Best Basketball Knee Pads Reviews in 2020

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You’ve probably already discovered that there are a lot of different types of basketball knee pads on the market today. So, finding the best one isn’t all that easy.


For you, we’ve done the hard part. Hope, this list of top 10 basketball knee pads will help you to get the best one.

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Best Basketball Knee Pads : Quick Chart

If you’re short on time, this quick chart will help you to find the right knee pad for you instantly.

Product Name Short Description Rating Price 
Knee Compression Sleeve by UFlex Athletics Top-ratedKnee Compression Sleeve – UFlex Athletics > Fashionable and stylish> Ultra lightweight> Excellent compression
Bracoo Open-Patella Brace, KS10 Bracoo Open-Patella Brace, KS10 > Innovative design> One size fits knees> Left or right knee compatible
MCDAVID COMPRESSION HEX KNEE PADS 6446 McDavid Compression Hex Knee Pads 6446 > Stylish design> Offers added protection> Lightweight and comfortable
Compression Knee Brace by Sable Compression Knee  Brace by Sable > Offers advanced level protection> Made of high-quality materials> FDA approved
IPOW Knee Strap Brace Support IPOW Knee Strap Brace Support > Improves sport performance> Comfortable, no itching> Provides compression and relief
Knee Brace Compression Sleeve Knee Brace Compression Sleeve by Crucial Compression Made of high-quality materialsOffers instant support and stabilityLightweight and super comfortable
Knee Brace Support Protector Knee Brace Support Protector By EXOUS Designed for all ages men and womenOffers extra stabilizationOffers all-day comfort
Mcdavid Hex Knee Pads Elbow Pads Shin Pads 6440 Mcdavid Hex Knee Pads/ Elbow Pads/ Shin Pads 6440 Highly versatileExclusive protection, and durabilityProvides the maximum level of support
Thick Sponge Anti-Slip Protective Knee Pads Thick Sponge Anti-SlipProtective Knee Pads By Bodyprox Ergonomic designImpact force resistantUnisex design and available in two sizes
Compression Knee Sleeve Compression Knee Sleeve By PowerLix Ergonomically designedSignificant pain reliefDesigned to increase your performance

10 Best Basketball Knee Pads Reviews 2020


Best For- All sports activities including jogging, running, hiking and much more. Minor to moderate knee Injury recovery, Joint Pain Relief, and Arthritis. Ideal basketball knee pads for kids, boys, women, and men

Knee Compression Sleeve by UFlex Athletics

If we had to pick the best reviewed and best-rated basketball knee pad out of all of the others on this list, this would be the clear winner.

At last count, it has gained more than 3000+ reviews by users and continues to be one of the highest rated knee pads.


Well, this compression sleeve provides not only adequate support but also help fast recovery from joint pain.

It’s a must-have for professional athletes to improve performance during everyday activities or sports.

This is the best knee pad for men. However, women and kids size are also available. So, if you’re looking for the best-rated kids or women’s basketball knee pads, these can meet your needs.

Features And Benefits:

3D advanced knitting technology and 4-way stretch capability– to offer all-around superior protection

Warming effect– to reduce stiffness, soreness, swelling/ inflammation, joint, and muscle pain

The controlled amount of pressure-
  • to protect the knee
  • to improve muscular endurance
  • to prevent blood pooling
  • to stimulate blood flow
  • to promote faster muscular recovery

Pain relief- provides pain relief in minor knee illness

Moderate support- to protect the knee from future risk of damage and injury

Double silicone anti-slip wave- to provide the best grip, no need to readjust during intense activities

Stretchable fabric- Won’t interfere with your range of motion

Antibacterial- quick dry, comfortable and breathable


  • Fashionable and stylish
  • Highest quality materials
  • Ultra lightweight and comfortable
  • Excellent compression and support
  • Perfect for effective workout performance
  • Roll, slide or slip resistant
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Men, women, and kids size available
  • Extremely affordable


  • Available only in black color


Best For- Chronic joint pain relief, arthritis, preventing sports injuries, Injury and post-surgery recovery.

Bracoo Open-Patella Brace, KS10

This Bracoo knee pad can be an excellent buy for anyone who is looking for a fully- customizable knee pad. It’s also the best knee brace for basketball after ACL surgery.

