How to Choose Kids Bike | Everything You Need to Know

Choosing a bike for your kid can be a bit challenging. You must get the right size; he needs to like the design, you shouldn’t have to replace the bike too soon….There are simply so many factors to consider.

That’s why we’ve written this detailed guide to help you out.  Here, we’ll give you a size chart based on age, tell you about the different types of bikes you can choose from, and also offer other important tips.

So, let’s get started.

What Size Bike For Kids

The size is the most important factor while selecting a bike for your child. It’s the defining trait that will either make your kid fall in love with it or completely ignore it forever.

The size of a bike is determined by its wheel size. In this bike size chart for kids, we will now go into detail about each size and what it offers.

12″ Wheel Size: What size bike for 3 year old?

This one. It is the smallest size available commercially (outside custom works). It is recommended for children whose height ranges from 82-100cm (2.8 feet- 3.3 feet) and who are generally of the 2-3 years age group.

14″ Wheel Size

This wheel size is ideal for children whose height falls between 98-106cm (3.3 feet- 3.6 feet) and is 3-4 years old.

16″ Wheel Size

This size is by far the most popular as during this age kids tend to play more outside, and a bike is a very good option not only for fun but also for physical development. I will advise you to get this size if your kid’s height is between 104-122cm (3.5 feet- 4.0 feet) and they fall into the 4-6 years old group.

20″ Wheel Size

You should get a 20″ wheel size if the height ranges from 120-130cm (3.11 feet- 4.3 feet) and if your kid’s age is between 6-8 years.

24″ Wheel Size

This is the last stepping stone for kids who want a bike. After this size, they can get into bikes made for adults. This size is suitable for kids whose height ranges from 130-145cm (4.3 feet- 4.8 feet) and who are generally of the age group 8-11 years old.

Bike Types

After selecting a size, you must consider what type or style of bike you want. These types offer different things and vary in difficulty. Some are mostly stepping stones for kids to learn how to ride a proper bike in the future.

1. Balanced Bikes

As the name suggests, this bike is mostly used to teach young kids how to balance themselves before riding an actual bike. It is very small and almost exclusively found in 12″ wheel sizes. There is no pedal here, and kids must use their feet to push against to ground to gain momentum. This is only for young children so they can grasp the concept of hand-eye coordination, steering, and, most importantly, balancing themselves.

2. Paddle Bikes with Training Wheels

This is recommended heavily for anyone who is starting out. Pedals are to be used to ride the bike, and the training wheels help you learn to gain balance with maximum confidence. The kids can push themselves with minimum risk of injuries thanks to the training wheels. The training wheels can be removed as soon as they are ready.

3. Standard Bicycles

In standard bikes, there’s usually just one speed with only one gear. This is when your kid has mastered balancing themselves and is ready to move forward to tougher challenges. There is no more hand-holding with this one, and moving forward, only the sizes of the bicycles will increase.

4. Kid’s BMX Bikes

BMX bikes have a smaller, more rigid frame and are also lighter. These bikes can take a whole lot of beating. So if your kid uses their bikes roughly then, a BMX bike may be considered.

5. Kid’s Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are perfect for going uphill and off-road. They offer a robust front suspension and gears to easily zip a hilly road upwards. Not to mention its hydraulic brakes provide excellent stopping power.

6. Kid’s Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid bikes have a slender frame with narrower tubes. This is a very good all-rounder bike good for riding around the neighborhood on asphalt. They are lighter than standard bikes and are easier to handle.

What Bicycles Should You Get For Older Kids

Kids above 11 are recommended to get adult bicycles with training wheels that are detachable. These are available in wheel size 26″. This means if your kid is above 5ft and wants to take on the challenge of learning and then ride a bike. Just like learning to ride as a younger child, they must first learn to balance themselves, and this is where the training wheels will become your best friend. For newer riders, tires with more treads are recommended, and multiple gears maybe considered. Don’t worry too much because as older children, they will be able to quickly pick up the pace.

Essential Products Needed for Kids with Bikes

Here are some items you should get with the bike:

Safety Equipment

With any physical activity, there comes the inherent danger of harming yourself. So, safety helmets, knee pads, elbow pads are a must before sending your kids off on their bikes.

A bell/horn

Let’s be real. The streets aren’t always safe, and not everyone pays attention to their surroundings. A bell/horn is essential to get the attention of ignorant passersby to get out of the way.


Make your kid’s bike their own. Apply stickers paint their names etc. Self-expression will boost their confidence, and at the end of the day, we are all here to see them happy and have fun

Tips You Should Follow While Choosing a Bike for Your Kid

Follow these tips for the perfect purchase of a kid’s bike.

Check the durability

See if it has a rigid framework or not. Make sure the framework is good enough to last a couple of years, at least.

Make sure the height is right

Your kid’s feet should be able to touch or be very close to the ground went sitting for maximum control. See if your kid can reach the handlebars properly. Many children might meet the height requirement but have shorter hands.

Get a lightweight bicycle

Get a cycle that doesn’t weigh much, especially for younger kids. You don’t want the weight of the bicycle to overpower them.

FAQs About How to Choose Kids Bike

Which type of bicycle is best for kids?

The best bike for kids is pedal bikes with training wheels. But if the kid is too young (2-3), then a balance bike is preferable.

What size bike should I get for my child?

It depends on your child’s height/age. 12″ for kids between 2-3, 14″ for kids between 3-4, 16″ for kids between 4-6, 20″ for kids between 6-8, and 24″ for kids between 8-11.

Can a 5-year-old ride a 20-inch bike?

The average 5-year-old cannot ride a 20″ bike as their feet won’t reach the ground.

How do you determine bike size?

Bike size is determined by the diameter of its wheels in inches. Each size is determined and categorized for specific age ranges or height groups.

Is a 16-inch bike too big for a 5-year-old?

No, a 16″ bike is not too big for a 5-year-old.

Which cycle is best for 4-year-old?

A 14″ pedal bike with training wheels is the best for a 4-year-old. If your 4-year-old is smaller than 100cm, then a balance bike would be better.

What Cycle brand is best?

Woom, Prevelo, and Frog are among the best, but it depends on what you want. My personal favorite is Woom.

Which bike is best for learning?

For smaller children, a balanced bike is the best for learning, but for most children, a pedal bike with training wheels is the best.

Is the Tommaso Imola suitable for kids?

Parents often wonder if the Tommaso Imola bike is suitable for their kids. A tommaso imola bike review can shed light on this. The review will provide insights into the bike’s features, build quality, and overall performance, helping parents make an informed decision about their child’s biking experience.


A lot of things need to be considered to make the right purchase for your children. But it’s all worth it when you see the smile and laughter as they ride their bike. And now that you know how to choose a kids bike, it shouldn’t be very difficult for you.

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