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If camping reminds you of crawling insects and dirt, then you need to buy yourself a good rooftop tent. Rooftop tents are safe, comfortable, and also easier to mount than regular tents.

We love the convenience of these setups. You can mount these up on the roof of your car or boat and camp above the ground.

There is quite a bit of variety you can find with these tents. In this article, we’re going to talk about a few types.

Here, we have a list of the best roof top tents you can find in the market. There are tents of various capacities, mounting styles, and they fit into a wide price range. We’re pretty sure you’ll find something you like!

Smittybilt Overlander XL Roof Top Tent
Smittybilt Overlander XL Roof Top Tent

It can hold 4 people all at once; and is properly waterproof – complete with a rainfly. Also, since it doesn’t require a specific stock rack for set up, you have flexibility in your choice. This tent weighs about 168 pounds, so it won’t be incredibly hard to carry either. Considering all its amazing features, it’s our top pick.

Offroading Gear Rooftop Tent
Offroading Gear Rooftop Tent (RTT)

This is a good rooftop tent for anyone with a strict budget. It has a capacity for 2 people, and it weighs very little, so it would be quite convenient to carry on trips.

Smittybilt Overlander Tent
Smittybilt Overlander Tent

This is the best value for money. Smittybilt Overlander is a 2-person tent that is well-constructed and made with quality materials. You won’t have to give up this tent after a year of use, this will be your camping buddy for a long time.

10 Best Roof Top Tents Reviews

The market is huge on roof top tents, and it’s pretty confusing to pick out the top quality roof top tent for the long run from such a wide-ranging set. But we have made a concise list for you – here’s 10 from the top, ranging between different features and price ranges to suit a variety of requirements.

1. ARB 804100 Simpson III Brown Rooftop Tent Annex/Changing Room

ARB 804100 Simpson III Brown Rooftop Tent

Top Features:

  • Zip-on system
  • Item weighs 13 pounds
  • Beige-brown color that’s easy on the eyes
  • Well-constructed to withstand rain and storms
  • Hardware and fabric used are top-notch quality

The type of fabric used to make this tent can withstand storms and heavy rain. This is one of the best attributes of this tent – if you’re taking it with you on a trip, you can rely on it.

The zippers are also of high quality, and you can rest assured that they won’t give up on you when you are out and about. All you need to master now is the setting up part – which is pretty easy if you follow the instructions that come with it. A bit of heavy-lifting is involved in the assembly, so it will be best if you can get someone to help you there. 

If you find that your tent is moving around a bit too much in the wind, you need to change its pegs. The pegs have a rounded cross-section, which does not bode well for stability. This is one flaw of this tent, but you can solve this by getting irregularly cross-sectioned pegs to sort out this problem.

However, do be warned – this is not a full-sized tent. Many people have not been aware of this when buying it, so we’re clearing up the confusion here. This is a rooftop tent; it’s an annex, not a house.

You need to put it up with the support of a car – better if the car is a big one. Some say that this is the best roof top tent for 4runner. So if you have a sporty mid-sized vehicle or something of the like, you might wanna try this tent out for your next camping trip.   


  • Well-made
  • Doesn’t give up in the rain
  • Provides easy additional space
  • Works really well with mid-sized utility vehicles


  • The pegs are unstable in heavy wind because they are rounded, so they don’t have much grip

2. Raptor Series 100000-126800 Offgrid Voyager Truck SUV Camping Rooftop Tent with Ladder

Raptor Series 100000-126800 Truck SUV Camping Rooftop Tent

Top Features:

  • Can accommodate 2 persons
  • Comes with an incredible double mattress
  • Has a heavy-duty cover for protection
  • Smart and spacious interior
  • Roll-out door

This is a full-on house tent complete with hanging storage pockets and built-in air vents that work as windows. Inside the tent, you will find a double mattress made with high-density foam that measures 78 by 48 inches.

