How To Swing A Golf Club?

Don’t have much idea on how to swing a golf club?

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We’re going to show you golf swing mechanics step by step.

These lessons will be perfect not only for the beginners but also for the people interested in learning more about golf.

Obviously, the golf swing is the most technical aspect of the game that requires practice as well as patience. Some complicated physics are involved in the success of a golf swing. But the good news is we’ve made it simple for you.

There are various ways to swing a golf club. No matter, it’s flat swing, upright swing, wide swing or narrow swing, all the types share some common characteristics.

So, are you ready to move?

How To Swing A Golf Club – Step By Step

So, how to swing a golf club correctly?

Here is our step by step golf swing guideline. Without further ado let’s discover.

Step 1: Find a Comfortable Grip

The grip is the most important basic of golf. Your hands are the only part of your body that makes a connection to the club. So, the connection should be the good one for a good swing. [highlight]The three common types of grips are- interlocking grip, Vardon grip, ten finger grip.[/highlight] No matter what kind of grip you use, notice that you can hold the swing the club without exerting too much pressure on your muscle.

Step 2: Improve Your Setup

Setup features several aspects.

  • Posture

One of the setups is posture. A golf swing is the combination of various posture that must work together to create a well-struck shot. It plays a vital role in acquiring a good swing. The grip, stance, swing, and tempo are the different aspects of a golf swing.

If your posture is poor, you won’t be able to make a good swing. Improving your posture will make a big difference in your overall golf game. Moreover, it’ll help you easily get rid of common swing issues as hook or slice.

  • The most effective posture is bending your upper body slightly towards the ball. And then keep your back straight without bringing your head too far back.
  • Stand on your knees slightly bend. It’ll make a more comfortable stance when you swing the club.
  • Keep your arms relaxed, extended and straight. Also hang your arms naturally down towards the ground.
  • Never bend your hips or knees too much as it may cause injury.
  • Start the swing with proper balance. Make sure that your body weight is evenly distributed on your both feet. Shuffle your feet to balance your weight.

It’s another part of the setup. Ball positions depend on the club being used and vary from shot to shot. But in general, position the ball between the middle of your stance and your front heel.


Alignment is an imaginary line drawn through the golfer ankles, knees, hips and shoulder. All point should be in the same direction as the golfer’s intended line of the flight.

Step 3: The Three Steps Of Swing

Golf swing technique involves three steps.

# First is the back swing

The backswing is the phase of the swing that creates power.

  • Get into position facing your ball.
  • Keep your arm and wrist straight.
  • Do not change the position of your club or feet once balanced.
  • Hold the iron.
  • Raise the club.
  • Lower your arms. Your club will become parallel with the ground.
  • Rotate your wrist progressively.
  • Pivot your hips and shoulders while keeping your initial posture.
  • Bring the club upward until your shoulder reach under your chin. (if you’re left-handed, your left shoulder will reach under your chin at the end of this position)
  • Keep your head as still as possible. It’s an important tip. Try to keep your head as still as possible. It’ll help you to create more consistent results.

Remember!  The less movement means the less room for error.

# Second is the impact

The impact is the process of bringing the club down toward the ball.

  • Let your club do the work. Slow your swing right down, so that you can create a better transition for striking the ball. Although, it’s not so easy to do, try and you’ll get the immediate results.
  • While accelerating, naturally bring your shoulders, arm and club down towards the ball.
  • Just before the impact, relax your wrist. It’ll give power to your swing. At this step you’ll swing through as the club makes contact with the ball.

The contact of the club head and the ball is the key to increase golf swing speed and distance. Solid contact is essential for a correct swing.  You need to hit the ball in the center of the clubface. Remember! The clubface is square to your intended line of flight.

# Finally, the Finishing

  • Let your pelvis, shoulders and club to Follow Through and continue the rotation.
  • Follow-through allows the downswing and impact to complete the full path smoothly.
  • Keep your body movement natural with the club even after you’ve hit the ball.
  • Naturally, your back foot will rise up to complete the movement.
  • Your right foot (left foot for left-handers) should stay fixed to the ground until the very last moment of the through the swing.
  • Let your club end its journey above your shoulder. At this stage, your chest will face towards the target.

Don’t strike the ball forcefully.

All the power in your swing comes with your body and not your arms. Powering the ball with your body is an essential trick to a successful golf swing. 

Great job!

Can I Improve My Golf Swing Without Taking Lessons?

Yes, you can improve your golf swing without taking lessons. By implementing these tips, you can enhance your golf skills and see visible improvements. Experiment with your grip, practice proper posture, and focus on a fluid and controlled swing. Regular practice using these techniques can lead to significant enhancements in your game. Improve golf skills with these tips.


Does swinging a golf club still seem complicated to you?

Hopefully, the step by step golf swing guidelines we’ve discussed in our article “how to swing a golf club” will help you a lot to get the best golf experience.


Mastering the swing needs lots of deliberate and consistent practices.

For more natural, more relaxed and more effective swing, spend some time practicing.

Thanks for being with us.

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