Best Cup Holders for Outdoor Chairs | Top 7 Picks

Outdoor chairs are usually meant for some sort of activity, be it lounging around a pool, enjoying the sea while getting a nice tan, or waiting on a boat for a fish to take the bait. All of these activities can be made better if you had a nice refreshing or cozy drink to accompany you, depending on the weather.

For times like these, you can buy outdoor plastic chairs with cup holders built-in. But don’t fret if your chair does not have any. You can get cup holders for outdoor chairs from the market, too. They are usually versatile enough to clamp onto any outdoor chair of your choice.

Today, I will review 7 of my top picks for you. Let’s get started!

RoboCup Best Cup Holder
RoboCup Best Cup Holder

The RoboCup Cup Holder is my top pick for being well-made, sturdy, versatile, non-fading, and an all-around great clip-on cup holder for chair. Despite taking less room than trays, it can hold many additional items.

Accmor Stroller Cup Holder with Phone Holder & Organizer
Accmor Stroller Cup Holder with Phone Holder & Organizer

On a budget, the Accmor Stroller Cup Holder would be a great pick because it contains all the qualities you’d want in a cup holder at a great price. It does not fall short anywhere.

C-CHAIN Zero Gravity Chair Tray Cup Holder
C-CHAIN Zero Gravity Chair Tray Cup Holder

The C-CHAIN Tray Cup Holder sits just a few bucks more than the previous pick, yet it can hold a lot more products by comparison. As a bonus, maintenance is very easy.

7 Best Cup Holders for Outdoor Chairs

A cup holder for chair can come in handy in more scenarios than you can think of. Continue reading to learn how you can use the following picks for top cup holders –

1. C-CHAIN Zero Gravity Chair Tray Cup Holder

C-CHAIN Zero Gravity Chair Tray Cup Holder

Top Features:

  • Capacity: 2 drinks (1 handled cup), 1 phone, 1 book/tablet
  • Attaches to round tubed frames
  • Material: Sturdy PP material
  • Universal mount clip

This one comes in a tray form and can hold up to 4 accessories at the same time! So you can use it to keep all of your items when you are out and about. How convenient is that?

This is a tray holder made specifically for zero gravity outdoor chairs, but it has a universal clip that can clamp onto any chair as long as it has round tubed construction. You can even use this as drink holders for beach chairs.

One of the best features of this item is that it is made of sturdy PP material. It is not like those flimsy cup holders that fall on easily when you move or recline your chair.

However, you do have to take it off when you want to fold up your chair; it cannot be permanently attached to the chair because it gets in the way.

There are two drink holders in this tray, one of which is shallower to accommodate a handled cup. You will also get two other slots, the smaller of which is meant for a phone.


  • Stays sturdy even when the chair is moved
  • Great sizes and enough space for different types of cups
  • Thick and robust material
  • Perfect for zero gravity chairs
  • Slotted bottoms do not hold any spilled liquid


  • Needs to be removed if you fold your chair

2. SwirlyGig SkiffDaddy Drink Cup Holder

SwirlyGig SkiffDaddy Drink Cup Holder

Top Features:

  • Material: PVC coated hard-drawn steel
  • Easy & simple installation and removal
  • Ideal for boats, outdoor chairs, and hospital equipment
  • Made to withstand the elements

If you are looking for the perfect beach chair cup holder attachment, this would be it. Keep reading to know why!

This cup holder is made of tough hard-drawn steel. The entire body has also been coated with PVC, so it holds up against water, moisture, and elements well. This means sea beaches won’t cause it to rust.

You may think that the spring-like design may be too bouncy to hold drinks steady, but you’d be wrong. It is robust, flexible, and grippy enough to hold drinks stably, which is important when you are on boats. Many boat owners have praised this product a lot for their performance.

Another stand-out feature is that this cup holder is extremely easy to install and move around. If you are in a situation where you need to move the cup holder frequently, this is highly recommended. It also works well as an Adirondack chair cup holder attachment.

While this product can hold heavy drinks and flasks easily, it does not fit wide cups or flasks, which is a big con. Most standard bottles, soda cans, and glasses will fit, but anything with a diameter larger than 3 1/8 inches will not fit inside.


  • Very easy slip-on installation
  • Flexible and grippy – holds drinks steady in a moving environment
  • Will easily hold heavier cups and drinks
  • Can be moved and repositioned easily


  • Does not fit wide bottles or mugs
  • Not the best fit for drinking bottles and thermal flasks

3. GEARV Cup & Water Bottle Holder

GEARV Cup & Water Bottle Holder

Top Features:

  • Dimensions: ‎3.2 x 3.3 x 6.9 inches
  • Can be attached to roll bars ranging between 1.5” and 2.3”
  • Weight: 5.3 ounces
  • Best for beach outings

Up next, we have this amazing product from GearV. Other than chairs, this versatile cup holder can be used with bikes, scooters, and wheelchairs.