Despite the mattress, this is a very lightweight car roof top tent with a manual setup. Closing it and putting it up is only a matter of seconds. You just have to know what goes where – this will be easy enough to figure out when you go through the neatly laid out instructions in the guidebook.

Then to assemble the tent, all you’ll need is a stock roof rack system to mount the tent on. If you don’t have a stock setup, no biggie – get a crossbar/rack system from the aftermarket; that will do a fine job as well.  

There’s plenty of space inside, along with pockets that help you store things conveniently. It has a maximum weight capacity of the tent is 750 pounds, so it will easily house 2 people in it. Considering the space, ease of installation, and price, it can be said that it’s the best roof top tent for Tacoma.

Also, the tent works in harsh weather conditions because it’s made with polyester fabric which is waterproof and wind-resistant but still porous enough to let air pass through. 

There is an awning built into the frame of the tent to give you a panoramic view to enjoy from within your abode. So, all in all, this Raptor series product is a great tent to camp in at any time of the year.


  • Easy setup and mounting
  • Has a built-in mattress
  • Good air flow within the tent to keep you comfortable
  • Capable of withstanding heavy rain and fierce winds
  • Uniquely designed to make assembly easy and hassle-free


  • Weak straps that snap easily

3. Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 3 Extended Rooftop Tent RTT

Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 3 Extended Rooftop Tent

Top Features:

  • Comes with a mattress
  • Has a rainfly and storage pockets inside
  • Stainless steel hardware with great longevity
  • Setup requires a stock or aftermarket roof rack

If you’re going to camp out with two of your pals, then come rain, wind, or storm, this tent will protect you. It has adequate space for 3 grown-ups to comfortably stay in.

The dimensions of the tent are 122 x 63 x 51 inches, and its weight is 165 pounds overall. The frames are all made with stainless steel and aluminum – so you can imagine that they will withstand the tests of time.

Different types of polyester have been used to make different sections of the tent so that the tent has maximum efficiency at a reasonable cost. The body is entirely waterproof, and so is the rainfly (of course!). 

For the windows, a fade-less breathable gauze fabric has been used so that you get a nice stream of soft sunlight inside the tent when you’re out camping on a breezy summer day.

Inside the tent, you have a built-in mattress made with high-density foam and covered with quilted cotton fabric. For your convenience, there are six storage pockets inside, a storage loft, a pouch for holding your power bank along with LED lights, an LED velcro strip and the essential stainless steel hardware that you require.


  • Very easy to set up
  • Waterproof and wind-resistant
  • Easy to carry in the transportation cover
  • Has an insulated base which is great for winter camping
  • Comes with a bonus pack containing a lap table, memory foam pillows, mini broom, and a dustpan


  • The rainfly can’t withstand the wind that’s above 10 miles/hr

4. Front Runner Roof Top Tent

Front Runner Roof Top Tent

Top Features:

  • The tent has lots of zippered panels for easy breathability
  • Super resistant Oxford 400D fabric used
  • Incredibly low profile tent that fights against forces of strong wind
  • Weighs only 40 kgs – super lightweight
  • Can house 2 persons
  • Comes with an aluminum base and ladder

This tent weighs only about 40 kgs, which is pretty lightweight, so it can be comfortably carried in camping and hiking trips. It will provide adequate space for 2 people to fit comfortably inside. When unfolded, the tent is 1.3 meters wide and 2.4 meters long.

But what makes this tent different from the others in the market is that it has a super low profile that works really well to resist the forces of heavy rain and wind. If you are looking for a low-profile tent, then there’s nothing better than this in the market.

There is no catch here; no compromises need to be made because the low profile of the tent doesn’t mean the mattress will be discounted. In fact, you will find a very comfortable one inside it. For the best comfort, take sleeping bags and pillows with you.

Have no fear in case of unexpected rain or wind because the tent is made with a special Oxford 400D fabric which is basically invincible. On top of being waterproof and wind-resistant, it is also mold-resistant and super breathable.


