Best Super Start Car Battery | Review & Guide in 2023

If your car or truck engine is heating up like crazy or bumping on rough roads, it’s not your vehicle that has a problem. Instead, why not have a look at your battery? Yes, in most cases the worn out, and poor-performing battery is your prior enemy.

I’m sure you are well aware of Super start car batteries that offer some premium quality performance. Yes, you guessed it right; this is the solution to your frustrating driving experience. Whether it’s your vintage truck or a sports car that you love to death, it’s time to bring them back to life or give them a new life with super start car batteries.

It’s not only me who says it, but all the super start customers say the same that these batteries are undoubtedly reliable and boost your vehicle’s efficiency to the max. Now, so many people can’t be mistaken, there’s something about this battery. Don’t you think? If so, then there’s no harm in looking at the best super start car batteries by taking a few minutes from your day. Who knows your day or even years could be saved!

Best Super Start Car Battery For The Money

To help you make an informed choice, we’ve listed the top 3 super start car batteries based on quality, functionality, performance, price, & more.

1. Super Start Extreme Battery G

ODYSSEY PC680 battery


  • Maximum cold-cranking power
  • Great reserve capacity
  • Resistant to vibration damage
  • 2x longer life
  • Additional electrolyte reservoir
  • 3 years of warranty backup

Those struggling days when your car engine heats up and makes you all worried are thankfully over! I’m sure you’ve already guessed that all the credit goes to the Super Start Extreme battery G. Let’s see what else it does.

As I was saying with its maximum starting power, no matter when you crank your key, it’s going to run smooth like butter! Whether it’s the varying temperature or rough roads, the performance will always be top-notch.

You know it’s vibration damage resistant, but how? With it’s exceptional stability that comes from fortified straps, posts, and welds. No matter how much you are paying for your car battery, you would want it to offer service for a long time. And with the uniquely designed reinforced heavy full-frame grids and plates, that is reassured!

A common problem with car batteries is the plate shredding but thanks to the specially added negative envelope separators, you won’t have to face it. Who doesn’t want a battery that’s convenient to use? Hence, this one offers maximum convenience with its maintenance-free design, surprised? Don’t be, it’s true!

But does all this make it worthy of your valuable investments? If not, of course, the three years of service coverage assures it’s worth.


  • Doesn’t break down in scorching heat or shivering cold
  • Optimizes the starting power
  • Heavier plate and grid designs giving more strength
  • No maintenance, no inconvenience!
  • Reduced short-circuiting problem


  • Heavy on the weight-scale

Tips: The product is not available in Amazon. However, there’s no need for disappointments because there is an exact substitute in the Amazon stores – the ODYSSEY PC680 battery.

2. Super Start Premium Battery

Optima OPT8016-103 battery


  • Advanced integrated tear-resistant design
  • Unique paste adhesion Technology
  • Patented cell connector technology
  • A super-efficient current path system
  • Vibration resistance
  • Maximum storage capacity

What do you understand when we say premium batteries? Better the performance with less the maintenance work, that’s what premium means. Now, I’m sorry if your former premium car battery doesn’t provide this service, but indeed the Super Start Premium battery does.

Let’s start with my favourite feature. The battery plates usually start damaging soon after a couple of months, and that becomes a great deal of stress for a few users. But with the integrated tear-resistant design, your super start premium battery is safe from damage, and so are you!

No matter how bumpy the roads are, keep your batteries damage-free, thanks to its vibration resistant feature. Wait up! There’s more. How frustrated does your car battery make you when the circuit shorts out or the charge runs out frequently? It’s okay; you won’t have to think about that as the deep pocket plate separators help with the short-circuiting and the larger electrolyte reservoirs with holding the charge for long respectively.

If we are talking about the overall performance improvement, there’s more to that too. The adhesion technology and the efficient crystallization system not only boosts the performance but also allows the battery to serve you for a long time.

And you know the best part? All this without the fuss of regular maintenance. It’s called a premium battery for a reason!


  • More significant electrolyte reservoirs for optimum energy efficiency
  • Optimum starting power
  • Extended battery lifespan
  • Prevents frequent short-circuiting
  • Holds the charge for a long time
  • Standard warranty support


  • Price is comparatively high.

Tips: The product is not available in Amazon. However, there is an exact substitute in the Amazon stores – the Optima OPT8016-103 battery.

