How to Practice Golf At Home?

Wanna to improve your golf game from the comfort of your own home?

During rough weather or if you don’t have enough time to practice at the golf course, then practicing golf at home is a great idea.

You don’t need costly golf equipment to practice at home and improve your golf game. You can practice golf at home equipment. Or after a little investment, you can set up an entirely DIY practice area in the indoor.

Indeed, there are some limited things that you can do inside. However, if you can focus on the right practice method, you can keep your game ready to go for the next season!

But you need to learn how to practice golf at home effectively.

In this article, we’re going to show you the best ways to practice golf at home.

So, without further ado, let’s proceed.

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How to Practice Golf at Home – The Most Effective Way

Step 1: Set Up Your Practicing Area

You can practice golf at home by using a few clubs, ball and some common items found around your house. You can also invest money at-home practice by buying a few gadgets and equipment for at-home practice. Although for this, you don’t need all the below-mentioned golf-products, we like to cover everything that you could need during your practice session.

Indoor Golf Practice Equipment

Golf Net It’s essential to have a perfect net to hit into if you’re really serious about keeping your golf skill in shape all the year round. Golf nets are available in different size and quality. So, you have various options to choose from. Whatever net you use, make sure you put it securely to the surface you’re resting it on. Otherwise, it’ll move each time when you hit a ball into it.

Golf Mat For indoor practice, you’ll also need a right size golf mat to hit off of.  A small size golf mat may not be practical because for good practicing you need to be standing on level ground with the ball. If you buy a small piece of golf mat to hit off, you’ll be standing slightly lower the ball level. Why practice so impractically at home?

The other negative of the small mat is it tends to move around after every shot. Definitely, it’ll get discouraging after a while.

Full-length mirror Golf mirror is one of the most important indoor practice tools for home golf practice. If you want to save money, you can do any of the three things-

Choose a place in your home that reflects (such as sliding glass door).

You can build a mirror with frameless bathroom mirror and PVC pipes.


Buy or manage a full-length mirror. Place it somewhere in your home where you’ve got at least 15 feet of open space. It’ll help you to it to see and analyze your setup.

Chipping net- You can chip into your large sizes golf net. But it’s also useful to pick up a specific chipping target. The purpose of using hipping net is to help you to get your mind focusing on picking a landing spot while chipping to it.

However, you can easily make your chipping option too. Just find an object which chips to it and not breakable.

Putting Surface You may arrange a flat surface that you can roll a putt on.  You can also use a scrap carpet. However, you can but artificial putting surface, if you want to invest in it.


It’s not essential to work on long putts during home-based practice.

As we mentioned earlier, you don’t need to buy every single tool listed above. Effective home practice is not all about who has his/her own coolest setup.

For indoor practice, you can set up your practicing area in your basement or garage. You can also just putt and chip in your family room.

Step 2: Hone Your Ideas and Technique

Following are some ideas and techniques to consider when practice golf at home.

2.a Practice your posture 

Using a full-length mirror is a great option to make sure that your posture is in the right position. It’s not difficult at all. What you have to do is first observe some images of proper setup and copy it to do. Imitation or modeling is a perfect way to develop your setup.

2.b Practice the takeaway

In fact, you don’t need to check a lot of positions of your swing in the mirror. However, the takeaway is something that worth to check at the mirror. For the right takeaway position, make sure you don’t move the whole body when takeaway.

Also check your grip, alignment, swing plane and ball position using a full-length mirror.

2.c Use a practice net

Do you know, hitting into a net without a clear focus and feedback is enough to ruin your game?

Whenever you hit into the net, you should use some visual cue to check positions frequently. Hitting balls into the net let you be less focus on the ball flights. So, instead of focusing on the ball flight, you should work on hitting such as tempo, mechanics, muscle memory and so on.


2.d Practice Putting drills

The best way to practice your putting stroke at home is using masking tape. But how?

Well, just put several feet of masking tape on the surface/ floor in a straight line.

Then, what do you do?

Hit short putts along the tape. Home is a great place to practice short game. The tapes will work as a directional guide for the path of the putter through the ball.


Putting stroke must be square and should follow the target line.

Regardless of the type of greens, the speed or the slope of the greens, the eye position, routine, and putter face alignment must stay constant.

2.e Chipping Practice

The primary purpose of indoor chipping practice is to hit your landing spot with different paths and thus develop a solid routine.

No matter what golf course you’re playing or what situation you’re in the two factors must be constant.

Regardless of practicing off a carpet or artificial mat, you should practice short chips to a target.

With a few lofted clubs, get the feel of consistently flying the ball a short distance. To practice landing your chips on the towel, place a small towel 6 to 10 feet away for the drill. This process will help you to improve distance control.

Wait! This isn’t the end.

Here we would like to mention some more tips that will help you to improve golf game at home.

  • Watch golf on TV!

No, this isn’t for your entertainment. But, it’ll help you to watch and learn more about the golf techniques. While watching, study the course management of skilled golfer, copy their methods where applicable. You should also analyze their posture and work on your grip, pressure and other things.

  • Read Golf related books!

Undoubtedly, reading golf related books is an excellent way to learn and improve your golf game at home during rough weather. It’ll help you to learn new things and thus develop your golf strategies.

Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons : The Modern Fundamentals of Golf


Hope, this guideline on how to practice golf at home, will help you with your continuous golf improvement.

Take advantage of our golf tips.

Practice and make it fun. Certainly, your game will flourish to the next season!

Thanks for reading.

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