Best Roof Rack for Roof Top Tent in 2022

Roof racks can facilitate the installation of a roof top tent on your jeep or car. It’ll also help you carry different equipment on the top of your jeep.

However, getting the best roof rack for roof top tent isn’t a piece of cake. There are different factors that you need to consider before choosing one for yourself. First of all, you need to consider whether that rack will fit on your jeep or car. Once you’re sure it will, you need to check if that’ll suit the tent or not.

Considering everything, picking the best truck rack for roof top tent can be a hassle. This is why we decided to make life easier for you by sharing the top racks in the market.

YAKIMA, Overhaul HD
YAKIMA, Overhaul HD

The Yakima Overhaul HD is our top pick, as it offers an amazing build quality paired with a tried and tested design. It also scores high markes in terms of convenience and ergonomic features.

ARKSEN 64″ Universal Black Roof Rack

If you’re looking for the cheapest possible rack that’ll provide all the features without crushing your wallet, go for the ARKSEN 64″.

XCAR Roof Rack Carrier Basket
XCAR Roof Rack Carrier Basket

The XCAR roof rack offers the most value for money. It’s a solid product, and we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with it.

6 Best Roof Rack For Roof Top Tent Reviews

In this section, we’ll share the top racks for roof top tents that we’ve found during market research.

1. ARKSEN 64″ Universal Black Roof Rack


Top Features:

  • Comes with included steel wind fairing for reduction of wind resistance
  • Designed to hold the items tightly by minimizing vibration
  • Extra-large capacity compared to other available racks
  • Utilizes the cross-bars on vehicles for easy mounting

We’ll be starting with the Universal roof rack from ARKSEN. This is a 64” cargo rack that’s perfect for passenger cars as well as SUVs. With a load capacity of 150 pounds, it is considered the best bed rack for roof top tents on the market.

Its size makes them great for carrying extra bags, camping equipment, and for setting up a roof top tent. If you’re planning a trip with 2-3 friends, it will provide ample space for sleeping and resting.

As we’ve said earlier, having a durable roof rack can provide the best possible experience. This rack doesn’t disappoint in this sector either, as the bar is very strong and is made of quality material.

The bottom bars are extra-large, so you can expect the maximum load capacity possible. On paper, these are rated to provide 150 pounds of load capacity with zero risks.

We highly recommend plugging in any openings with water-resistant material, as the inner side of the tubes isn’t water-resistant. Other than this, this is a great best roof rack for jeep wrangler unlimited and similar vehicles.


  • Very easy to assemble and mount
  • The provided mesh is tangle-free, are wear and tear-resistant
  • Comes with a net bag for storing the net easily while not in use
  • Fits most passenger cars and SUVs


  • The openings and welds must be manually bolstered for water-resistance
  • Hardware affixing lateral mounts isn’t that high-quality

2. XCAR Roof Rack Carrier Basket

XCAR Roof Rack Carrier Basket

Top Features:

  • The metal is covered with black powder coating for higher durability
  • Universal U-bolts make it easier to mount these on any crossbar
  • Can be extended and retracted as per necessity
  • Features a wind-shield that can protect the cargo

This roof rack offers a lot of features. Firstly, the build quality is superb. The entirety of this rack is covered with black powder coating that makes it more durable. It offers a design that not only helps you protect the cargo from wind resistance but also makes your vehicle more ergonomic, allowing better handling.

Just like the previous one, this too comes with an extra-large size, making it a competitor for the best roof rack for roof top tent jeep wrangler title.

It’s a great tool for extending the cargo storage space on top of your vehicle. However, the distance between the crossbars on the rooftop of your vehicle must be more than 29.7-inch. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use this extension.

Thanks to the huge space provided by this rack, you’ll be able to carry luggage, camping gear, and extra cargo bags effortlessly on it. Its design also makes it the best roof rack for ikamper.


