Matcc Car Foam Gun | Review & Guide in 2022

For your top-class cars, you need some pretty good maintenance too, don’t you? In this case, a car wash foam gun can save your car’s appearance. However, finding a single foam gun that’ll prevent those scratches from spoiling the looks of your vehicle or your reputation is a tough job. It’s even more challenging when you have a hefty load to choose from. But what if you can get your hands on the best car wash foam gun for garden hose without the trouble?

Yes, we’ll do the honors as we bring to you an ideal MATCC car foam gun cannon blaster that’s a perfect match for your car! And when I say the best, I mean it. You’ll understand it once I take you to through the features. Come on!

Best Matcc Car Foam Gun – A Details Guide

MATCC Blaster Adjustable Adjustment Cleaning

Key Features

No leak washing: While you try cleaning your car, does the whole parking ground or garden turn out to be a mess? Well, thanks to the ill-fitted connector on your car wash gun. No more trouble when you get yourself this cannon blaster that comes with a well-fitted brass connector. Besides, the ratio dial has a rubber seal that ensures excellent sealing with zero risks of leaks.

Effortless installation without pressure washer: Sometimes, fetching a pressure washer only to wash your cars, and then all the complicated installation is nothing but a struggle. The foam gun comes with the standard hose connector that needs only the garden hose to work its magic. 

Dual filter action: All you want is excellent care for your precious vehicle. And to ensure you don’t need to compromise with the car, manufacturers have added a double filter in the foam gun. The first one is a metal mesh filter that is added to the foam gun to filter water. And the second one is to filter particles in soap added to the pick-up tube end. 

Flexible hose-end sprayer: Would you believe if I say a car wash foam gun can work as your fertilizer sprayer with equal efficiency? No, I’m not kidding. You can use the Matcc foam gun hose-end sprayer to spray both water or fertilizer on your plants. And the even better news is, it is compatible with the different kinds of insecticides, weed killers, and fertilizers as well.


Top-notch foamy cleanup: No doubt, matcc foam gun will make you the thickest cleansing foams for your car! And as per the concern with reliability, rustproof, solid brass material is undoubtedly a reliable choice.

Easy operability: The easily adjustable foam concentration dial lets you give a vigorous car wash. And of course, the easy connectivity to the garden hose makes the whole process effortless!

Good volume: The bottle comes with a greater capacity of 900ml so that a single bottle can cover up for total car wash. It indeed sounds convenient!

Excellent customer service: If any issues arise, you’ll find the customer service within 24 hours to give you a hand. And let’s not forget the one-year safeguard warranty either.


Bit pricey: As a car washing product, the price might seem to be a bit high. But if you take my opinion, I’d say, if it works best than any other, a few extra bucks shouldn’t be an issue.


  1. Fill up the bottle with warm water before adding the soap.
  2.  Only 2-3 oz of liquid soap is enough to make some heavy foam.
  3. For avoiding total mess, make sure you tighten up the tap.
  4. Don’t forget to clean your foam gun after you are done.

Who should get it?

It is ideal for you, me, or anyone who loves their cars and wants to provide the best maintenance. The brass manufacturer will make sure you won’t have to rely on any other car wash products ever. And also, look at how easy it makes car washing look like. Anyone who doesn’t want to go through hours of car washing and pressure washer installation hassle should switch to it.

Why do we recommend it?

The question isn’t why we love it; it’s more like why we shouldn’t? The durable brass connector finish compels us to give it full marks considering durability among the exciting features. Also, the adjustable dial for different foam concentrations well for users who are up for convenient usage. And with more foam, I can be sure that I have a clean car inside out. Trust me, grab it before the stock runs out!

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