Best Huffy Mountain Bike Reviews in 2022

If the popularity of bike riding has been escalating lately, the passion for mountain bike riding is rising like it’s something contagious.

Now, can any of the average-quality bikes make you admire the beauty of the sunset on a hillside road? No; for, bikes tend to make trouble all too often. That’s why you need a bike that will shower you with the blessing of comfort.

We sat down and researched the market. Huffy looked good to us, thanks to the reputation as well the quality of its products. Eventually, we prepared the Huffy Mountain bike reviews for you so that you enjoy more time riding and less time researching.

So, let’s begin.

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike
Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike, Stone Mountain 26-inch

It is the most outstanding bike on the list. For, it comes with amazing features like quick release system, hardtail frame, ATB saddle, and 21 speeds. It’s difficult to find such a good combination out there.

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike 24-inch
Huffy Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike 24-inch

I would choose this one if I was on a tight budget. The bike comes with great features at a reasonable price. Yes, knobby tires and aluminum frames seem really good at such a price range.

Huffy Extent 24 inch Mountain Bike for Kids
Huffy Extent 24″ Mountain Bike for Kids

This one leaves others behind this time. For, 18 speeds and the beauty of the frame make it highly desirable. It will make the bucks well spent.

7 Huffy Mountain Bike Reviews

The bikes we are about to talk about have glamourous looks, extreme comfort, and the right features in the right places. And there are other wonders about them which we are going to find out now.

1. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike, Stone Mountain 26 inch

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

Top Features:

  • 21 speeds facilitate intense acceleration
  • The hardtail frame is known to be durable
  • Linear pull hand brakes and the quick release system – a great combo

When we talk about acceleration, we consider the number of speeds first. That’s why I’m starting with this huffy stone mountain bike review. With 21 speeds, this bike will climb uphill smoothly, ride downhill effortlessly – thus, blessing you with the joy of pure mountain riding.

Another thing that has impressed me is the rear derailleur it comes with. The Shimano TZ-31 will keep surprising you with amazing functionality. And when I tell you that it forms a combination with the micro-shift twist shifter, things get more interesting, right?

What’s also amazing is the rear derailleur guard.  This removable feature makes sure that you enjoy a reliable gear operation. I am also optimistic about the hardtail frame. This denim blue–colored part of the bike will gain you an awful lot of compliments for sure.

How good are the tires then? Well, 26-inch x 1.95-inch knobby duos will win the heart of any bike rider, thanks to the way they work on the dirt. You are going to love the ATB saddle too. For, the brand has made its sides perfectly stitched so that you enjoy its durability.

Among other features, I liked the linear-pull hand brakes, alloy quick release, and suspension fork handles. They will provide you with the smoothness of riding, persistent stopping performance, and convenient seat height adjustment.

However, I expected more from the handlebar though. It could have been more user-friendly.


  • The gear operation will be reliable and consistent
  • Great for terrains with dirt, thanks to the tires
  • Adjusting the height is fun
  • ATB saddle comes stitched for comfort


  • The handlebar could’ve been more convenient

2. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike 24-inch, 26-inch, 27.5 inch

Huffy Hardtail Mountain Trail Bike 24-inch

Top Features:

  • Front suspension fork – it works magic when it comes to response
  • The tires are beautifully knobby
  • Aluminum hardtail is an excellent material for the bike’s frame
  • Shifting of speeds has never been easier with the classy design

This huffy mountain bike, 24 inches, also comes with 21 speeds. And this one has its unique features to take your breath away. For instance, there’s this front suspension fork that the pro bikers love to have in their two-wheelers. For, they yearn to enjoy the spot-on response the feature offers.

Another cool thing is the front-load stem this simple-looking ride comes with. And I appreciate the introduction of the forged crown with it. With such a combination, you feel the utmost comfort while riding.

I am also pleased with the knobby tires the bike includes. They will be efficient in gripping when the terrain is challenging. Moreover, you need to check out the aluminum hardtail frame of the bike. It is not only lightweight but also provides excellent rolling consistency.

Another feature I want to draw your attention to is the easy-shifting of speeds you will be thrilled with.  Yes, all it requires is a little movement of the fingers. And like any other top-class product, this one has a padded ATB stitched saddle for added comfort.

The bearing could have been a bit better. Also, this one might not be the ideal fir for the street trail rides.


  • An ATB saddle; perfectly padded and stitched for superior comfort
  • Gripping is extraordinary in challenging terrains
  • Amazing rolling consistency, thanks to the cool frame


  • Sometimes the shifter may bend

3. Huffy Extent 24″ Mountain Bike for Kids

Huffy Extent 24 inch Mountain Bike for Kids

Top Features:

  • The front suspension fork is one of the best
  • Easy shifting of the18 speeds with the twist shifting system
  • Hardtail frame offers extreme durability
  • The front-wheel comes with a disc brake

It’s about time we introduced the cute-looking huffy 24 mountain bike review. The gorgeous blue ride will amaze you with its front suspension fork. And the hardtail frame isn’t any less outstanding.

Also, Huffy is more than confident in the build of its beautiful product and we’ve seen it true to its claims over the years.