  • The rack doesn’t affect the aerodynamics of the vehicle greatly
  • Can be mounted easily with the easy to follow instructions
  • The extra-large capacity will let you store a ton of cargo
  • Provides enough space for mounting a roof top tent


  • Can be extended only if the distance between the crossbars is 29.7”
  • Putting weight directly in the gaps may harm the vehicle or the rack

3. YAKIMA, Overhaul HD

YAKIMA, Overhaul HD

Top Features:

  • Integrated tie-down points make carrying cargo a breeze
  • T-slot attachments will help you attach gears and accessories easily
  • Comes with integrated SKS that’ll secure the rack on the vehicle properly
  • The built-in bottle opener is a rare touch that helps in camping

If you’re looking for a roof top rack capable of carrying a heavy load, then this one from Yakima is the perfect choice for you. This truck is capable of carrying up to 500 pounds of cargo, making it one of the best roof racks for roof top tents.

It fits most trucks, and that includes tracked beds and tonneau covers. However, it won’t support certain Toyota and Nissan models. You can install it on the back of your pickup.

If you’ll be driving on-road, this rack will allow you to carry up to 500 pounds. On the other hand, it can carry up to 300 pounds of cargo while driving off-road.

The unique design of this roof rack will not only help you set up a roof top tent, but it’ll also help you carry kayaks, surfboards, or lumber easily.


  • Offers a ton of unique features that makes it much different than other products
  • Can be modified as per necessity for making the rack more convenient
  • Let’s you carry up to 500 pounds of cargo on the road
  • The off-road carrying capacity is 300 pounds


  • Doesn’t come with all the necessary components, provides the barebone kit only
  • The rack itself is expensive, and the other necessary parts can be costly too

4. TMS 800 LB Steel Pickup Truck Rack

TMS 800 LB Steel Pickup Truck Rack

Top Features:

  • The sturdy frames are capable of providing a load capacity of 800 pounds
  • Provides an additional height of 21 inches for elevating your tent higher
  • The width can be adjustable from five feet to seven feet
  • Can carry large items such as bikes as well

For those who are looking for a heavy-duty, adjustable truck sports rack, the TMS 800 might be the best choice.

It’s a multi-functional rack that’s designed to help you carry much bigger cargo than any regular pickup truck rack. To those who are planning a group camping trip, this will be the best roof rack for roof top tent.

Even when you won’t be setting up a tent on this, you’ll be able to carry all the cargo easily with you. The unique design allows the user to carry even bikes and skis.

Plus, it also features the highest load capacity of 800 pounds. What makes this rack even better is that the installation is pretty simple and can be done without professional tools.

The installation process requires no drilling, modification, or cutting. It also supports most pickup vehicles, so there shouldn’t be any problem with that either.

One of the prime requirements of roof top camping is that the camp must be at a considerable height from the ground.


  • Designed to fit most pickup models available now
  • Can be installed without the necessity of any professional tools
  • The components of this rack are very sturdy
  • It’s well-designed to provide you convenient experience


  • May not support certain trucks from Nissan
  • You may not like the paint job right out of the box

5. ARKSEN Perfect-Wide Roof Rack

ARKSEN Perfect-Wide Roof Rack

Top Features:

  • Offers an area of 84”, making it the biggest roof rack
  • The built-in reversible fairing reduces wind noise and drag
  • You can remove or add the middle part to extend or retract the rack
  • Six-inch high walls will keep cargo from falling

This rack from Arksen is the biggest one among the crossbars for roof top tents.

It’s the widest roof rack that you can find on the market. With a rated storage capacity of 150 pounds, this is also a great rack for carrying cargo.

What we loved about this wide roof rack is how convenient its design is. There are six-inch high walls around the basket for protecting things from falling. Then again, you’ll be able to tie your belongings to the rack very easily and firmly.

Lastly, it’s very easy to assemble and install this. If you want to make it smaller, you can simply remove the part at the middle, and the rest two will join effortlessly. ARKSEN is popular for making the roof top tent roof racks, and we’re sure that this one won’t disappoint you.


