Best Yakima Car Racks in 2022 | Top Picks

There was a time when car racks used to be frightening for car owners. Yes, how can you see a scratch mark on your favorite possession? Now, gone are the days of such inconvenience. Not only the car racks are safe to use, but also, they offer outstanding versatility, comfort, and ease of use.

Yakima car racks aren’t new to those who love good-quality products. In this article, we will review the best ones the company has presented the market with.

How come the brand has earned its fair share of great reputation – along with the answer to this, many mysteries are about to unfold. Read on.

What Type of Bike Rack Do I Need?   

It will depend on the number of bikes as well as the weight capacity of the rack. If there are multiple bikes you need to carry; the rack needs to be spacious to meet the need. Also, a rack having a low weight capacity won’t be any good if the bikes are too heavy.

Therefore, if you are buying online, make sure to shoot the necessary questions addressing the manufacturer first.

In the market, you will find trunk or boot mounted, roof-mounted, hitch or towbar mounted, and crossbar racks most commonly. They have varying uses based on their needs.

What Car Bike Rack Works Best for Female Bikes?

I would recommend a lightweight car rack for female users, as it will be easy to install and maneuver. Also, you need to check out the loading convenience of the rack. If it creates a hassle, you should keep away from it.

The good news is that in our reviews, we are going to review some racks that will suit any lady biker stunningly.

Which Vehicle Will You Be Using to Carry Your Bikes?

You can guess that the most commonly used vehicle for carrying bikes in the car. However, by the type of car, your choice of racks will vary.

If the car is a mini one, you need to buy a mini-sized rack too. Now, you needn’t worry much, as the racks we will review will get along with most standard vehicles out there.

How Often Are You Using the Rack, and How Far Are You traveling?

When you use a rack too frequently, you need it to be easy to mount and dismount. I mean, if the installation takes all of your time, how can you enjoy the beautiful countryside while lazily pedaling your way? That’s why we’ve given special emphasis on the issue of ease of installation.

Another important factor is the distance you travel carrying your bikes. You see, with long-distance trips, you need to have the peace of mind that your bike is secured as well as your car. Thus, you need strong strapping along with proper padding in your rack.

What Type of Bikes Are You Carrying?

This is the last but not the least factor you will have to consider. See, with various types of bikes, the requirement of racks will also vary.

While one rack will be compatible with a mountain bike, some others might not. Therefore, buy a rack that has great versatility so that you can enjoy riding multiple bikes with a single rack.

Yakima Car Racks Reviews

We were thrilled to write about the following products as they have received plenty of good reviews from the users. Let’s get to know about them in detail.

1. YAKIMA – HighRoad Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrier for Roof Racks

YAKIMA - HighRoad Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrie


  • Smooth adjustment of the tightening knob
  • Secures the gears by preventing contact between the frame and carrier
  • Compatible with various wheels
  • Hatch-interference is zero


  • Doesn’t accommodate 36″+ crossbar spreads

A car carrier is fun to use when it comes with smooth adjustment. And that’s what our best pick is all about. The tightening knob has never been easier to adjust, thanks to the design brilliance. I’m also impressed with the way it secures the car perfectly.

Moreover, if you do not like the interference of the hatch, then you are going to be happy about the tray included in this Yakima roof rack. Yes, it’s as simple as you want. What’s more, there won’t be any hassle of removing the wheels. And the carrier won’t touch the frame of your beloved possession.

Now, is it compatible with any car? Well, if the size of the wheels is between 26″-29″ and the size of the tire doesn’t exceed 4″, you are good to go. For all these reasons, I would recommend this one for carbon fiber cars along with all other ones. However, if the maximum crossbar spread is beyond 36″, you are going to be in trouble. If the carrier had a 3-4 inches bigger spread, it would’ve been fantastic.

2. YAKIMA, CoreBar Aerodynamic Crossbars for Roof Rack Systems

YAKIMA, CoreBar Aerodynamic Crossbars for Roof Rack


  • Compatible with various cars along with Yakima
  • The installation of the crossbar is a breeze
  • Extremely lightweight for ease of maneuvering
  • Four sizes are available


  • A bit noisy operation

Here’s another pair of crossbar Yakima racks that come with a wide range of compatibility. Yes, this one will get along with Yakima as well as other mounts.