This is a universal fit cup holder, and you can use it with a roll bar with a width between 1.5″ and 2.3″. I think we can all agree that universal applicability is always the highest of our priorities.

The cup holders are attachable via Velcro straps which are very handy on the go. At the same time, these straps are sturdy enough to hold together through bumps and keep your liquid safe. So, it would be ideal for beach and camping chairs.

The design of this cup and water bottle holder is pretty casual and comfy. The holder is collapsible with an impressive waterproof rating. Its thermal insulation layers are also helpful in preserving the temperature of your drink. These features make it a good beach chair drink holder.

This is an amazing chair cup holder with one-size-fits-all features that come with GearV’s signature quality control, an amazing purchase without a doubt.


  • Incredible resistance to recoil, preserving your beverage on the road
  • The convenient size of the cup is suitable for any occasion
  • Can hold a variety of things, including cellphones, chargers, bottles, etc.
  • Thermal insulation keeps the drinks hot or cold for longer


  • Straps might be too long for some applications

4. RoboCup Best Cup Holder

RoboCup Best Cup Holder

Top Features:

  • Available in 17 different color combination
  • Strong reinforced rubberized clamping jaws
  • Clamps compatible with both round and flat surfaces
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Available in regular and plus (larger) versions
  • Holster added to hold phones, wallet, keys, pens, etc.

In 4th place, I have a great clip on cup holder for chair to share with you. Cup holders that utilize a clip-on mechanism are often considered to be of low quality because they do not hold up well. Well, you will change your mind about them once you try Robocup out!

Let’s first talk about the clip holder of this product because it makes it what it is. The clamping jaws are extremely strong and reinforced for extra durability. They are rubberized to provide a good grip on your cup.

These clamps operate using very strong stainless steel springs & hardware. They are so strong that you have to use both of your hands to open them apart when installing. You can even use zip ties for added strength; the holder supports them.

You’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor folding chairs with cup holder such as this one because the added holster is perfect for keeping many small items such as keys, phones, wallets, tools, pens, etc.


  • The clamp has a very strong grip, will not slide down or fall off easily
  • The removable bottom cap allows for adjustment
  • UV-inhibiting material holds up against sun damage
  • Two different sizes can hold cups of all sizes
  • The holster fits a lot of small accessories, which is convenient


  • Built for tapered-bottom cups, regular ones do not fit well
  • Difficult to clean and maintain the color

5. kemimoto Bar Cup Holder

kemimoto Bar Cup Holder

Top Features:

  • 360-degree adjustable alligator clamp
  • Material: 600D oxford fabric
  • Adjustable drawstring for cups and bottles of all sizes
  • 2 mesh pockets for holding small items
  • Bottom drain for spilled liquid

If you are looking for a cup holder attachment for camping chair, this kemimoto would be the perfect fit for the job. It comes with an easy-to-install alligator clamp that rotates 360 degrees, so you can attach it anywhere on a chair as long as it is on a round tube.

Many cup holders tend to either get starches from their surroundings on leave scratches themselves on railings and other nearby surfaces. To combat that, this cup holder for camping chair comes with a padded body, which you do not see very often on cup holders. It is definitely a pro in my book.

As this cup holder is also meant for moving situations such as bikes or kayaks, it comes with drawstrings that will hold the cup well in place. This feature can also in handy for outdoor chairs that are at risk of getting jerked, which is why I keep saying it is great for camping chairs.


  • The drawstring will hold drinks in place, reducing risks of spilling
  • The clamps have a great grip, does not slip
  • Drainage hole ensures no build of spilled liquid occurs
  • The padded design protects the rails and surrounding items from scratches


  • The screws can get rusty

6. Accmor Stroller Cup Holder with Phone Holder & Organizer

Accmor Stroller Cup Holder with Phone Holder & Organizer

Top Features:

  • Holder Clip Range: 0.55-1.7”
  • Material: ABS Plastic, anti-skidding rubber
  • Can hold cups with handles
  • Dedicated phone holder

Another sleek and stylish cup holder from Accmor will certainly make it to your shortlist. You can use it with boats, ATVs, motorcycles comfortably. It comes with a phone holder too, adding to the convenience.

The addition of a phone holder slot is a handy feature as you can keep your phone nearby on the go in a secure fashion. The holder fits most of the conventional smartphones on the market.

Like the phone holder, you will find the cup holder to be fitting all sizes as well. It has flexible silicone petals that hold the cup firmly regardless of the dimensions. The design also has an open side that is able to fit the handle that may come with the cup.

The material is pretty sturdy as well. Made of ABS plastic, it is rigid and conditioned for roughness. The cup holder is really effortless to install and makes for a great chair cup holder attachment.

