Ozark Trail 20 Person Tent Review | An In-Depth Analysis

Camping trips are enjoyable retreats that are even better when you have your family and friends with you! If you go on a camping trip with a large group, then you will definitely need many tents for accommodation, right? Well, not always. With the Ozark Trail 20 person tent, you and your group can all be under one roof with plenty of space.

There are so many features that you must know about this tent, so buckle in for a detailed Ozark Trail 20 person tent review.

Why You Should Buy Ozark Trail 20 Person Tent

This 20 Person Tent by Ozark Trail has been trending for a while and is said to be even great if you want to go camping with a small group and want a lot of space. The best thing about this cabin tent is that although it is so huge, it will not leave your wallet empty!

Oftentimes companies will quote a very high number for the people you can fit in their tent, but we assure you that this 20 man tent will definitely fit 20 people with ease. The weather around the woods can surprise you sometimes, even if you watch the weather forecast, which is why it’s so important to have a tent that can endure rough weather. Luckily, the Ozark Trail 20 person tent is made of great material, which makes it so sturdy and reliable.

Ozark Trail 20 Person Tent


As we have said before, this tent is well-known because of how much space it has inside and how it sticks to its promise of being able to fit 20 people without making the tent too crowded. You will get 4 rooms in this tent, which is plenty for a large group on a camping trip. Additionally, there are a lot of storage spaces in the Ozark Trail 20-person tent

Setting this tent up is very simple if you follow the instructions carefully, and everything is included with the package. There are plenty of windows in the tent, 8 to be precise, which helps in keeping the airflow moving. Since the tent is made of strong polyester fabric, it will not tear regardless of the weather. Although there is no weather-resistant grading by Ozark, this tent is certainly water-resistant and does not let water in.

Key Features

You must have gotten a rough idea of the Ozark Trail 20 Person Cabin Tent after reading through the overview, but before you decide on buying one of these, we need you to look at all the key features in heavy detail.

Large Space

This tent for 20 people has a floor area of 280 square feet or 26 square meters, which is pretty decent for a tent. If you divide that up by 20, then that means each person will get 14 square feet of space which is not much, but people usually only rest inside the tent when on camping trips.

You will get 3 room dividers with the tent that will help you in dividing the tent into 4 separate rooms. Now, the best thing about the Ozark trail 20 person tent is that you will be able to fit 6 Queen-size air mattresses into it, or if you prefer sleeping bags, then you will be pleased to hear that there’s adequate space for 20 sleeping bags.

Inside tents, the tall people of the group often have to stay hunched the entire time, which is certainly unpleasant. But since this tent has a very high ceiling, this is not an issue. To give you a clearer idea, the center height of the tent is about 83 inches which is 211 cm.

Ventilation System

For ventilation, the twenty person tent has 8 windows which lets air in and helps in keeping the temperature inside the tent cool and comfortable. On top of that, the ceiling of the tent is made of mesh, meaning the ceiling also helps in the airflow of the tent. These two combined, make a decent ventilation system, which gets the job done.

However, you may be disappointed to hear that this tent does not have floor vents. Therefore, if you have 20 people sleeping in the tent, you might feel a bit stuffy, and people with asthma or any other breathing conditions might feel that it is suffocating to breathe.

Setting Up the Tent

It is very common for people to take hours to set up large tents because most of the time, the instructions are complicated. Fortunately, this is not the case with the Ozark 20 person tent. By following the simple instructions, you can set it up easily under 30 minutes on average. Along with the tent body in your package, you will get 20 metal and fiberglass poles, the fly, 22 steel stakes, 4 guy ropes, and 6 4-way hub elements to build the hexagonal shape of the tent.

The ping and ring system of the tent makes the setup of the tent very simple. Due to the same reason and the moded hub that comes with the tent, you can easily take down this tent as well.

Structure and Design

You do not have to fret that the Ozark trail tent for 20 people will be torn down by a rainstorm that you might face on your camping trip. The structure is durable, and the seamed rainfly of the tent prevents any water leakage into your tent, so you can have a good night’s sleep.

Furthermore, you will get a mud mat with the tent, which will ensure that your tent always stays clean. Moreover, we all know how uncomfortable it is to walk in mud.

The tent has 3 D-shaped entrances for more convenience since up to 20 people may stay in it. As we have previously mentioned, the mesh ceiling provides extra ventilation, but you must also know that it also gives you a very nice view of the outside, so you can lie down on your air mattress and admire nature!

For storage, this Ozark tent has small pockets so you can store your essential items and not have them get lost while you are exploring the wilderness.


  • Very spacious, and can actually fit 20 people.
  • Has 4 separate rooms, so this is great if anyone wants privacy.
  • Comes with a mud mat so that the tent stays clean.
  • Includes storage pockets to store small essential items.
  • Decent height means tall people will not have to stay hunched.
  • Has 8 beautiful large windows and 3 separate entrances.
  • Mesh ceiling for better ventilation, and comes with a seamed rainfly.


  • Does not have floor vents so it can be stuffy if there are too many people.

FAQs About Ozark Trail 20 Person Tent

How many air mattresses can fit inside?

You can fit up to 6 queen-sized air mattresses.

Is the Ozark Trail 20 Person Tent Waterproof?

The Ozark Trail, 20 person tent, will not usually have water leakage in case of a rainstorm. But this tent is better for camping trips during summer conditions.

Are Ozark Trail Tents good quality?

Since all their materials are of very high quality and the structures are strong, the Ozark trail tents are certainly of good quality.

How do you set up an Ozark Trail 20 person tent?

Setting up this tent is quite simple; all you have to do is follow the instruction manual. However, it would be best if you saw a video guide from YouTube on how to set the tent up.

How do I clean my Ozark Trail Tent?

Use a sponge or a cloth and then dip it in a solution of water and mild dish soap. Then, scrub any dirty spots on your tent. If you have dried up dirt in your tent, just use a broom to clean it up. Also, never use any harsh chemicals to clean your tent because they might damage the tent body.

What Material are Ozark Trail tents made of?

The tent body is usually made from polyester fabric, polyethylene, or nylon. In contrast, the other hardware parts are made of stainless steel or aluminum. Lastly, the poles of the tent are made of both fiberglass and metal.

Are Coleman Tents better than Ozark Trail Tents?

The answer to this question will vary from person to person, but we must say both brands produce excellent tents.

Final Words

The Ozark Trail 20 person tent is a stellar option if you are planning to go on a camping trip with your family. This tent is great for families or even three couples as there are 3 private rooms thanks to the room dividers. You can look around for more family tents, but we definitely recommend this spacious and durable tent to you!

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