ventilation

Ventilation is very necessary. Without it, you won’t be able to enjoy your time inside the tent. With three mesh windows and 1 door, this tent is quite a breathable one for sure. You can spend hours after hours inside this tent without suffocating.


The poles of the tent are made with fiberglass, which has been especially shock-corded for increased strength and stability. The whole tent is very durable due to this frame.


  • Very simple installation
  • Can keep an entire family of people inside
  • Tent poles are made of the extra-strong fiberglass
  • Has mesh windows allow air circulation while keeping insects out
  • Big tent for 5 adults to spend nights in it
  • Gear pocket and a lantern holder helps to keep things organized and homely


  • The tent is made with a thin non-durable material

Bottomline: This tent is a nice one. Not only does it have a lot of space, but it also has a lantern holder inside. Setting it up is super easy as well. We’d say that despite being made with a thin fabric, you will love this tent very much. 

5. Honda Genuine Factory OEM 08Z04-SCV-100B, fits 2003 – 2011 CRV Odyssey Pilot and Element

Top Features

  • Made with polyester
  • The fabric has a high waterproof rating of 1200 mm
  • Has a floor that is made with top quality double-layered ripstop polyethylene
  • Easily installable and detachable
  • Comes with a rainfly as well

Comfortable Floor

The floor of this tent is made with a very high-quality material called ripstop polyethylene. This material is particularly designed because it has a very complicated interwoven structure that keeps it taut and free from getting rips and tears. You will be able to walk around with heels on this floor, and you still won’t be damaging anything.

Sturdy Frame

The frame of this tent is made to stand upright even while the tent is laid out from the back of the vehicle and onto the flat ground below.  The frame gives it such a solid shape that you can use the tent for tailgating at parties – this makes it much more versatile in use.


  • Very spacious and comfortable
  • Set up is easy due to the strength of the frame
  • Can be used to host/tailgate at parties\
  • Protects the interior from rain


  • Not a universal fit

Bottomline: The tent is spacious, has a good firm frame, comes with a reliable floor, and even has waterproofing! This tent really lives up to the mark and sets the bar higher for the other tents in the market.

6. KingCamp Melfi Plus SUV Car Tent

Top Features

  • Made with a fast-drying material called 190T polyester
  • The tent is big enough for chairs to be put inside
  • Meant to be used by 4 – 5 people only
  • Has a flysheet made with a fabric that has been coated with silver
  • All doors and windows are made with mesh
  • This is a combination of a set of reliable and different materials

Convenient Design

This tent has mesh in all of its windows and doors. The best thing about this is that it allows a lot of air to pass through while at the same time blocking out the entry of insects and bugs.

Another thing we love about this tent is that it comes with a flysheet that can be rolled up quite easily.

Materials Used

Some of the tent poles are made with fiberglass and steel. There are several pegs and cords that are attached to the mainframe of the tent, and they keep it steady.


The entire fabric has been coated with special silver paint that has a UV protection range of SPF 50+. With this, the color of your tent won’t fade. You will also get to have the best time inside while those outside the tent burn their skin under the hot sun.


  • Great ventilation inside the tent
  • No bugs can get inside
  • Protects you from the sun’s UV rays


  • Instructions are not clear

Bottomline: This is an amazing tent with a solid structure and foundational frame. The fabric of the tent is waterproof and sun-defying. If you have a big comfortable family, you can invite them all inside them.

7. Napier Sportz Cove 61500 Mid to Full Size SUV Tailgate Shade Awning Tent, Gray

Top Features

  • Has an awning
  • Comes with a big mesh screen
  • Storm flap protects you from all weather extremes
  • Universal size that fits all
  • Made with the best fabrics


The materials that a tent is made of are crucial indicators of its reliability. In the case of this Napier Sportz Cove, the materials chosen were polyester taffeta and mesh. The interwoven patterns through the fabric make it very durable and reliable. So, when you buy this tent, you will be making an investment in the long run because this tent will last you a long, long time.

Comes With an Awning

The design of this tent allows it to have an awning so that you can sit in the tent without having to stay within its walls for protection from the sun. This is a particular feature that doesn’t come so regularly with DIY SUV tents, and so it’s quite a unique style of resting between your car trips. You can also use this tent to serve in pop-up tailgate parties as well.

Storm Flaps

You might not think that this is that great of a deal, but it really is! Storm flaps not only help against storms, but they also add more structural integrity to the whole frame of the tent, and thus they make the tent become more sturdy.


  • The awning makes it convenient for tailgating parties
  • No hassle in choosing sizes
  • Very easy to set up


  • Only meant to be used by two people at once

Bottomline: The tent is very comfortable, easy to set up, and premium in quality. The fabrics used to make the tent ever-lasting. You can really prop these up for parties as well.

8. Napier Store Sportz Dome-To-Go Tent

Top Features

  • Poles are made with special fiberglass
  • A big tent with room for about 4 adults
  • Has a vehicle sleeve for easy operations
  • Comes with 2 big doors, and 3 mesh windows
  • Features a big rainfly and an awning

Easily Convertible

Due to the vehicle sleeve, it’s really easy to turn the tent from an SUV tent into a regular tent that low. When you want to get easy access to the items in your car, then you can set it up on that level. When you want it lower, just use the vehicle sleeve to hold it down very regularly. 