  • Has an insulated aluminum base
  • Very easy to carry
  • Unwinds neatly with a one swift motion
  • The zippers move upwards so you can adjust the size of the opening
  • The roof ventilator has an attached mosquito screen


  • The insulated base gets cold during winter

5. Smittybilt Overlander Tent

Smittybilt Overlander Tent

Top Features:

  • Load capacity – 300 kgs
  • Comes with a flysheet and a rainfly
  • 600D Oxford polyester used for the body
  • Polyester has been impregnated with PU for better waterproofing

Considered amongst the best quality roof top tents, Smittybilt Overlander is an easy and convenient option for 2 people; it has a total capacity of 300 kgs. The tent is made with heavy-duty 600D polyester fabric, which is a classic choice for tents because it is very durable, stable, and difficult to rip through.

The fabric polyester has been impregnated with polyurethane in order to make it even more durable. Even though you’ll probably never need to wash the tent, it is still worth knowing that the fabric is washable.

Don’t worry about rainy days with this tent; it has a rainfly to protect you. The rainfly is a fabric flap that is designed to prevent condensation from seeping into the tent and soaking up your stuff. It is made with the same material that’s on the body, so you know that it is equally durable.

And it’s all too well that you have this waterproofing and condensation protection because there’s a built-in mattress inside the tent, and it wouldn’t be short of a pesky disaster if that were to get wet. 

In this package, you are only getting the tent and essential hardware. But adding an annex to it will be pretty easy due to the zippers that are designed especially for such an addition. You can find an annex for this particular tent in the store; just ask for it.

There is an LED lighting strip inside, which is always a great help.


  • Well-constructed and easy to set up
  • Spacious, waterproof, and extremely durable
  • Tent poles are made with anodized aluminum that doesn’t rust
  • Flysheet is made with a topnotch fabric held up by durable steel poles


  • Be careful when opening for the first time; you might find metal shavings inside

6. Smittybilt 2888 Tent Annex

Smittybilt 2888 Tent Annex

Top Features:

  • Base width is 6 inches
  • Attaches via zippers
  • Perfect addition to the Smittybilt rooftop tents
  • Lightweight tent with an easily workable design

This annex is probably a good fit for the roof top tent we just reviewed. It is shaped like a square, and the floor is 6 inches wide.

Don’t mistake it for a whole tent in itself; it’s only a part that adds a bit more space to the tent you already have. So, it’s not a product that can stand on its own.

The annex, in fact, is made with a material that’s not as thick as the tent’s. So, when there are strong winds, you might have a bit of a struggle keeping it steady. To solve that problem, we recommend that you stake the corners properly. This isn’t too hard – just something that you need to remember to do.

The base of the annex is pretty much a hit by all measures. It has a soft rubber material that has the right amount of thickness to it. Around the edges of this base runs a zipper that is sturdy and resistant. This is the one that you need to work with in order to get your annex attached to your tent.


  • Adds convenient space to your tent
  • Easy to set up because of the zips
  • A very nice base that’s comfortable for walking
  • Windows have zippers for increased privacy


  • Material is a bit too thin
  • Cover is on the outside, so it’s difficult to pull down
  • No bottom zippers for the windows, only zippers on the side

7. ARB 803804 Simpson Tent Incl. Annex/Ladder Simpson Tent

ARB 803804 Simpson Tent

Top Features:

  • Comes with an annex
  • Aluminum ladder
  • High-density mattress inside
  • Fabric is poly/cotton and Oxford polyester
  • Doors and windows have been screened to keep mosquitoes out

This is an all-inclusive deal that includes the annex along with the usual set of tent and ladder. The floor isn’t included, but you can get a groundsheet for tarp to use as the floor.  When in need, you can put the tarp over your tent for extra protection against the rain.

The tent can house about two to three mid-sized adults. There are windows on the side and a single entry point to the tent.

