Best BMX Bikes Reviews 2022 | Editor’s Recommendations

There is nothing more thrilling and enjoyable than BMX for a bike rider. The joy of racing on hilly and rough roads on a bike is incomparable. Now, if you know anything about BMX, you know that you need a sturdy bike. How else will you ride through the rocky pavement and obstacles?

So you’re in luck if you want to find the best BMX bikes in the market. We’ve got all the top picks lined up just for you.

Keep on reading if you want to know more about the bike and what you should keep in mind when buying it. All you could ever need to know is right here in this article.

Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion BMX
Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion BMX

Our best pick out of the many that we are going to recommend has to be the Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion BMX. Mongoose BMX bikes are the easiest to ride and assemble. In particular, this model has the safest brake system and can be used by people of most age groups. This one is an easy and safe option to go for.

Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street Bike
Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street Bike

For this, we will definitely choose the Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street Bike. You know you can’t miss the deal when you get so many features in one bike at such a price range. Truly this is a bike that everyone on a budget will love!

Razor High Roller Freestyle Bike
Razor High Roller Freestyle Bike

Best BMX Bikes Reviews

Here we have 10 BMX bikes for you that we know work well. So no need to spend hours doing your research; check out our list to get an idea of the bikes you need to keep an eye out for.

1. Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion BMX

Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion BMX

Top Features:

  • 20-inch average-sized wheels
  • Solid black frame
  • U brake design
  • Readjustable brake mounts

Perfect Wheel size

20-inch tires fit the requirements of many people. It is an average size that fits all kind of a thing. The wheel size is comfortable and allows you to reach the ground much faster. With a wheel this size, people of 4’8 to 5’4 feet height can comfortably ride the bike.

Safe Brake

Aluminum brakes on this bike ensure that you are safe no matter what. BMX can be dangerous sometimes; you need a top BMX bike with the perfect brake system to make sure you are safe at all times.

This U brake, along with the brake levers, ensures that you have full control over your speed. The brake mounts can also be removed if needed.

Durable Frame

You’ll see us mention this later, that we love a solid steel frame. This is the way to go if you want a frame that is durable and long-lasting. With this frame, you do not have to worry about any bending or cracking. You might not even have to deal with any scratches, even with daily use.


  • Includes 170mm forged steel cranks
  • Aluminum brakes give you amazing speed control
  • Ergonomic steel handlebar
  • Threadless sealed handlebar and stem for durability


  • Attaching the brake line on this one isn’t the easiest

Bottom Line: This is our top pick because of the versatility and user-friendliness. Everything except the brake line is easy to assemble. You will be able to ride this bike on any kind of terrain without the fear of breaking its construction.

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2. Elite 20” & 16″ BMX Bicycle the Stealth Freestyle Bike

Elite 20” & 16” Stealth Freestyle Bike

Top Features:

  • Hi-tensile steel construction
  • Different wheel sizes to choose from
  • Alloy stealth U-brake
  • Pegs included


The option to choose between a 20 inch and a 16-inch wheel makes this bike usable by many people. You can select the wheel size depending on your height. This also means that both kids and adults can use the bike.

2.5 tires

What we love about this bike the most and what makes this the best BMX bike for beginners is the tire. The tires on this model are perfect for all kinds of roads, even mud and small puddles. This is because the tire is made of a high-pressure casing. Besides that, it also comes within a wire bead.

Great Deal for the Money

Squeezing in all these amazing features into the price range that this bike is available can be challenging. That is why we call this one the top BMX bike for the budget. Available in such a price range, this bike is easy for beginners to purchase.


  • Adjustable saddle is more comfortable for the rider
  • Perfect BMX geometry, top-load system, and cro mo bars
  • 2.5 tires are better and can cater to both beginners and professionals
  • All parts included along with an easy to follow instruction guide


  • Print has blemishes

Bottom Line: If you want a BMX bike that is worth the money, this is the one to get. With all parts included, amazing brakes, sturdy construction, and ergonomic seats, there is no reason you shouldn’t get this bike.

3. Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street/Dirt Bike

Dynacraft Magna Throttle Boys BMX Street Bike

Top Features:

  • Made for kids
  • A safe brake that works on all terrains
  • Coaster style brake
  • Adjustable seats

Adjustable Saddle

With seat clamps included, you can easily adjust the saddle of this bike. This makes for a much more comfortable seat. There is no weight restriction when it comes to these thickly padded seats either. No matter how long you use these seats, the foam will not sink in.