Now, will this bike suit someone too tall or short? No, it won’t. If you are anywhere between 4 feet 8 inches and 5 feet 8 inches, you are good to go. Otherwise, you will have difficulty maintaining your balance while riding.

The bike comes with 18 speeds. While this is a bit fewer than the previous two, the introduction of a twist-shifting system will surely bring new colors to bicycle riding sessions.

Another worth mentioning feature is the disc-brake the front wheel consists of. Along with the rear linear-pull brake, it will stop the bike from dead on its track. What’s more, the tires are quite large at 24-inch x 2.4-inch to provide you with great balance.

But I wish that the bearings were as nice as the bike itself. They were of average quality in one instance. Also, the lack of instructions bugged two riders.


  • Perfectly large tires for better traction and balance
  • The rear linear-pull brake is efficient
  • Beautiful design with gorgeous color


  • Not the best bearings

4. Huffy Valcon 20″ Mountain Bike for Boys – 6 Speed

Huffy Valcon 20 inch Mountain Bike for Boys

Top Features:

  • Hi-ten steel frame; combines looks and durability in one
  • For extraordinary shock absorption, there’s a rear spring
  • 20-inch tires provide grip, balance, and smoothness

Up until now, the bikes we’ve reviewed were all about extraordinary speeds. However, this bicycle is a lot different in that aspect. With only 6 speeds, it will still mesmerize you with attractive features. For example, it comes with this hi-ten steel frame that’s good-looking and durable at the same time.

I’m also excited about the rear spring of this ride. You will be surprised at how awesomely it absorbs shock and deals with the bumps. And when we talk about traction, few options can compete with the trailing edge tires this bike contains.

I like the easy setup of the ride too. It won’t take you long to figure it out. Now, the color of the frame is simply wow. Yes, I loved the use of charcoal grey. What has also convinced me is the touch of orange; it comes within perfect proportion.

What’s more, the bike comes with full suspension for the rider’s comfort. And the size of the tires at 20 inches is just what you need when the terrain isn’t favorable. Now, how good is the protection guard for gears? Well, it should do the job fine while being easily removable.

Now, the bike wasn’t easy to assemble. Another complaint about the product is that it sometimes comes with bad packaging. Also, the front brake cable could’ve been a tad longer and the kickstand a bit more flexible.


  • For comfort, a full suspension fork is introduced
  • The gear protecting guard is useful
  • Awesome traction with trailing edge of the tires
  • Extremely easy to setup


  • There are complaints about the stiffness of the kickstand

5. Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike for Girls, Stone Mountain 20 inch 6-Speed

Huffy Kids Hardtail Mountain Bike for Girls

Top Features:

  • A high handlebar to offer you better arms-adjustment
  • ATB resin pedals for extreme comfort
  • The smoothness of rides, thanks to the Kolo 1200 suspension fork

Let’s talk about the cutest-looking bike on our list. The pinkish ride might suit the princesses more, but that doesn’t mean that the princes cannot be their charming selves while riding it.

And I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the high handlebar of the ride. The designers were brilliant to come out with this idea. Thanks to this, your little one won’t have to suffer from back strain at his tender age. And you got to check out the ATB-type resin pedals too. They will offer an awesome feel.

Moreover, Huffy has been adamant about sticking to its TZ-31 rear derailleur. And this model is no different. Along with the micro-shift twist shifter, yet another frequently introduced feature – the derailleur will perform magic while riding on rough terrains.

So, how smooth will be the rides if there are an awful lot of dips and bumps? Well, you will be glad to know that the Kolo 1200 suspension fork of this bicycle is just made for handling those unpleasant situations. Additionally, the size of the tires couldn’t have been more appropriate for proper balance.

Now, there are things I am not perfectly pleased with. The gear system should’ve been better. It might trouble you with the frequent falling of chains at the time of changing gears. And some would appreciate easier and clearer instructions.


  • Spot-on size of the tires to deal with bumps and dips
  • Micro-shift twist shifter for comfort on rough terrains
  • Looks cute for little riders
  • TZ-31 rear derailleur is comfy and flexible


  • There’s a chance of falling off the chain

6. Huffy Granite 24″ Mountain Bike for Teens and Kids

Huffy Granite 24 inch Mountain Bike for Teens and Kids

Top Features:

  • The best pair of tires in terms of design and build
  • For tackling bumpy terrains, the seat is nicely padded
  • The gears are easy to shift

The reason behind choosing the next product has a lot to do with the choice of tires. Yes, the ATB tires are perfectly designed to present you with utmost comfort during rides. They will be good with dirt and excellent with the pavement. And the padded seat works as a life-saver when the terrain is bumpy.

I like the clamp for adjusting the height of the seat. It’s not stiff like some low-quality products. Using it, you can make your little ones enjoy their turns one after another while changing the height in a jiffy. And is the frame durable? Yes, the steel hardtail frame has never let anyone down.

I am also happy with the number of speeds this bike introduces. 15 speeds might not be the highest we’ve seen, but they should be enough to offer you a pleasant ride down a mysteriously beautiful hillside road. And the easy-shifting of gears should only add to your pleasure.