The tent is durable, breathable, and affordable. These benefits are due to its construction with fire-retardant poly/cotton fabric, which is a hybrid material with the combined benefits of cotton and polyester. But poly/cotton is not entirely waterproof, so it will help to have that tarp handy. 

The flysheet, however, has been made with Oxford polyester – this is a waterproof material with strong resistance to UV rays and good permeability to moisture. The choice in mixed fabric does a good job of matching quality with reasonability. 

There are mosquito screens on all the openings in the tent. The poles are each 1 inch, and they have been anodized for extra durability and resistance against corrosion.

The tent can be unfolded within a few minutes. However, you have to be a little careful when setting it up because the hooks on the rain covers don’t have a spring steel, so they will bend easily with a bit of extra pressure than necessary.


  • Has mosquito screening
  • Robust aluminum poles
  • 2.5 inch foam mattress inside
  • Can be assembled within minutes
  • A mix of fabrics used for convenience and efficiency


  • Unclear instructions

8. TMB Gray Pop Up Roof Tent for Cars Trucks SUVs

TMB Gray Pop Up Roof Tent for Cars

Top Features:

  • Pop-up tent with a capacity of 2 adults
  • Shock assisted arms to keep the tent stable
  • Spacious with multiple storage capacities
  • Built-in memory foam mattress inside

With this pop tent, there’s no need to lose your head over hazy instruction labels. Just get it out of the bag, and pop it up to full size on the roof of your SUV, and voila. You’re done. Yes, it’s as easy as that.

There are snap straps that neatly pull up the tent without any extra hassle. Shock assisted arms to keep the tent extended to the max. The dimensions of the extended tent is 84 x 49 x 37 inches. It’s quite spacious inside – there’s a built-in mattress cushioned with memory foam that measures about 2 inches in thickness.

Inside the tent, you’ll get side pouches. There’s also a bungee net on the roof of the tent that provides additional storage. The roof is a hard shell; this is, in fact, the best hard shell roof top tent you will find in the market.

The frame of the tent is made with aluminum, which gradually forms a protective layer of aluminum oxide on the surface and that works to keep the poles safe from corrosion.

The longer the poles stay fresh, the longer you will be able to use your tent. Therefore, this is a good testament to the longevity of the tent. Use the additional ladder to climb inside, and lay out the mattress for your comfort! 


  • Waterproof body
  • The aluminum frame is very stable and durable
  • Easy mounting due to the snap straps
  • Pockets inside to provide adequate storage
  • Comes with a free storage bag, ladder, and flashlight


  • Not durable – starts to fall apart in a year

9. Smittybilt Overlander XL Roof Top Tent (2883) – Folder With Bedding – Coyote Tan

Smittybilt Overlander XL Roof Top Tent

Top Features:

  • Has the capacity to house 4 persons
  • Stainless steel hinges
  • Heavy-duty polyester 600D fabric used
  • Aluminum frames and ladder

This tent is huge, and it’s reliable. With dimensions of 122 x 76 x 51 inches, this is the best 4 person roof top tent for the price. It has a load capacity of 770 pounds, so it’s good enough for 4 adults.

Its construction is pretty robust, the hinges are made of stainless steel, and all the frame poles are made with aluminum poles. The aluminum has been anodized, so you don’t have to worry about corrosion ruining the longevity of the tent.

You can actually take this tent for a camping trip at any time of the year. The fabric on its body is heavy-duty 600D polyester, which is a classic that is regularly used to make tents waterproof and durable.

Inside the tent, there is a mattress already laid out for you. It is a built-in 60mm mattress with high-density foam. The standard density of the foam will be good for your back – it won’t be extremely soft, but it’s firm enough to support you. 

Also, the assembly isn’t much too difficult either. Overall, the tent is definitely more reasonable than a Cascadia or a Tepui roof top tent, so we appreciate the quality for the price here.