3. Super Start Platinum Battery

Deka Sports Power ETX-30L


  • Heavy-duty power plates
  • Dual-purpose design for overall performance boost
  • Superior vibration and shock resistance
  • Advanced AGM design
  • Twice the cycle life for long-term usage

Now, the term ‘platinum’ must refer to excellent performance when it comes to batteries. If all you’ve got are fake promised from the former batteries, then rest assured this time it’s going to change with the Super start platinum battery. Don’t miss out the exciting features I’ve briefed below!

Let’s begin with the cycle life. With lesser cycle life, the battery charge drainage seems pretty fast, and it’s one annoying thing! But this one has twice the cycle life compared to typical batteries which makes it a favourite to all.

Fun fact about the dual-purpose design is how incredible the deep cycle service it offers, and even with starting your vehicles, you’ll face absolutely no issues! It feels like a dream for my stressed fellows, but with this AGM battery, it’s the reality.

Now, the absorbed glass mat design also eliminates leaks that make the battery spill-proof. Goodbye to the regular maintenance! Safety must be assured no matter what kind of electrical device we are using. It goes the same for such batteries. And so the optimized power plates are here to save you and your beloved vehicle from electrical shorts.

Take your four-wheeled beast even on the roughest roads without any worries. How? Well, the superior vibration resistance will protect you at all times. Let’s not forget the rough days when the weather isn’t as friendly; even then your platinum battery will support you! So, with a battery that delivers maximum power, superior performance and assured reliability, what else are you waiting for?


  • Maintenance-free
  • Amazing starting power
  • Extended battery life
  • Assured durability
  • Laudable performance
  • Performs its best even in unfavourable situations
  • Compatible with several vehicle categories
  • Spill-proof design
  • Satisfactory warranty protection


  • The heavyweight can be challenging when during transportation or installation.

Tips: Well, even this one is not available on Amazon, but it has a worthy substitute which is the Deka Sports Power ETX-30L. Thank goodness!

How to Choose the Best Super Start Car Battery for Your Car 

Our mentioned product list is not Superstart batteries, but they work exactly like them, as I already told you. But how did we come to this conclusion? And even if you find superstar batteries in the stores, how are you going to choose the one suited for your needs? Keep reading, and you’ll indeed find the answers.

Battery types

If we look at the broad categories, you’ll find these few main types of car batteries out there. Let’s see what they are-


You must know that these are the most potent battery types. And hence, you can run your cars with not only them but also other powerful vehicles, including marine, aircraft, and even golf carts. The deep-cycle batteries over a lot more power than others, and so, they have offered an extended lifespan.

So, if you are looking for a battery that you might use in your power sports car or watercraft, you don’t want to choose any other battery types than this. Our enlisted Odyssey stands out as one of the most OK deep cycle car batteries; if you haven’t checked out its features, rush over now!


The specialty of these batteries lies in its lightweight and compact size. But don’t underestimate the weight, because they store heaps of energy to run all the powerful cars out there. And hence, they are usually used in electric or hybrid vehicles.

However, let’s not forget their flaws. You cannot expect a long time service from them.

Flooded or wet cell batteries

If you are a bit short on budget, these are the go-to options for you. They are highly affordable. But as they come at a lower price, they take more effort into maintenance.

As you can guess from the name, they contain liquids thay make electrolytes to supply power. And so, as they work with the juice, you got to add water to them regularly. If we want to go cheap, you need to do some hard maintenance, you know.

Valve regulated Lead-acid

Valve regulated lead-acid batteries are probably the most OK batteries for your high-quality car. They are sealed batteries, and so you don’t need to spend extra hours every day on maintaining them.

In this category, there are further two sub-types as well, absorption glass mat (AGM) and gel cell. In the case of gel cells, they offer better performance in deep cycles, and if you are going for AGM, you should know that they provide power in short bursts. No matter the sub-type, they are the standard car batteries that’ll stick with you for years and years to come.

However, as everything has a downside to them, so do these batteries. If you start experiencing these batteries’ issues, your only option would be to replace them; you can’t fix them!

Why are we considering the battery type above everything while fetching a simple car battery? Trust my words when I say the last thing you want to do to your car is to install the wrong battery in it, never mind the loss of hundreds of dollars!