However, there are some issues. The handlebars aren’t that flexible. And, the instructions will make you break a sweat in figuring them out. Besides, the bike might take time in getting assembled.


  • ATB tires are made for rough cycling tracks
  • To adjust the seat height easily, there’s a clamp
  • Durable frame, thanks to the use of hardtail
  • 15 speeds offer you versatility in riding


  • Difficult-to-read instructions

7. Huffy Marker Full Suspension Mountain Bike, 24″ and 26″ Wheels

Huffy Marker Full Suspension Mountain Bike

Top Features:

  • Matte sky-blue color of the bike for aesthetics
  • 21 speeds to offer you extreme versatility
  • Easy gear shifting with the trigger shifters
  • Disc brake in the front wheel for added safety

The matte sky-blue color on the frame took my breath away the first time I gazed upon this beautiful bike. And then I figured that it has other awesomeness to impress me with further. Yes, it’s the number of speeds I’m talking about. While nearing the end of our reviews, we chose another bike with 21 speeds.

Not only that, this one comes with trigger shifters to make gear shifting ever so fun. You will be happy with the Shimano rear derailleur too. And the brakes are anything but ordinary. Yes, when the front wheel comes with a disc brake, you can be assured of a linear-pull break in the rear one.

I am also counting on the suspension setup of this ride. The dual suspension system will make sure that you ride a steady and strong vehicle. So, in a nutshell, this is a comfy bike at a reasonable price. With the mountain bike saddle, 3-piece crank, and reliable grips – we are talking about a brilliant catch.


  • A dual suspension system makes the bike durable
  • Mountain bike saddle for fun hill track riding
  • The tires provide higher grips


  • The bolts may strip sometimes

Buying Guide

Huffy bikes are all about comfort, versatility, and speeds. However, choosing the right model might not be an easy task if you have little idea of what to look for. Hence, this buying guide. We will talk about things that you may have otherwise missed to consider.


It’s a no-brainer that the bike will serve you a long time if the materials aren’t flimsy. And you must’ve noticed in our huffy hardtail mountain bike reviews that most of the bikes are made of a hardtail frame. They will last a lifetime.

Size of the Wheels

I love to roll with small wheels. However, if I have to be practical, you need a decently large tire to deal with bumpy roads. For, larger tires smoothen the bumps better and let the rider perceive fewer jerking movements. A tire measuring about 20-28 inches will serve the purpose right.

If you are comfy with big tires, then go through the huffy 26 mountain bike reviews specifically and skip the rest.

The adjustability of the Height

The height should be easily adjustable. Otherwise, a too short or tall person will have difficulty enjoying the riding comfort. That’s why I prefer clamps as they solve the problem easily. And the good news is that some Huffy bikes do come with clamps, as we mentioned in our huffy kid bike reviews.

The Number of Speeds

If you love the versatility of speeds, you will want to have a higher number of speeds on your bike. While some models offer as many as 21 speeds, some others will only provide as few as 6 speeds. However, bikes with a lesser number of speeds usually come with some unique features to impress you with.

I am okay with a few speeds if the ride feels smooth, offers flexibility, and the brake works fine. So, make sure you are choosing the right model considering all the crucial factors if you want to fall in love with your two-wheelers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Huffy Mountain bikes good?

Yes, if by ‘good,’ we mean classy features, durability, speed, and positive customer reviews – then these bikes are catchy. But you will find a good number of cons in them too.

Is Huffy or Schwinn better?

It’s difficult to compare between these brands. They both have their fair share of success in producing cool bikes. It’s the taste of the rider that will determine which bike will suit him better. If one of them has speed, then the other will blow you away with gorgeous designs.

Are Huffy bikes decent?

I think they are pretty awesome in terms of looks and features. And the choice of colors has always been interesting.

Which is better Huffy or Mongoose?

If you are into tough riding styles, you will fall for the latter. And if old school stuff attracts you, then the former will please you with its classic styling of the bikes.

What is the best brand of a mountain bike?

When I look at the manufacturing as well design brilliance of Huffy, I’m tempted to vote for it. Also, it keeps the prices of the models within an affordable range.

Is roadmaster better than Huffy?

Though I would give preference to Huffy, the other one makes decent bikes too. Buying a bike from either brand should be a good deal.

What are the top 10 bicycle brands?

They are Trek Bikes, Giant Bicycle, Huffy, Roadmaster, Schwinn, Redline, Raleigh, Haro Bicycles, Cannondale, and Sun Bicycles.

Can I Use Household Products to Clean a Huffy Mountain Bike Chain?

Yes, you can definitely rely on household products for cleaning a bike chain at home. Simple solutions like using dish soap mixed with warm water and a toothbrush, or applying a mixture of vinegar and baking soda, can effectively remove dirt and grease from your Huffy mountain bike chain. Regular maintenance will ensure a smooth and well-functioning ride.

Final Word

In our Huffy Mountain bike reviews, we wanted to focus on the key features that make the biking hobby a lot more interesting. Hobbyist or not, if you buy any of the reviewed products, you should enjoy some fun riding hours.

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