  • Very durable, excellent design
  • Comes with a durable, firm mattress
  • Waterproof fabric and rust-resistant metals used
  • Has interior lights, 12V cig lighter, and an extension cord
  • Anodized aluminum has been used to keep corrosion away


  • The ladder might feel a bit flimsy in some sets

 10. Offroading Gear Rooftop Tent (RTT)

Offroading Gear Rooftop Tent

Top Features:

  • Capable of housing 2 persons
  • Weighs 100 pounds
  • Made with 420D oxford polyester
  • Comes with a built-in mattress with memory foam of 2.25 inches

Our pick for the best budget roof top tent is made for two people. The fabric is heavy-duty, so it won’t get rips and tears all over it just from being carried around. 420D oxford polyester fabric has been used to make the body of the tent, and this is a waterproof material that will last a long time. It has great longevity, and the framework gives it extra durability.

All the poles are made of aluminum, which is a corrosion-resistant choice. Overall, the tent only weighs about 100 pounds, so it will be an easy carrying task for anybody.

However, you might face a few problems while putting this tent up. In some versions, the screws in the brackets are disproportionate to the insert, and if you end up with such a faulty version, you will have to thread into the insert a bit more to fit in the screws.

The installation process itself might take a bit of work because of unclear instructions in the guide. But if you have prior experience with such tents, you will be able to put it up easily. Once properly assembled, the tent is amazing.

It’s easy to climb 6.5 inches up onto the ladder and chill out in the tent.


  • Will provide you with enough space
  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable mattress inside
  • Comes with a shoe bag, a ladder, and a carrying bag


  • Screws and the insets are incompatible in proportion
  • Some versions don’t come with the accessories

Before You Buy What To Look For

Rooftop tents reviews are incomplete without a good guide that lays things out bare for you in plain and simple words. Here, we have compiled a list of the essential factors involved so that you can find the best rooftop tent out there.

Type of Tops

There are two types of tops on tents. One is hardshell, and the other is regular. Hardshells are more durable, but they are more expensive as well. They are generally an investment, so it will be worth getting one if you plan to go on a lot of camping trips planned ahead.

Rack Compatibility

These tents need to be mounted onto a roof rack. Many of them work with the stock rack of your vehicle, while some may not work with your stock rack, and you’d need to install an aftermarket rack instead.

There are several rack brands that make a range of great quality racks; popular ones among them are Yakima and Thule. You don’t need a yakima roof top tent or a thule roof top tent to buy from these brands. Just check the weight capacity and the dimensions of the rack and match them to the requirements of your tent to get a good fit.


Most tents that are designed for car roofs will generally be durable. However, if you are buying a tent with a lot of money, you should make sure to inquire about expected longevity.

As a quick check, make sure the fabric is waterproof and stable, the rods and poles should be made with durable, corrosion-resistant material, and the framework should be strong enough to hold the tent sturdy.

The tent should also be designed to beat the forces of the wind; otherwise you will be in great inconvenience if the weather surprises you in the middle of your camping trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which roof top tent is best?

Whether you’re taking family or friends on the trip, Smittybilt Overlander XL Roof Top Tent is the best rooftop for it.

Is a roof top tent worth it?

Yes, it is a matter of great convenience to be able to pop up a tent on the roof of your car and avoid all the pesky trouble that comes with tenting on raw ground.

Why are roof top tents so expensive?

They rack up big money due to their intricate, durable, and sturdy construction, along with the quality of the materials they use.

What are the advantages of a roof top tent?

Plenty of advantages. You don’t have to deal with the insects on the ground; they are more hygienic and much more fun.

Do rooftop tents get hot?

Yes, they might sometimes get hot if they come with an insulated base.

Final Words

The best rooftop tents are the ones that will save you from rain and strong winds without blowing away. So, make sure that you get into the details of their mechanism before you buy one. We hope you liked our list. If you have inquiries about the tents in the list or any that we haven’t mentioned here, please feel free to contact us. A good car rooftop tent is an investment for the future, so we hope you get a good one.

Best of luck!

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