An All-Terrain Bike

This bike can be used on all kinds of terrains. No matter how rough or rocky, this bike can handle it all. Its features are designed to keep you safe and sound at all times, making it a great beginner-level bike.

Coaster brakes ensure you get to stop anytime you want at whatever speed you are riding in.


Looking for a bike that you can give to your child to start BMX riding? This is the one you need to get. Designed with foam padded handles, this bike will surely be safe for your kid. It has the perfect sized wheels that make reaching the ground easier for a child.


  • Foam padded handlebars make it easier for a child to learn without getting hurt
  • Can be used on all kinds of terrain without causing damage to the structure of the bike
  • Brakes work at full performance no matter what speed you are going at
  • Thickly padded seats are comfortable for a long ride


  • Not the most durable pedals

Bottom Line: If we could recommend a bike for your child, this one is it. This bike will surely be the safest option, and it is budget-friendly as well. With comfy seats and a padded handlebar, this bike makes learning a lot easier for your child.

4. Redline Bikes Proline BMX Race Bike

Redline Bikes Proline BMX Race Bike

Top Features:

  • Linear Pull Brakes
  • The Proline Pro (XL = 21″TT, Pro = 20.5″TT) top tube
  • Made for professionals
  • Lightweight design


A lightweight bike is better for BMX-style riding. And weighing just 24 pounds, this is undoubtedly the best lightweight BMX bike you will get in the market.

You can try on all kinds of tricks and go above all obstacles when using this bike. It will be harder to get a good balance if you are a beginner, but as the bike was designed for professionals, this should not be a problem. You can also use this bike if you are a beginner with a few weeks of practice.

Linear Pull Brakes

Linear pull brakes are the best brakes to get on a BMX bike. There is nothing that compares to the protection of a good quality linear brake system. This brake ensures that you can stop at any moment at any speed.

Better Balance

Lighter bikes are harder to balance. But not when you’re riding this one. This one will ensure that you stay in place and balanced. You will be in full control of the ride, not the weight of the bike.


  • Gives better balance even though it is a lightweight bike
  • Brakes work no matter what speed you are riding in
  • Constructed for long term use
  • Paddles are not flimsy


  • Paint chips quite fast
  • Seats are not so comfortable

Bottom Line: This bike is the perfect choice for people who are looking for a lightweight bike with good balance. There’s no need to worry about practicing beforehand if you are a professional biker. This bike ensures you are in full control and centered at all times.

5. Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike

Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike

Top Features:

  • Tight alloy 4 bolt clamp bars
  • Wheels made of Machined aluminum
  • Designed for riders that are 4’8 to 5’4 feet
  • 519mm horizontal top tube

The Best Brand

Mongoose is one of the best BMX bike brands out there. When you buy from this brand, you will surely not be disappointed. The same applies to this model. For the price, this bike will serve you a long time.

You won’t have to replace any part of this bike any time soon. As there is no damage done, there is less money spent on maintenance.


Full steel construction is exactly what you should look for in a BMX bike. This makes the bike more durable and resistant to getting bent. There is no worry of getting scratches or paint chips when you’re using this bike.

The constriction is perfect for the rough style of BMX riding. 170 mm cranks constructed of two pieces of forged steel ensure that your ride is smooth and comfortable.

Amazing Brakes

U brakes that are constructed of alloy help make the bike more lightweight. These brakes also work well for BMX-style riding.


  • Cranks are made of forged steel that ensures smoother riding
  • U style brakes constructed of aluminum
  • The best bike when it comes to durability
  • Comfortable for long journeys as well as BMX performances


  • Not the most lightweight bike in the market

Bottom Line: If you do not require the most lightweight bike in the market, you can surely check this one out. It might not be the lightest, but it is safe and durable.

6. Razor High Roller BMX/Freestyle Bike, 20-Inch

Razor High Roller Freestyle Bike

Top Features:

  • 4 bolt stem for easier steering
  • Two front pegs
  • High tensile steel fork
  • Both front and backhand brakes

Best for Racing

Two added pegs make this bike one of the best BMX bikes for adults who like racing. You will get unlimited speed and control, thanks to these pegs on the bike.

When you change between speeds, the bike responds a lot better. There is no shaking or vibrations that you need to deal with.

For safety, you also get brakes placed both in the back and the front. These are hand brakes that are easier to control when you are in a hurry.