In the case of a super start extreme battery, they are manufactured as lead-acid batteries. However, in the case of the super start platinum batteries, it’s an AGM battery equipped with a dual-purpose design to offer optimum performance.


By now, you already know that you can find car batteries in almost every size and shape. So, before you are rushing to the market for a replacement for your power sports car battery, make sure you know what dimensions will fit your car. Don’t worry, and it’s no rocket science; simply take out your former shower and look for a similar sized one. And voila! You are good to go.

Now, what if you are buying online? In that case, you can either check the owner’s manual or enter your card details in online stores to find the right match. If you are struggling with finding the battery dimensions and fit, don’t forget to call your mechanic.

Understanding your battery specifications 

When you check the specifications on a battery, you’ll find a few terms like CA, CCA, etc. Each battery has different specifications with different variables that’ll either make or break the deal for you. So, if you don’t understand what your battery says and does, then no one can save you from purchasing the wrong battery with your valuable dollars. 

OK, how about I help you in understanding these specifications? Let’s start with CA. The term CA means Cranking amps that indicate your car’s starting power at 32 degrees F temperature. So, what about CCA? It’s the same; only it’ll measure the starting power at 0 degrees F. If you live in the northeast cold areas, then the CCA number might save or destroy your car. Yes, it’s that important! Also, don’t forget to check the cranking power requirements for your vehicle.

You might not be an expert with understanding these terms or someone with a car craze, well, that’s fine. Just check out the owner’s manual or contact your local professional mechanic, and you are good to go. If you are just going to rush these steps or close observations, you’ll only incur a loss of time and savings. So, take your time for the sake of your precious vehicles.


You can’t run a car without a battery, and that’s enough to prove the significance of a good car battery. When you are giving your time and money in making the right purchase, your car battery should last as long as the car does, or maybe close. But how do we know they’ll last?

In most cases, they last for about four to five years. But if you are lucky, yours might just last for six years and more if you are a bit careful. If durability is your primary concern, don’t forget to check what the users have to say about the batteries.

In the case of a super start batteries, the platinum one will give you fantastic longevity and durability. And from the mentioned list, I’d recommend you go for the Optima battery because it’s one heck of a survivor in the longest run!


So, you’ve found your ideal match for your precious car, but oops! The replacement you brought requires regular maintenance, which is undoubtedly frustrating for a busy man like you or me. Hence, you need to find one that requires the slightest to no routine maintenance at all.

The factors I’ve put forth you till now mostly concern the maintenance indirectly or directly. So, if you keep check of the above factors, it’s quite assured that you’ll find a battery that requires the least or maybe no maintenance at all. If you go for any of the batteries from the given list, you are in for luck because none of them require any maintenance!

When looking at the super start battery variants, the platinum is the winner of its AGM construction. But even with the premium and extreme variants, you’d need to give the least effort in maintaining them. And of course, no questions about the water topping!

However, let me give you free advice. If you want your car battery to provide the best service, you might as well do some annual maintenance.

Warranty backup

No batteries, even the best ones or manufacturers, can save you from unpredictable accidents or technical malfunctions. So make sure when that happens you don’t bang your head on the wall realizing your car battery doesn’t come with an adequate warranty backup.

My suggestion would be to look for atleast a two years replacement warranty. It’s not me who is saying this, you know? Ask the experts. These warranties will protect you during technical errors or unexpected mishaps and are more like elements of putting your confidence in your battery.

Superstart car batteries offer from a least one year to a maximum of 3 years warranty support. And these warranties mean that if you experience any trouble with the product, you can simply return it while giving you a new replacement! The above-listed batteries are precisely the same. Phew!


Is super start a good battery?

Undoubtedly! Considering its longevity and wrecking power, it’s one of the finest car battery brands out there.

Who makes super start batteries?

Johnson Controls, along with O’Reilly auto parts, bring forth these outstanding car batteries.

How long does a super start battery last?

They provide a full replacement warranty for up to 3 years. And according to users, they can last a good 4-5 years without any troubles.

Final Verdict

So, here we are at the end of the exciting discussion. And I’m pretty sure by now you know you shouldn’t even waste a single second with your worn-out truck or car battery.

Now, if finding your essential super start car battery seems complicated to you, I’ve also listed the substitutes you’ll find on amazon. Suit yourselves with any or all of the best super start battery but hurry up! You don’t want the stock to run out!

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