Its unique velcro-system makes it ideal for a wide range of users with different needs. It offers practical and versatile support for reducing chronic pain and acute injuries.

Features And Benefits: 3 VELCRO STRAPS-
  • To attach to almost any point around the support
  • To prevent slippage during intense exercises

Open patella design– to relieve stress in the knee area during intense activities

Padded stabilizer ring- to guide the knee cap into proper motion, and to reduce the risk of re-injury

Breathable fabric- to provide extra comfort, minimize skin irritation during exercise or activities

Extra thick neoprene- to offer additional protection and to improve blood circulation


  • Latest technology and innovative design
  • One size fits knees (12.5 to 18 inches circumference)
  • Left and right knee compatible
  • Increases proprioception
  • Offer a more comfortable experience


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Tend to get bunched up behind the knee


Best For- Football, Basketball & All Contact Sports


Mcdavid Hex Knee Pads 6446 is one of the best and affordable knee pads available in the market today.

Mcdavid 6446 has many friendly features that make it favorite among countless athletes. Moreover, these extended-length knee pads are available in youth and adult sizes. And they come in pairs.

Features And Benefits:

Extended leg sleeve length- for a better fit and to add the extra support

9mm Hex technology- to provide remarkable confidence and protection

hDc Moisture Management Technology- to keep dry, fresh and odor-free

Closed cell foam padding- to protect you in collision sport and any contact

Medium compression- to make your muscle warm and reduce fatigue and cramping


  • Stylish design
  • Ideal for the body to body contact
  • Offers added protection
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Machine washable and dry-able
  • Well-made and long lasting


  • Not best for sufficient knee compression. However, if you’re looking for minor knee compression or knee protection, it’s the right choice for you.


Best For- Pain relief, arthritis, Injury recovery, ACL, Weightlifting, Basketball, football, Running and more sports

Compression Knee Brace by Sable

Month after month, this knee brace continues to be one of our top picks for its popularity.

But, what makes this knee pad so popular?

Well, the reason is this knee brace can accommodate all athletes, no matter the activity. From gentle to physically demanding sports, it provides extra protection you need.

The most lucrative part of this product is it comes with a very pocket-friendly price.

Features And Benefits:

Anti-slip design- to keep it in place, no matter the physical activities

Mixed elastic tight compression- to help you recover faster, reduce swelling and inflammation

Extra length, wider coverage- to provide sufficient stability that you need

Evenly distributed weave- to ensure the equal amount of pressure on the patella joint

Made of flexible fabric- to help the muscle to relax

Breathable- to keep sweating to a minimum


  • Offers advanced level protection
  • Comes in a pair of wraps
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • FDA approved
  • Affordable price
  • Sable’s lifetime warranty guarantee


  • Not perfect for people having a serious knee issue
  • Not ideal for people who are allergic to silicone


Best For- Intense sports that need frequent jumping and landing (like Basketball, Soccer, Hiking, Running, tennis, Jumpers Knee, Tendonitis, Squats,  & Volleyball and more)

IPOW Knee Strap Brace Support

This IPOW knee brace ranks high on the list of the best-rated basketball knee pad. And the reason is it does make a difference for your knee.

This product is tested in real-life situations so that you can rely on this for your daily activities. These are also best as girls basketball knee pads.

Another upside to this product is its segmented fix design. This unique design lets the user adjust according to the individual knee. Moreover, this is an excellent product for pain relief and shock absorbing.

Features And Benefits:

Ergonomic, double knot design- to suit your knee and keep you comfy

High-quality, soft materials- to make you have no sense of restraint during your activities

Two way fully adjustable strap- to offer flexibility to adjust the tightness

Non- slip- to stay in place and keep it from slipping off your legs

Breathable sweat-absorbing fabric– for added comfort

Smooth edge and fine stitching- to offer you an irritation-free, comfortable uses

Comes with a standard size- to fit different knee size


  • Improves sport performance
  • Adjustable strap, and stay nicely in place
  • Comfortable, no itching
  • Provides compression and relief
  • Soft- feel material for added comfort
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Simple to use and wash


  • Some users may feel uncomfortable on the back of the knee


Best For- Arthritis, Meniscus Tear, MCL, ACL, Joint Pain Relief, Injury Recovery, Basketball, Workout, Running, Sports

Knee Brace Compression Sleeve

Are your compression sleeves too bulky, too restrictive or too hot? Looking for best-quality but cheap basketball knee pads? Then, why not give a try to this Knee Support Compression Sleeve?