Easy to Ride

The 4 bolt design steering wheel makes steering a lot easier for riders. You get more control and balance using a sturdy and heavy steering wheel as such. This sort of bike is highly recommended if you are having trouble staying on your bike when you try to overcome obstacles.


The body of this bike is steel-made. You can bump into other cycles and obstacles without having to worry about the health of your bike. This reduces the number of times you have to visit the mechanic for maintenance and helps you save up on money overall.


  • The seat can be adjusted without needing tools
  • A great option if you bump into other bikes often
  • Easy to reach brakes
  • Has 36 spoke rims


  • Requires a lot of assemblies

Bottom Line: With unlimited speed, safety, and control, this is the thing you need if you are looking for a good quality racing bike. Both professionals and beginners will love this bike for sure.

7. Kent Pro 20 Boy’s Freestyle Bike, 20-Inch

Kent Pro 20 Boy's Freestyle Bike

Top Features:

  • Tig welded frame
  • Rotor included with purchase
  • Beginner-friendly pegs included
  • Safe for kids and teenagers to use

Great Choice for Learners

This bike comes with a 20-inch wheel and a medium-sized frame that is perfect for kids. Even teenagers can benefit from the bike as well.

Every part of the bike has been designed to work for your benefit. The seats are comfortable, you get all the parts included with your purchase, handlebars are easier to hold, and the bike gives you balance as well.

Comes with Accessories Included

With your purchase, you get a rotor for free. This is great as most learners have to purchase this part somewhere along the line anyway. So it can be quite helpful if it comes included with your purchase.

This part also helps kids learn a lot faster as it makes riding the bike smoother.

Fun Design

A great way to encourage kids to ride their bikes more often is to get them a bike they really like. This way, they will be more encouraged to ride the bike daily, getting more practice in. As they might not understand all the features in the bike, getting them a bike that looks cool might help a lot.

Customers have said that their kid loves this bike because it looks fun, which, at the end of the day, makes bike riding a lot more enjoyable for them.


  • Helps you keep balanced
  • Pegs are removable
  • Fun blur pattern encourages kids to ride their bike more
  • All necessary accessories are included with your purchase
  • Great deal for the price


  • Brakes do not come installed

Bottom Line: We can guarantee that your child will love this bike. It is a great way to encourage little ones to start riding for their health and fun as well. With all the parts you will need in the future included with your purchase, this can be a great deal for the price.

8. Mafiabikes Kush 2+ 20 inch BMX Bike Orange Splatter

Mafiabikes 20 inch BMX Bike

Top Features:

  • Gripped handles
  • Thick 2.4 inch fat wheels
  • Sturdy but not heavy
  • 8.5-inch rise and 29-inch bars

Better Handles

Most BMX bikes require you to add grips in the handles after you purchase the bike. This can cause too much hassle and also be costly in some cases.

With these Mafiabikes, you get the handles with grips pre-installed. Handles with a better grip will ensure that you perform your tricks better and smoother. They also add to the safety feature of the bike.

Fresh Looks

With thick neon wheels like these, your bike will be unique amongst the others. This bike looks like a beast, and the wheels help it perform like one too.

The matte black and orange combination is perfect for any BMX racer.

Perfect Geometry

This bike has been designed to work for every BMX performer’s advantage. The slim design helps you cut down on air resistance, which in return enables you to ride a lot faster. Also, the thicker wheels let you ride over all terrains without any issue. The wheels are durable and won’t puncture so easily, either.


  • Durable wheels that don’t get holes so easily
  • Hi-tensile steel construction for longevity
  • Easy to adjust bike seats
  • Quick responding U brakes


  • Design might chip

Bottom Line: This is another bike on our list that has caught our attention looks-wise. Besides looking hip and cool, the bike also performs quite well and can be depended on. Durable wheels like these aren’t easy to get a hold of.

9. Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion BMX

Mongoose BMX-Bicycles Legion BMX

Top Features:

  • Chromoly steel construction
  • Removable brake mounts
  • Brake levers for speed control
  • 20 inch thick wheels


Weighing barely 23 pounds, this bike can be a treat to people who love good quality lightweight bikes.

Lightweight bikes are better as they do not hold you down in any way. You can ride faster and perform tricks a lot better. Learning new tricks will also be easier and more comfortable now.

Comfortable to Ride

With seats that are padded this thick, riding your bike for a long time will not be a problem. BMX racing or performances can be too bumpy and hard on your back. Getting comfortable seats will make your ride a lot more comfortable.