The cup holder also offers versatility and convenience, for which we nominate it to be one of the best, if not the very best cup holder attachment for beach chairs. Once you start using it, it’s unlikely that you’ll want to come back.


  • Convenient smartphone holder is helpful for many circumstances
  • Rugged and can stand firm against damages
  • Cup holder designed in a way to accommodate handles
  • Easy to install, so users won’t have to go through complicated manuals


  • Is a bit small, so can’t hold tall containers
  • Has problems staying on a foam grip

7. Hanperal Zero Gravity Chair Tray

Hanperal Zero Gravity Chair Tray

Top Features:

  • Large rectangular drainage holes
  • Material: Thickening plastic
  • Multiple slots for cups, ipads, mobile phones, and handled mugs
  • Deep slots for a stable hold

Last but not least, we have another tray-like cup holder to share with you. It makes a great lawn chair cup holder attachment because it can hold your devices, a book, and two drinks. So you can lazily lounge away in the afternoon with a magazine, watching movies, or listening to songs while sipping a drink.

Much like the first tray holder, this too has 4 slots for your items. Two of them are for cups, one of which can be handled. The other two are for a phone and an iPad or books of similar dimensions.

How this tray differs from the rest is that the slots are bigger as well as deeper. So, you can fir wider cups and have your devices stay securely inside the slots.

Speaking of slots, they come with nice large drainage holes. Very few things are as annoying as having your cup holders collect spilled liquid and dirtying your new cups. Thanks to these large drainage holes, the tray will stay nice and clean.

Do not treat this as an actual tray, though, because there is a limit to the weight it can hold.


  • Very easy to fit on a chair, no drilling required
  • Does not interfere with reclining
  • Plenty of room to fit a lot of items alongside two cups
  • Stays level and secure – rare in trays like this


  • Unable to hold an excessive amount of weight
  • The package has a chemical-y smell

Buying Guide for Cup Holders for Outdoor Chairs

To make sure you have the best cup holder attachment for chair, here are a few things you should consider–

Installation Process

Not all cup holders use the same mechanism for installation. Some you have to clamp on a railing of a chair, some you have to slide in, some use a clip-on mechanism, some are meant to be hanged, and so on.

This is very important to check because how secure and level your cup holder will be depends on the type of installation it has. While you are at it, the compatibility factor also comes here. Not all cup holders can fit any type of outdoor chair you have, as different chairs have different types of build.

So, get a cup holder that will fit the type of chair you have. Also, make sure the installation process makes the cup holder stay strongly in place.

Location of Installation

You should also think ahead regarding the area of your chair you want to install the cup holder onto. Commonly, the handle is where the holder gets installed, but depending on the model of your chair as well as the holder, you can install it on other areas, too, such as legs and side bars.

Determine which location on your chair would be the most convenient for you to have a cup holder in & find a suitable cup holder for it.

Size and Shape

The size, as well as the shape, of the cup holder matters too because it determines the type and size of cups and bottles it can hold. Some cup holders can only fit standard-sized cups, so bigger cups will not be a match. Some are made for tapered cups, so straight-edged cups would be awkward in them.

Consider the size and shape of cups, bottles, and flasks you would like to use outdoors, and get a holder accordingly.

Additional Slots

You may also find additional slots and pockets with holders to hold small items and accessories. Those are always a pro, so keep an eye out for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I clean a cup holder?

If it is not too dirty, you do not have to remove it. Just use some soap and a clean cloth to clean the cup holder. If the cup holder is too dirty with dried-up liquid, I recommend soaking it in water and then using a sponge or brush to remove the residue.

How do I attach my cup holder?

This depends on the type of cup holder you have, as not all cup holders use the same mechanism. You can easily find relevant instructions on the manufacturer’s website if you have any confusion.

Can I recline my zero gravity chair when a tray holder is attached to it?

Yes, you can recline your chair. The tray holder will not get in the way. However, if you want to fold the chair up, you have to remove the tray holder as it will get in the way of folding. Fortunately, these holders are generally very easy to take off and install, so it is not that big of a hassle.

Can I fit Yeti bottles inside my cup holder?

Yes, most cup holders will hold any type of flask and bottles easily as long as the diameter of the bottle is less than the inside of the cup holder.

Can I make my cup holder wider?

Generally, no. Cup holders come with a foxed body that you cannot change. However, some two-in-one cup holders come with slots of two sizes. One is usually a standard size, while the other is wide for larger cups. So, if you have cups and bottles of varying width, you should consider getting those.

Final Words

As you are aware by now, buying cup holders for outdoor chairs is not exactly a walk in the park, particularly if you want to get one perfectly suited to your needs. Go through the buying guide and then decide the type of cup holder you want. Then, you can read the reviews to find one suited to your requirements. All of the products featured are great, so have faith.

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