The quality of this top-rated knee brace is unmatched with a surprisingly soft feel. It’s so comfortable that you may forget you’re wearing it. So, you can enjoy your favorite activity uninterrupted.

It’ll help you get fast relief from stiffness, soreness, and swelling. This great looking pad is excellent for physically demanding jobs. Moreover, it provides extra support and increases your gains with different workouts.

Features And Benefits:

Power Support technology– to help you recover faster, perform better and prevent injury

Premium Comfort Flex design- to provide an ergonomic, comfortable, and a snug fit

Unique Double Silicone Grip– to prevent sliding down during intense activities

Top quality double stitching- for unmatched support and long-lasting durability


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Offers instant support and stability
  • Breathable, lightweight and super comfortable
  • Long lasting construction, unmatched durability


  • The nubby inside the sleeve may feel uncomfortable to some users during long time uses.


Knee Brace Support Protector

This knee brace continues to show up on lists for top knee pads because it offers something not found in many other products. The unique, innovative 4 point strap design makes it stands out from its competitors. It is an excellent brace for all support needs and knee pain.

Let’s have a look at the features and benefits that it offers.

Features And Benefits:

4-way adjustable compression system- to give a secure and stable adjustable support

Side stabilizers- for a universal all-around support

Premium quality lining- to keep you comfortable all day

Breathable, high-quality neoprene- to ensure comfort for long time use

0.5″ comfort gap behind the back- for proper ventilation, less irritation, and less bunching

Double lateral Stabilizers- to provide stability to the outside and inside of the knee

Low profile design- for full knee bend that let you bend as low as you can with comfort and complete support


  • Designed for all ages men and women
  • Suitable for sport and exercise
  • Offers extra stabilization
  • Offers all-day comfort


  • Somewhat heavy
  • The price may be an issue for budget-conscious people


Best For- Basketball, Volleyball, football, and all contact sports, General purpose protection, arthritis, slight to major ligament instabilities and pain

Mcdavid Hex Knee Pads Elbow Pads Shin Pads 6440

The next product on our list if from the most recommended brand of braces Mcdavid. It’s one of the industry leaders in sports medicine product and athletic wear.

If you’re looking for a versatile pad for the knee, shin or elbow, this Mcdavid 6440 can be an excellent choice for you. It’s one of the most popular McDavid’s protective pads for knee or elbow.

All things considered, this pad is perfect to offer the ideal balance between coverage, protection, and feel. Surprisingly, all these you’ll get at an excellent price point

Features And Benefits:

Superior Hex Technology – for continuous protection and solid comfort

Compression fabric- to keep muscles warm to prevent fatigue and pulls and to hold the pad firmly in place

Moisture management system- to keep the knee/ elbow/ shin dry, fresh and odor-free

Top and bottom Slip resistant elastic bands- to keep the pad in place


  • Highly versatile
  • Exclusive protection, and durability
  • Provides the maximum level of support
  • Machine washable and dryable


  • Not ideal for the body to surface contact


Best For- Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Badminton, Cycling, Snowboarding, Skiing, Wrestling, and other Extreme Sports

Thick Sponge Anti-Slip Protective Knee Pads

Bodyprox Knee Pad is one of the best quality knee pads designed for extreme outdoor sports. This pad comes with an excellent combination of features and reasonable price.

Overall, this is an excellent product to prevent knee injuries, prevent and reduce muscle stiffness.

Features And Benefits:

Ergonomic design- to provide freedom of movement

High-density sponge- to absorb shock and offer ultimate protection

Large elastic force- to protect your knees while exercising

Breathable fabric- to keep the skin dry, and more comfortable


  • Ideal for training, fitness, and outdoor sports
  • Ergonomic design
  • Impact force resistant
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Unisex design and available in two sizes


  • Somewhat heavy
  • Few complaints regarding the padding go flat after some uses.


Best For- Basketball, running, Crossfit and other sports, Arthritis, plantar fasciitis, meniscus, ACL, PCL, MCL, quick recovery.

