Trinova Foam Cannon Review in 2022

Scratches on your favorite Porsche? Unbearable! Isn’t it? No matter how much you clean it up manually, the coffee stains, spots, and scratches seem just a bit too stubborn. Now your only way to fight those stubborn spots can be a worthy car wash foam gun. That is why, today, we’ll bring you the impressive Trinova Foam Cannon that is nothing less than the best car wash gun. I can surely say this car washer is indeed going to make your cars shine like a diamond!

You might think you can look up for high-quality car wash guns on the internet yourself. But the point is how will you even know that the products are authentic, and deliver what they claim. Yes, you can also pay a visit to a few thousand reviews, but can you be sure they are not biased? That’s why we have taken the trouble of wandering through the world of car washer guns and finally found you a worthy one. Want to check out the impressive Trinova foam car wash gun? Hope on!

Trinova Foam Cannon – A detail Guide

TriNova Foam Cannon for Pressure Washer

Key Features

Durable wide neck: If you or your friends have used a few generic cannon car washers, then tell me something. What’s the most common issue you’ve noticed? Yes, the fragile bottleneck. But good news to you, the Trinova cannon has a wide neck to prevent the breaking problem. Use it for as many applications you want to, and I can assure you of the durability.

Professional car washing performance: The manufacturers seem pretty confident about its cleansing power. You’ll stop doubting their confidence once you soak your car body in the Trinova cannon foam. Within a few minutes, you’ll see how all the dirt, dust, stains, and grime start to fall off. And finally, with a single wipe, you’ll be amazed to see your car shine as new!

User convenient: The whole process of assembling and usage takes only a couple minutes. All you got to do is fill up the bottle with soapy water, click on your pressure washer lance, pick your desired foam thickness and intensity, and spray out the dirt!

Satisfaction warranty: If you are worrying over the nozzle connector’s fitting, then relax guys! The nozzle adapter connector of this cannon washer fits any and every air cleanser item. Do you know what’s impressive about the whole deal? Their customer service. Whether you don’t like what they send you or the product is faulty, you can contact them, and they will resolve the issue at once. They even get you a replacement or send your money back without any hassle.


Squeaky clean ride: Thousands are relying on the cannon washer to put a shine on their precious cars. With such efficient performance, there’s no doubt you are going to be one of them.

Change the stream or foam intensity as per preference: The adjustable nozzle can deliver both narrow or wide streams. Also, for more or less foam generation, the air intake knob is an easy addition.

No breakage wide cannon neck: No more unwanted neck breakage, thanks to the extra-wide cannon neck.

Total compatibility: You don’t need to think of the specifications of the quick connect attachments for your pressure washer anymore. The Trinova cannon offers a perfect fit to all.


Incompatibility with garden hose: The only small issue is that if you plan to use this with a garden hose, drop your thought. It only works with a pressure washer.


1. Check out the manufacturer’s recommendations before making the soapy solution for best results.

2. To ensure usage flexibility, take a better look at how the nozzle and knob works.

Who should use it?

Who wants to go through the messiness that comes with typical car washing products? Say out loud! No one! And so everyone should try the Trinova cannon foam gun at least once to see what they’ve been missing out. For faster and total cleaning satisfaction for your car, Trinova is offering you their best deal. Why delay to grab the opportunity?

Why do we recommend it?

Out of all the reasons we love it, here’s a top few for you. Firstly, what impressed us the most was how distinctly the product was made. The most vital issue of neck cracking is resolved! You can also use this to clean your ride and your windows, sidewalks, home, and what not? And finally, as we come down to the 100% satisfaction warranty, there’s nothing to hold us back from recommending it or even buying it for ourselves!

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