Marmot Limestone 4p Review | A Detailed Analysis

Are you planning to go camping with your family, but unable to find a suitable tent? Are all tents either too fragile to handle different weathers or too cramped? Well, you should definitely read this Marmot Limestone 4p Review article as we have the perfect tent for you!

In this article, you will get a detailed review of the key features of this tent. A detailed pros and cons section will help you make a decision, while a FAQ section can answer any doubts you have. So, keep reading to know more.

Why Should You Buy Marmot Limestone 4p?

This model is great for car camping purposes, especially if you plan on camping with your family. The interior provides enough space for 4 people and can be used even more comfortably if the number is less.

In case you are going camping at a place where the weather is harsh, then this model is definitely your best bet. Its build ensure that your tent stays upright even in the worst weather and keep you safe and cozy for your whole trip.

Marmot Limestone Camping Tent


For a tent that can hold 4 people, this one ranks quite high among its competitors. You get ample space, lots of storage pockets, and 2 doors for ease of access and roaming around.

The whole tent is made of high-quality material, which ensures that it is resistant to strong wind, rain, wear, and tears. Although this makes the tent a bit on the heavier side, you can easily deal with that by using it only while car camping.

Key Features

Let’s go through the main features of this tent.


While The Limestone 4p is not the most spacious tent, it is good enough for a 4-person setting. You will get around 5.6 m^2 of floor space, and a height of 160 cm. You can easily utilize one full or even twin air mattress inside.

There are also vestibules included in the tent. You can store your backpacks or extra shoes here, so they do not take up room inside the main space. This gives you more room to move around freely.

We love the fact there are a lot of pockets all around the tent, which again makes it easier to keep important products safely stored away. While most pockets are inside the tent, a waterproof pocket is situated on the rainfly. This can be used to stash your phone, wallet, and keys when you are sitting outside.

The dual door feature makes it easy for people to get in and out without disturbing others. It also creates a lot of room for ventilation.

Weather Resistance

Most people think that while backpacking, you need to bring a tent that weighs very little, and you are good to go. This statement could not be less true. The problem with most tents that weigh little is that they cannot withstand windy weather at all, let alone storms. So, you will be left with a tent that is flapping around like crazy or even getting torn at night with the extra wind.

Marmot Limestone makes sure that you never have to face any such situation. This model is made with DA 17 poles, which are extremely robust yet flexible. These help the tent to stay upright in extreme conditions.

Even during rain, the tent ensures that no water gets in. Since it is a two-layer tent, a waterproof rainfly is wrapped all around the main body. The rainfly also covers the ground, so there is no way for any water to sneak in.  The seams are fully taped, creating stronger protection.

During hot weather, you will have no issue with ventilation. The structure has a mesh roof, lots of vents, and mesh sidewalls as well. Hence, there will be no problems regarding condensation.


This tent will stay in its prime condition even after years of usage – that is how good it is. The materials used make it very durable, and the whole tent is structured in a way to maximize that factor.

The whole floor is created with 150D polyester material, which can endure a lot of weight. The 68D polyester rainfly keeps the tent standing in all conditions. Besides, the tent utilizes curved DA 17 poles, which can be bended and straightened whenever needed.

Easy Setup

What people really love is that this tent is super easy to set up. Since everything is color-coded, you do not need to spend a lot of time looking for where to fit all the bits and pieces in. In the words of some users, this can be done in under 2 minutes, with just the help of the colors.


  • You get a lot of floor space and can move around freely
  • The 68D Polyester rainfly keeps you protected from rain and groundwater
  • High-quality materials and sturdy poles ensure maximum durability
  • Enough vestibules and pockets are included to store your belongings
  • A lamp pocket makes sure that the tent is well lit at all times
  • Color-coded bits and pieces make it easy to set up
  • The marmot limestone 4P footprint can be purchased separately if needed


  • The poles make it a bit heavy to carry around


Can I carry this tent for backpacking?

This tent is a bit on the heavier side, owing to the heavy poles and the thick materials used. Because of this, it is best if you use it for car camping only, and not for backpacking.

Is this good to use for family outings?

Since this tent can accommodate 4 people at once, it is great for family outings. However, beware that the height of the tent is not too much, so you might have trouble standing up with so many people in the space.

What does the pocket situate at the top of the tent do?

The pocket situated at the top of the tent’s interior is used as a lamp pocket. You can place whatever lamp you bring there, and it will illuminate the whole interior.

What is the feature of the 2nd door?

The model has 2 doors, one normal shaped and another D shaped. The D-shaped door is a little hard to use if you are above 5 feet 5 inches tall. However, you can always crouch and use it to get inside. Besides, it is great for some extra ventilation as well.

What is the use of the 2 layers in the tent?

The 2 layers indicate the tent’s interior body and the external rainfly. Together, they keep the tent protected from all weather conditions, especially in extremely rainy regions. Since the 2nd layer covers the whole tent, even the ground, no water can seep in.

Final Words

A good tent can help you spend some quality time with your loved ones in the years to come. We hope that by reading this Marmot Limestone 4P review, you have found your perfect tent. So do not wait for any more, garb this tent and go camping the first chance you get!

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