Tommaso Imola Review | Everything You Need to Know

Road biking is more than just a hobby for many of you out there, and if you are reading this article, then you might be one of those people. This activity is relaxing and enjoyable, but to have the best experience; you need a decent road bike with you.

The Tommaso Imola road bike has created a lot of hype this year because of multiple factors that seem to make it so great. However, sometimes even hyped road bikes do not perform that well. This is why we will be giving you a detailed Tommaso Imola review, so you can decide whether this road bike is the right fit for you or not.

Why You Should Buy The Tommaso Imola Bike?

Amongst all the Tommaso road bikes, the Tommaso Imola stands out because it is quite lightweight and sturdy. The premium aluminum used to build the structure of the cycle is said to be very strong, which makes this bike very long-lasting. The Shimona components used for the bike make it very strong and ensure a smooth ride for you.

With all the features that the Tommaso Imola bike packs, it can be considered a high-end road bike for beginners. One of the key selling points of this bike is the Tommaso Imola bike price that it is very less compared to other bikes in the market, which have similar features as the Tommaso Imola.

Tommaso 2014 Imola Road Bike


If you are getting into road biking and are looking for a reliable road bike, you will get hundreds of options promising you the best performance, but only a few will deliver. In this level of road bikes, the Tommaso Imola really delivers with fantastic performance and great build quality.

Although this bike has a price tag similar to that of a mid-ranger, it is definitely a high-end road bike. The parts used in the bike are engineered with premium materials, and they are designed to work perfectly together and improve your riding experience.

The beautiful frame of the Tommaso Imola combined with the Shimano Claris shifters and brakes makes it a great option.

Key Features

There are many features of the Tommaso Imola that make it worth taking a look at. Since the Tommaso Imola seems to offer you a great package on paper, let us see whether how the features actually are.

Excellent Compact Aluminum Frame

For the price, the frame of the Tommaso Imola is simply excellent. They have a sleek design and are have a geometric form which makes the bike suitable for all types of usage.

In terms of looks, this road bike comes in three colors: white, black, and a gorgeous burnt orange. Regardless of which color you choose, the Tommaso Imola looks great and will probably get you compliments, and you can also add racks and accessories to the frame. On top of that, this frame isn’t too heavy in comparison to other bikes, just weighing in at 23 lbs.

SST Steel Fork

This part of the Tommaso Imola is actually not the greatest since the SST steel fork is a bit heavier than aluminum ones, which also means that they make the bike weigh a bit more as well. However, they are quite durable and will undoubtedly last you a long time.

Premium Drivetrain

Oftentimes companies use a cheap drivetrain to cut down on the cost, resulting in the decrease of the riding performance of the bike. However, the Tommaso Imola uses the entire group set of the R2000 Shimano Claris drivetrain, which makes it very high-end.

Shimano Claris Shifter and Brakes

Much like the drivetrain, at this price point, companies also want to reduce their manufacturing cost by using a non-branded brake which often isn’t of great quality. On the other hand, the Tommaso Imola comes with Shimano Claris brakes and a shifter, both of which will help you to have better control over your bike.

With these brake calipers, you will be able to come to rest in a very short time, even if you are traveling at a higher speed. Therefore, purchasing this Tommaso road bike will also ensure better safety for you.

You can adjust the handlers to any position according to your comfort. Thanks to the ergonomic shape of the handlers, you can also reduce the hand pressure, which adds to the comfort of your riding experience.

Tommaso Corsa TC-20 wheels

For its wheels, Tommaso has used its own wheels, which are the Corsa TC-20 for the Tommaso Imola road bike. The wheels can balance weight quite well, with the rear wheel having 24 spokes and the front wheel having 20 spokes.

The Kenda 700x25c tires used on the wheels have a decent width and also help in giving you a better balance.

Derailleurs For Smooth Transitions

With the right derailleur adjusted, the derailleur used on the Tommaso Imola will give you a pleasant riding experience with smooth transitions. However, you must have the proper derailleur adjustment. If you can’t get it right then, you can take your bike to the nearest bike shop to get it adjusted.

An Astounding Number of 24 Speeds

Because of the cassette containing eight gear rings and a crank with three rings, you can easily select the speed of the bike with which you wish to ride with. Having 24 speeds, the Tommaso Imola is a very unique and versatile bike that you can use on all terrains.


  • Light and sturdy aluminum frame made to last you a long time
  • Comes in three beautiful colors
  • Uses a full Shimano groupset, meaning the riding experience will be very smooth and comfortable
  • Has 24 speeds which makes it versatile
  • Robust Tommaso Corsa TC-20 rims and 700 x 25c Kenda tires for better weight balance and stable ride.


  • Heavy steel fork, which adds weight to the bike
  • The saddle is slightly uncomfortable

FAQs About Tommaso Imola Review

Is Tommaso a good brand?

Tommaso is definitely a good brand, and they are well-known for providing customers with great bikes for an affordable price.

Where are Tommaso bikes manufactured?

Although the Tommaso bikes are designed in Italy, they are manufactured in Denver, Colorado.

What is the best road bike for beginners?

There are many great beginner bikes in the market, and a lot of them are subject to personal preference, so we cannot just say one is the best amongst the thousands of options. However, including the Tommaso Imola, some great road bikes for beginners would be the co-op cycles adv 2.1, Retrospec Drome V3, and the Marine Gestalt 2.

How much does a Tommaso Monza weigh?

The Tommaso Monza is quite light, weighing in at only 22.3 lbs.

Can I Use the Tommaso Imola Bike for Weight Loss as a Beginner?

The Tommaso Imola bike is a great choice for beginners looking to lose weight through cycling. With its comfortable design and responsive handling, it provides a smooth and enjoyable riding experience. Cycling for weight loss beginners can benefit from the Tommaso Imola’s versatile gear range and efficient pedaling. Start your weight loss journey with this reliable companion.

Final Words

The Tommaso Imola is all-around a great bike and provides riders with a smooth experience. We hope this Tommaso Imola review has given you more clarity about this product and has helped you to come to a decision. Before making the purchase, make sure to consider all the factors and research about the bike.

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