Compression Knee Sleeve

Our final recommendation, PowerLix is great for someone who is looking for an awesome compression sleeve. This compression sleeve offers everything that you would hope for. The best part of this knee sleeves is it’s much longer than the typical knee pads.

Other key highlights on this knee sleeve are 4-way compression, silicone gel grip, elastic, and much more. This product will not only offer optimal support but also minimizes injuries.

Features And Benefits:

4-Way compression- for more stability for lateral movement and full protection

Unique knitted design- to match different joints

High-Performance fabric- to provide you a soft and smooth touch feel

Double silicone anti-slip system- to give the best grip

High absorption capacity– to keep the skin dry and eliminate bad odors


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Significant pain relief from a variety of ailments
  • Designed to increase your performance
  • Improves blood circulation for fast recovery
  • Minimizes injury
  • Doesn’t roll, slide or slip down
  • Perfect for hours of continuous use
  • Able to absorb sweat to make it dry & odor free


  • One size does not fit all

What Do Basketball Players Wear On Their Legs?

No doubt, basketball is a high-intensity sport. For basketball, accidental falls and body contact between players are inevitable. These increase the risk of injuries. So, proper safety gear is a must have to prevent injuries.

The knees are the most exposed body part of a player. The basketball knee pad is an essential piece of safety equipment. Players wear basketball knee guards, knee pads, knee sleeves or knee braces to protect potential injuries on the court.

What’s The Difference among Knee Pads, Sleeves, and Braces?

#Knee Pads:

  • One type of security gear
  • Soften external imp​​​​​​​​​act and Protect kneecap from injuries
  • Cushion some harder falls
  • Usually, feature some protective layers
  • Perfect for everyday wear to give you protection from all angles
“Knee pads are best for people who are banging knees mos​​​​t of the time.”

#Knee Sleeves:

  • Also known as compression sleeves​
  • One type of sports medicine gear
  • Help to heal knee injuries faster
  • Can sustain harder loads on injured knees
  • Usually made from durable but stretching materials
  • Features no padding, so won’t help in case of a fall
  • Don’t provide enough support for people who are recovering from the severe injury

“Knee sleeves are ideal for people having chronic pain. Also great for fast recovery, and who are looking for enhanced stability.”

#Knee Braces:

  • One type of sophisticated knee pad
  • Usually used after severe knee injuries to rehabilitate
  • Helps to recover faster by minimizing the load on the damaged knee
  • Offers great protection against re-injuries
  • Enhance the confidence of recovering

“A knee brace is best for people having an injury to the MCL, ACL, etc.”

Benefits Of Wearing Basketball Knee Pads During Sport

First of all, basketball knee pads make a significant difference in the field of play.

During basketball, the knee is extremely vulnerable to injury. The impact of the floor during falls, banging or body contact from the other players may result in damages to the knee and related areas.

So basketball players wear knee pads-

  • To prevent bruises caused by hard falls or body to body contacts
  • To eliminate/ minimize the chronic pain due to the excessive pressure put on the knees
  • To provide the necessary support after any knee injury
  • To absorb shock during a fall


Some factors you need to consider while making the right basketball knee pads buying decision.

Let’s have a look at them.

# Materials

Knee pads are made from different types of materials. Some of the common basketball knee pads materials/ components are:

Spandex (elastane): 

  • Great at expanding and return to its original shape after expansion
  • Dry off more quickly than fiber
  • Ideal for multi-functional one size fits all knee pads
  • Evaporate the sweat faster than traditional materials
  • Soft, breathable and durable
  • Use to make comfortable knee pads
  • Doesn’t create itching feeling
  • Less costly
  • Stronger and more durable than cotton knee pads
  • Features great color retention and water resistance properties
  • Wrinkle- and weather resistance
  • More durable and tearing resistant
  • Great for abrasion resistance
  • More stable and breathable
  • Offer strong but cushioned padding
  • Resilient and long lasting
  • Offer better elasticity and more strength for the padding part

# Quality

In fact, the quality of a knee pad mainly depends on the materials. The high-quality materials ensure the durability of the knee pad.

# Design/Style

Choose the design which will be comfortable for you. Some knee pads come in sleeve style while others are wrap style. A well-thought design will offer you not only amazing functionality but also stylish and appealing look.