  • The wide surface will let a lot of people sleep or rest at the same time
  • Designed to ensure that the aerodynamics of the vehicle doesn’t change too much
  • The 150-pound carrying capacity will let you carry enough cargo for a trip
  • Four-piece assembly makes it one of the easiest to assemble racks


  • Can get rusty over time if the appropriate coating isn’t applied
  • The welds may be a bit low quality in some places

6. Smittybilt SRC Roof Rack

Smittybilt SRC Roof Rack

Top Features:

  • Mounts on the four-door mounts and the rear mount
  • Doesn’t require any crossbar on the roof of the jeep
  • Acts both as a crossbar and a roof rack
  • Can carry a huge amount of cargo if the weight distribution is proper

Last but not least, we have the SRC roof rack from Smittybilt. This company is famous amongst truckers because of the wide variety of products they have to offer. This rack is essentially a removable crossbar.

If you have a jeep, and if you’re facing a hard time finding the best roof rack for jeep wrangler unlimited, then you should take a look at this one. You won’t need any crossbar to install this one, as it acts both as a roof rack and a crossbar.

The carrying capacity of this is great as well. If the cargo is distributed evenly, this roof rack can hold up to 300 pounds of item. It comes with a modular design that makes it easier to install than even the top racks for roof top tents.

Sadly, this amazing product isn’t universal. So, you better consider whether it will fit your vehicle or not beforehand.


  • Will let you set up a tent as huge as your vehicle’s roof
  • Doesn’t affect the aerodynamics of the vehicle as there are tons of pockets
  • The installation procedure is fairly simple, thanks to the modular design
  • Offered by one of the best companies that make jeep accessories


  • The design isn’t universal, meaning it won’t support every vehicle
  • May exhibit some rattling behavior over time

Before You Buy What To Look For

To get the perfect rooftop tent rack, you must consider multiple things at first. In this section, we’ll take a look at the factors that you must consider.


People usually consider heavy stuff to be strong, but that’s not necessarily true. In the case of getting a roof rack, you need to go for the lightest possible rack, which is strong as well. You’ll find tons of steel racks on the market. Steel racks are durable, but they can be very heavy.

Instead of these, we highly recommend getting an Aluminum rack. The reason behind this is, Aluminum racks are not only as strong as steel ones, but they are 30% lighter as well.

Simply, you don’t want anything that’s overkill for you. For example, you may not find a jeep wrangler roof rack with ladder very useful, but it’ll increase load all the same.

Form Factor

There are both modular and non-modular truck bed racks for tents. Try to steer clear of non-modular racks. These are tough to install, and mounting equipment or even tents on them are even tougher.

On the other hand, full modular racks will let you add rack slats for making the rack suitable for different uses, swap out damaged components, and add different items as per necessity.


When you’re inside the roof top tent, the last thing you want is a rack failure. This is why durability is so important. A durable rack will not only keep you safe in the tent, but it’ll also prevent the stowed items from falling during the trip.


Finally, there’s the measurement. This is one of the most important factors as it determines whether the rack will fit on the jeep or not. Not all racks will fit all vehicles, so you better put enough research into this before getting a rack.


What Is The Best Roof Rack For A Roof Top Tent?

Among all the roof top tent racks, we recommend the ARKSEN 64” as the best. This rack offers all the necessary features as well as a decent space without breaking the bank.

Do You Need Specific Roof Racks For A Roof Top Tent?

Instead of looking for a roof rack that can suit a specific roof top tent, you better buy a roof rack first and then look for a roof top tent appropriate for it.

To choose the right roof rack for yourself, make sure that the static weight capacity and a dynamic weight capacity of the racks meet your requirements. It’ll be risky if the cargo weight exceeds these.

Can You Mount A Roof Top Tent On Roof Racks?

Yes, you can mount a roof top tent on roof racks as long as the measurements and other factors make the two pieces of equipment suitable for each other.

How Can I Make My Rooftop Tent More Comfortable?

Here’s how you can make a roof top tent more comfortable:

  1. Get a good mattress
  2. Use absorbent sheets
  3. Use quality pillows
  4. Create lighting
  5. Buy an awning and a travel hammock


Now that you’ve seen the roof top tent mounting rails, it’s time for you to choose one for yourself. As you can see, each of these products offers unique features, so naturally, it’s tough to declare a winner. To get the best roof rack for roof top tent for yourself, the first thing you need to consider is whether the rack will fit on your vehicle or not. Once that’s covered, only then should you consider the features.

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