Thanks to the core bar SL adapter, the device integrates with streamlined system towers incredibly. What’s also cool is that it has a galvanized steel body. Talk about the strength!

Moreover, the crossbar comes with this vinyl wrapping so that you find it extremely durable. Also, there won’t be any corrosion with such a build.

I’m also optimistic about the weight-bearing capacity of this product. Across the double crossbar, 75 kg should be enough for most users. And you have the liberty of choosing among any of the four available sizes.

The crossbar is easy to install. Before the hour bar in the wall clock completes its rotation, you will be done with the installation.

Besides, there won’t be much dragging with this device so that you can have high efficiency out of it. And the teardrop shape of the crossbar will offer a smooth operation for the user’s comfort. Also, it’s pretty lightweight.

Now, will the tool produce a bit of noise? Yes, it will. And that can be annoying at times. Otherwise, this is a good option for any Yakima mount rider.

3. YAKIMA – EasyTop, Instant Roof Rack

YAKIMA - EasyTop, Instant Roof Rack


  • Nice padding to provide added safety
  • Brilliant securing through the door frame
  • Straps and tie-down-rope are integrated
  • Gets along with various vehicles


  • A stronger seam on the HD strap would’ve been great

What I love most about the next Yakima car racks is the protection they offer the gears. Yes, the structural padding is thick enough to keep your car from harm’s way.

And if you are still in need of assurance, there’s the double latching buckle to make extra sure that the roof of the car is fine. And the weight carrying capacity is 80 pounds, which should be sufficient.

Now, what’s amazing is that this rack will go with almost any gear. Yes, be it boat or board, this one will serve the purpose right by offering reliable strapping.

However, if your car has a sliding door, this one is not for you. Now, in terms of load width, this device is compatible with up to 36″. And the 14′-longboat will fit perfectly to this rack.

Now, is the installation a breeze? You bet. The way the Yakima car top carrier will secure through a door frame is astounding. Both the tie-down rope and straps are included in the package so that you don’t have to break a sweat.

As for drawbacks, the HD strap could’ve had a stronger seam. However, if versatility and ease of installation are your preferences, you are in for a good catch.

4. Yakima – ForkLift Fork Mount Bike Carrier for Roof Racks

Yakima - ForkLift Fork Mount Bike Carrier


  • Goes with a 42″ crossbar spread; big for a rack
  • Won’t come in contact with the frame
  • Compatible with disc brakes
  • Great adjustability, thanks to the sliding wheel tray


  • Needs manual fastening of the wheel straps

Now is the time to cheer you up with a decent spread of crossbar. It’s a good 42 inches; ample spread in every sense. So, you only need to make sure that your car has a minimum 16″ spread, and you will be okay.

What also impresses me is the ease of installation the rack offers. While removing and installing it, you won’t have to endure the hassle of using tools.

Another wonderful fact is that this rack fits the disc brakes with ease – at least, most of them. And if it doesn’t fit, then you can always use an adapter that serves the purpose right.

Now, the most dreadful fear of a car-owner is the fear of having his car scratched. But, with this device, not a chance. Thanks to the neat design, we are talking about a no-frame-contact operation.

The weight-bearing capacity might be mediocre, though at 35 lbs. However, you can count on the adjustability of length it provides. The sliding wheel tray of the rack is as good as they come. There’s an issue, though, with this Yakima roof rack system. The wheel straps refuse to hold on if you don’t fasten them down. Unlike other Yakima racks, the straps do not attach to the mount. So, you need to be careful every time to attach the rack to the ratchet.

5. Yakima – RaptorAero Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrier for Roof Racks

Yakima - RaptorAero Wheel-On Mount Upright Bike Carrier


  • Lightweight, considering the efficiency
  • Useful for traditional frame geometry along with fenders
  • No need to remove the front wheel
  • Compatible with small cars; unlike many others


  • Plastic clamps might be a letdown

The next product on the list might seem too lightweight at first, but once you check out the heavy-duty use of it, you will be amazed. And, the rack comes with extremely easy installation too. Another worth mentioning thing is that it doesn’t require the removal of the front wheel.