# Size

Knee pads come in different sizes. Before buying, check your leg or knee size to ensure what size is perfect for you. Be sure the size should be snug fitting and won’t be too tight to your leg/ knee. Follow the measurement instructions and size chart offered by the manufacturers. It’ll help you to get a snug, comfortable knee pad.

# Reason for Usage

Before choosing a model, you need to determine the exact purpose of using a knee pad. Someone needs the knee pad for sports discipline or healing injuries. On the other hand, someone needs it for daily activities or house works. Depending on your purpose you may need compression sleeve, heavy padding knee pad, or multi-functional knee pad.

# Brands

Different types of knee pads from different manufacturers are available in the market. Some are from well- known company, whereas some are from smaller sportswear companies. Consider the customer service, return policy, and warranty before choosing a brand.


Different companies and brands are offering their different sports gears every day. The case is no different in case of knee pads.

Below, you’ll find a list of the most popular brands of basketball knee pads on the market. Knowing about the company will help you which brand’s knee pad is the best to buy.

UFlex Athletics

Founded in 2015, UFlex Athletics is one of the most popular brands in the world. They’ve combined the latest technology with the highest quality material to produce the ultimate sporting gears.


Bracco is one of the specialized brands in the sports product industry.  They combine advanced technology with the high-performance materials in their sports gears. They aim to protect your body and at the same time enhance your physical performance.

McDavid Sports

Founded in early 1980, McDavid is one of the leaders in sports medicine and protective gear. McDavid knee pads are amazingly designed with patented hex pad technology. They’ve brought their knee pads in a wide range of colors to match your specific needs. Moreover, their knee pads come with a wide sizing range.


Sable has gained the “Best Product Award” by The Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association. Customers’ happiness is their top priority when it comes to their products.


IPOW is another leading brand in sports gear industry. After establishment, they have been focusing on the development of various sports protective gear. Their products are tested in real-life situations.

Crucial Compression

This company is one of the best sellers of premium compression gears. Their line of exclusive knee pads inaugurates with the unique ComfortFlex design to provide an ergonomic fit.


EXOUS is one of the dedicated brand name focused on producing stylish, high-quality fitness and sports gears.


Bodyprox is a trusted name for pain alleviating and preventative body protection sports gear.


PowerLix is a well-known brand with a line of sports medicine, sports gear and performance apparel designed athletes, professionals and active people. Their knee pads offer you phenomenal protection and comfort across a variety of sports.


The knees and ankle joints are subject to common injuries due to resistance and stress. Knee support is a must-have if you’re recovering from any knee injury. Good knee support helps to reduce pain. It also makes faster the healing process by limiting the range of motions.

But, first of all, to get the best benefits from using knee pad, it’s essential to wear it correctly.

Second, choose the knee pad designed to give necessary support for your specific type of injury.

Third, wear it as recommended by your healthcare provider until your full recovery.

Let’s learn how to put on a knee support:

  • Select the right type of knee support:    Depending on your injury, select the right type of knee support. For the mild sprain, a simple compression sleeve will work fine. On the other hand, for fractures or more severe tears, you may need a heavy-duty knee brace.
  • Choose the right size:    Your knee support needs to fit well. In fact, it’s essential to fit the pad/ brace to your knee.
  • Roll up your pant leg to get the knee support out of the way:     If your knee support is sleeve style, into the top (the wider area) of the knee pad/ brace slip your foot. Slide it up until it reaches over your knee. If it’s wrap style and has Velcro straps, place the inside of the knee pad against your knee and wind the straps around.
  • Fasten the lower strap first.
  • Your knee support must be snug, but not be very tight:    If you can enter one or two fingers into space between your leg and the knee pad/ brace, it’s well fit. If you can’t, you need to loose it a bit.

Are Guardian Bikes Also Suitable for Basketball Players?

Basketball players looking for the perfect bike should check out the best guardian bikes reviews and size chart. These bikes prioritize safety and offer a comfortable ride, making them suitable options for athletes. Whether you need a bike for commuting or training, Guardian Bikes provide the ideal balance of performance, durability, and style for basketball players.


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Hope, this top 10 list of the best basketball knee pads has been a reliable and valuable reference for you. And the detailed information above for each product is sufficient enough to help you to make a wise buying decision.

“So, pick the best one that will meet your needs and stay safe from the risk of injury of your knee!”

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