Padding has also been added to the handlebars so that they don’t scratch your palms.

Low Maintenance

Hate having to clean your bike every time you ride it? This Mongoose BMX can help solve that problem.

The surface of this bike is designed to get rid of dirt much faster. So instead of having to clean the bike with water, you can just brush off the dirt. No need for a full cleanup. This can come in handy, especially if you are a professional racer or performer. Not having to clean your bike every day can be a real blessing.


  • Requires less washing
  • Can be ridden for long hours without causing back pain
  • Parts can be replaced easily
  • Can be ridden on dirt, sand, and over rocks as well


  • Not the most durable

Bottom Line: When it comes to comfort, no other bike can beat this one. With well-padded seats and handlebars, you can give your back and hands a good rest even after a long day of riding.

10. Elite BMX 20″ Destro Bike

Elite BMX 20 Destro Bike

Top Features:

  • Fun printed wheels
  • The mid-level bike that works on mud as well
  • Comes with rear pegs
  • Easy to assemble

Easy Installation

Bikes that are harder to install can be annoying. They take a long time to assemble and can come off as well if not installed properly. Unless you are a pro at assembling bikes, the installation process can be a bit challenging.

If you are facing the same problems, you can check out this Elite bike. It comes with most parts pre-installed. So you do not have to do so much work. You might just have to tighten the screws of a few minuscule parts.

Fun Print

The bike comes with fun camo-printed wheels. These can be a real head-turner in a BMX tournament. What better wheels to get than camo ones for BMX racing?

Besides looking good, the wheels perform quite well too. They are 20 inches in size, which means they can be ridden by teenagers and adults as well.

Rear Pegs

Rear pegs make the bike better for racing. It increases safety and also makes the bike smoother to ride. You can change speeds easily without having to worry about abrupt brakes.


  • Change speeds easily
  • Recommended for racing and fats riding
  • Best looking bike on the list
  • Dual walled tires
  • Lots of colors to choose from


  • No noteworthy cons found

Bottom Line: We end our list with the fun Elite BMX bike. Not only does this bike look great, but it also performs great. It can be a great bike to take to a tournament or a function. Even if you do not like some features of this bike, you can still keep it in your collection.

Best BMX Bikes – Buying Guide

Finding a good quality BMX bike is not tough anymore. All you need to do is keep a few things in mind, and you’ll end up with the right purchase. Here are a few factors that you could consider if you are looking for a good quality BMX bike.


Just like any other kind of bike, BMX bikes are also available in different sizes. You need to select the right sized bike depending on your height and riding style.

When checking out the size of a BMX bike, you need to keep in mind the wheel size and the tube length. If you’re shorter, we would suggest that you go for a bike that has a smaller wheel size. This way, it will be easier for you to reach the ground.

The tube length will depend on how rough you want to ride the bike. Choose a size that you are the most comfortable in.

Bike Construction

You will be riding your BMX bike quite roughly, and there is no doubt in that. So if you still want your bike to stay in one piece after a BMX day, you need a bike with good construction.

For this, we recommend bikes that are made with Chromoly 4130 steel frames. As they are more durable and sturdy, you can use them on a regular basis.

You could also go for carbon fiber constructed bikes. They, too, are durable and great for BMX use. Aluminum BMX bikes tend to be more lightweight, but they sometimes cause too many vibrations.


A lightweight bike is always more favorable. You can ride the bike more safely and in comfort using a lightweight bike. However, you do have to be careful with lightweight bikes, though, as they can be harder to ride. But a little practice will take care of that.


Professionals will recommend a linear brake as the best one for a BMX bike. These brakes are the best companions for a riding style like this. The brakes are only in the back and not in the front. This is so that your foot doesn’t jam when riding.

Although this is the better option to go for when choosing brakes for your BMX bike, you should always go for the ones you are the most comfortable riding in.

Are Huffy Mountain Bikes Recommended for BMX Riding?

When it comes to BMX riding, Huffy mountain bikes may not be the best choice. While Huffy is known for its quality mountain bikes, they are not specifically designed for BMX riding. If you are a serious BMX rider, it is recommended to consider BMX-specific bikes rather than relying on the best huffy mountain bike reviews.


There is nothing more fun than BMX bike riding. A great sport that kicks in the adrenalin and also helps you get some exercise in the meanwhile. Choose the best BMX bike from our list, and we can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed. Get yourself a good BMX bike and get started on the riding.

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