Plenty of Ventilation

This tent has a lot of air passing through inside. After all, the 2 big doors and the mesh windows should come to some use.


The mainframe of this tent is made with fiberglass, which has great tensile strength and interlaminar strength. With such a solid frame as it’s a primary skeleton, this tent also becomes as strong as the fiberglass itself.


  • Plenty of air and light inside
  • Vehicle sleeve makes it easy to convert
  • The frame is very strong and reliable
  • There are gear loft and pockets for storage


  • Zippers have a very weak design

Bottomline: This tent has everything you would need for a small get-away party in some remote area that is not too far away. It will protect you from the sun, rain, insects, and anything else you need. Set up will probably require more than two hands, but it’s a fun installation with easy to follow instructions that you will quite enjoy.

Best SUV Tents Buying Guide

Looking for the perfect tent is fun. Wrought with excitement, you will be quite pleased to look around. But, if you don’t know what criteria make a tent good enough for your bucks, then it will get annoying for you.

So, take a look at this buying guide to get a quick check on the features that are necessary.


By capacity, we also mean the size of the tent. Fortunately, most tent companies are now smart enough to incorporate a global standard to their sizes. This means that it won’t be so difficult to find a tent to fit your vehicle. One tent will most likely fit all kinds of vehicles regardless of whether it is a sedan, an SUV, a regular minivan, or a jeep that you own.

There are different styles of tents, though. Check them out below.

Style of Tents

So, even though the size will fit your car, you might see that the tent has a certain design that might not be what you are looking for. You have to pay attention to this – is your tent a mesh-like barrier tent, or is it a tunnel-like expansive tent?

Mesh tents only act as screens between the inside of the car and the outside world. They will not add to the amount of space that’s available inside.

Expansive tunnel-like tents, on the other hand, expand the space by adding more to it. 

We definitely prefer the expandable tents more – we wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity to add a bit of extra space to our temporary abode. You never know when your friends might wanna accompany you on your next car trip!


Choose the material with care. There is no reason to buy something plastic that won’t last or give you any sort of protection from the discomfort of the sun and rain.

The best material for these SUV tents is nylon and polyester. A mix of these two fabrics is even better. These materials are waterproof; they are resistant to accidental ripping and tearing; they are easy to maintain, lightweight, and quite easy to clean as well.

You also have to look at what the frame of the tent is built with. Generally, good material options for a sturdy and stable core frame are aluminum, fiberglass, and steel.

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Some tents come with a rainfly, but not all do. If the tent does have a rainfly, then check whether the rainfly is on the whole roof of the tent or just a side of the tent. The bigger the rainfly, the safer you will be inside the tent when it pours. This is not only important for your comfort but also to keep the car interior dry.


This is what actually determines the quality of time you’ll have inside the tent. If the ventilation is off, you are not going to enjoy staying in the tent – it’s as simple as that. Good ventilation is a key factor in the best tents for SUV camping.

But the trick here is that your tent must have the kind of ventilation that allows a steady exchange of air between the interior and the exterior space while creating a barrier that wards off insects.

Mesh windows are great for this. If your tent has a built-in mesh window panel, that’s great. If not, we definitely think you should get them installed separately.

There are also some tents that come with multiple windows and doors – these are great for areas where the temperature is too high, and not many insects are to be found around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an SUV Tent?

A: It’s a tent that fits at the back of your SUV, wagon, minivan, or any other kind of four-wheeled vehicle.

Q: How Does an SUV Tent Work?

A: There are restraining straps and elastic bands attached to the frame of the tent. These bands and straps go around the wheels of the car and the mainframe of the vehicle in order to wrap around the car and give you space to stay cozied up in.

Q: How Much is an SUV Tent?

A: The range is quite big. Depending on the quality, an SUV tent could cost you anywhere from 150 to 600 US dollars.

Q: Why use an SUV Tent?

A: Because they are very convenient, you won’t need to move your luggage from the car – you can just prop the tent at the back of the car to increase the amount of space at the back and create a comfortable area to sleep in at night.

Also, an SUV tent will let you sleep in the comfort, warmth, and safety of your car, whereas a regular tent would require you to sleep on the open ground.

Q: What is Free Standing in SUV Tents?

A: These are the best kind of tents to have. Freestanding tents are also known as standalone tents – these tents can be used in two ways – by hooking into the back of the car and also by detaching them completely to be used as a separate unit like regular tents.

Q: Will my battery die using an SUV Tent?

A: No, just turn off the overhead lighting. If you don’t need the AC, then turn that off – keep the windows open, and voila – no battery will be used in the process of you having a good time camping.

Final Words

If you are looking for the best SUV tent, you are on the right track. We hope that you have already found your pick from this article right here. For any more help, please feel free to reach out.

Best of luck with your SUV tent.

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