Also, it gets along beautifully with cars having both fenders and traditional frame geometry. So, we are talking about excellent versatility.

I am also pleased with the fact that any roof rack having a crossbar spread of 16-38 inches will be compatible with this device. Moreover, it will do the job right with 1″ to 3″ down tubes.

People always worry about small cars that they won’t find a suitable rack. But, if you have this Yakima bike roof rack in your possession, you can chill.

Now, whether or not this product is affordable depends on what we are considering. If the sturdiness of the build is something that you appreciate, then you will be happy with the price. And if you are looking for more high-tech features, then look for other Yakima products instead. Also, the use of plastic clamps is questionable.

6. Yakima Hangout 2 Bike Rack

Yakima Hangout 2 Bike Rack


  • Offers fast loading and unloading
  • The zip strip cradles are easy to remove
  • Foldable to provide compactness
  • No scratches with the padded feet in place


  • Sweaty hands will struggle to hold onto the rubber straps

We are wrapping up with a convenient product. Yes, this one makes the loading and unloading of the cars surprisingly easy. Thanks to the zip strip cradles, we are talking about a fast and secure operation. And what makes things more fun is that the zip strip is completely removable.

And when it comes to storage, you won’t find too many compact options like this out there. That’s because of the design brilliance of the Hangout.

Now, what about the horrible scratches? Will there be any? I am glad to answer in the negative. For, there are padded feet along with nicely coated metal buckles to ensure your car’s safety.

So, in a nutshell, this is one of the simplest racks you will ever come across. It’s not only easy to use but also highly protective of the gears. Now, there are things I didn’t fall for. For instance, it’s not fun to use rubber straps when your hands are sweaty. Also, there might be an issue of slipping the cradles on the posts. When they slip, the rack has to bear more stress and weight.

Types of Yakima Racks

Let’s get to to know about various types of racks here.

Roof Racks

This kind of rack is attached to the roof of cars. It’s the most comfortable and good-looking type of rack as the circumference of the car stays clear. You only need to make sure that the weight of the bike is not too much so that the roof doesn’t get damaged.

Among other uses of roof racks are carrying items like luggage, canoes, and tent, etc.

Trunk Racks

Trunk racks are fun too. The bike will be out of sight if you carry it in the trunk of the car. For those who want to keep their cars as gorgeous as they are, this might be the most suitable option.

Also, it’s a great choice for riders who do not ride bikes too often. This type of rack saves you the hassle of installing a crossbar or hitch.

Tow-ball or Hitch Mounted Racks

This is the old-school type of rack that is attached to the back of the car. The benefit of using such a rack is that you can drag large and heavy items with this. For, it will drag weight horizontally this way.

However, you need to be careful while driving, as there’s extra bulk attached to the car that adds to the car’s actual length.

Tailgate Pads

These are pads with foams inside. They fold over the tailgate of your car or truck.

You can guess that the padding will protect the bike from any scratches. But still, in some cases, they might ruin the paints on the bike if they come with too strong a finish. Therefore, it will be wise to use a downtube and fork to give proper protection to the bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Yakima cheaper than Thule?

Not always. If the former comes with better features and specs, it will be more expensive than the latter.

Are Yakima racks made in the USA?

Of course, they are. And that’s one of the many reasons behind the quality of build and design the brand has shown over the years.

How much does a Yakima roof rack weigh?

It weighs around 8 pounds if it’s the small one. The bigger ones might weigh heavier.

Is Rhino rack compatible with Yakima?

Yes, most of the time, it is. However, there might be some racks that are not made for Yakima.

Who owns Yakima roof racks?

Since 2001, Watermark has been owning all Yakima roof racks.


We hope our article gave you a clear concept about Yakima car racks. Once you go through the pros and cons of the reviewed products, there will be one item that will stand out. Go for that one if its cons do not bother you much. And we are there for any queries you may have.

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